Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

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Happy Thanksgiving from
Elements in Harmony
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs!
“No man can become rich without himself enriching others.” -Andrew Carnegie
Thank you so much to everyone who has been a patron of my Chinese medical practice. Some of you have shown great support and loyalty since I was an intern at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and the homeless shelter in Pacific Beach Methodist Church. There are some of you who still keep in touch with me since I began my practice in San Diego in 1999, either in private practice or at Samahan Community Medical Clinics in National City or Mira Mesa. I am especially grateful to those of you who have been my patients since I moved up here to Orange County and started practice in Irvine in 2003. 2006 proved to be a year of transition and I have been very fortunate to build a thriving practice in Laguna Hills since then. 2008 seems to be a year of challenge and transition for many of us. My heart goes out to many of my patients whose home loans have drastically increased, who may have had to walk away from their homes, who lost their jobs and stable incomes and whose family/friends are still in Iraq. My beloved teacher is one who lost his house in the San Diego fires last year. Many people just recently lost their homes due to the recent fires. I pray that you gain so much more than what you have lost and I give you my promise that there are much better years ahead for you and your families.
I did not lose my home, but I work very hard to keep what I have been blessed with. Everything I have studied in school and have experienced in my practice are my investments. I may not own my home, but I own my practice and every experience of having helped my patients. I still take it very hard when there have been a few patients who I have not been able to take their health to a more optimum level. To those of you who I have significantly helped with both Traditional Chinese Medicine and with Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, I am grateful because you have entrusted me with your health, the family and friends you have brought into my clinic and for supporting me during this time of transition in my life. Including acupuncture and Chinese herbs in one’s life is a commitment. Chinese medicine is therapy. Thank you for allowing me to provide therapy to you during your time of need. Thank you for allowing me to help you become healthier.
I am extremely grateful to the many of you who have shared their experiences with my potential patients at:
It was with great consideration that I had to raise my rates recently in the clinic. The $40 rates are still available, but not at the Laguna Hills clinic. It is my commitment to this country to offer the most EFFECTIVE, RELAXING and AFFORDABLE acupuncture experience. I consider my mobile treatments to be extremely affordable as well. Please inquire about our current clinic and mobile treatment rates. You will be very pleased to know that my rates are very competitive.

Availability in
Laguna Hills clinic this week
I’ll be in the clinic on Wednesday after 4 p.m. I’ll also be treating patients on Friday and Saturday. Acupuncture with 45-minute massage is just $100 on November 26, 28 and 29. The regular rate for this service is $150. Please tell your friends and family!
2009 Discount Programs
The new programs are available. For those of you who prefer the private acupuncture sessions at more affordable rates, I would be happy to share the programs with you during your next acupuncture session.
Due to the transition in my life, my goals for the center I envision and my commitment to be fair to everyone in my practice, there will be no modifications to any of the programs for any patient. All programs are as-stated on paper. A uniform set of programs will allow me to continue providing exceptional care for ALL of my patients.

Thank you for your understanding and for your patronage.
I wish you a lovely holiday! Have a good time with your family and friends. Please drink responsibly and drive defensively. Should you witness someone driving irresponsibly, please immediately call 911. We all want longevity and we all want to wake up the next day happily in our beds. It is NEVER acceptable to put other lives in danger. Please love yourself enough to know when you must give up the keys to your vehicle. You could be saving your own life.
From The Dolopo Family to yours, enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.
Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience
in ALL of Southern California!


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