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Happy Holidays!
Hello Friends and Patients!
Here’s one of our most recent testimonials. Thanks so much, Deb!
Thank you so much Anna for helping me to ease my anxiety. Following my very traumatic and near deadly car accident, and then the tragic loss of my best friend, I have had recurring anxiety that has kept me from sleeping and caused difficulties in my normal daily activities, as well as my relationships. It didn’t take long after seeing you for the anxious feelings to subside…maybe a couple of months at most. Since it went away, it’s very rare that I feel any bit of anxiety. But when life gets challenging (as it will do sometimes), it doesn’t take more than one visit to calm my nerves and help me cope. And your fantastic words of advice are an added benefit. The best part about the anxiety points that you do is that during this treatment, I sleep better than ever!

Have a great weekend,

- Deb
Do you know that your PPO insurance may cover acupuncture?
Many of my current patients are paying for their acupuncture treatments with their insurance policy that covers OUT-OF-NETWORK acupuncture providers. Please call us at 949.305.1703. You may just be happy to find out that your policy will pay for your acupuncture!
Please choose a licensed acupuncturist. We receive 3500+ hours of training and education. A medical acupuncturist (a medical doctor certified in acupuncture) receives about 100 hours. After 6+ years of training, I still am learning, investigating and memorizing acupuncture points, individual herbs, herbal formulas and more!

This issue explains some of the exciting changes that we have been seeing at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Enjoy reading and please share these remarkable stories with all of your contacts!

Below these brief case studies are SOME of the herbs currently available. I provide a .pdf/.doc file that all patients can read through to thoroughly understand the rigorous quality control that Evergreen Herbs maintains to ensure the highest standards, best quality and most properly manufactured, stored and distributed herbs in the world.

Highlighted patients for the week:

1. A 65-year old man used to smoke up to 50 cigarettes a day last year. Within a few months, he cut down to over 50%. He now smokes 5 cigarettes a day (up to 8 when he feels stressed out). He intends to be completely smoke-free by the new year. This patient is a retired engineer.
2. A 65-year old woman came in with excruciating pain in her lower back, (R) hip and (R) ankle due to trauma/surgery. After 14 treatments, we have made significant impact on her health. Her pain is less generalized, less severe and much more tolerable. She’s not crying and laying down on her couch anymore. She is decreasing her medications and she is able to walk farther with her puppy. This patient is a surgical nurse and has been working as a nurse for over 42 years.
3. A 53-year old woman has seen me recently for her 28th treatment. Since our treatments began in May 2008, her chronic neck pain has significantly improved. Her high blood pressure has decreased to a very normal range (with no medications). This can be a very stressful time for teachers, so we recently helped her with her immune system and stress so that she can actually enjoy her winter vacation instead of just recuperating from a very stressful semester teaching high school students. Chronic stress has been an issue this year due to personal issues, but acupuncture and herbs have really helped her through all of the drama.
Highlighted herbs for the week:
Cholisma – high cholesterol; this formula is helping quite a few of my patients lower their cholesterol, get off of their cholesterol medication and change their lifestyle
Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; this is a formula that I personally take for issues of chronic IBS that began as a child; once in awhile when my own life gets stressful, my own digestion slows down; taking Gentle Lax Deficient (along with another formula and acupuncture to relax my nerves) brings me back to a state of regularity
Herbalite – weightloss; my patient who took this formula for awhile along with her acupuncture treatments lost an average of one pound a week; despite all of her dancing that she did on her own, her metabolism did not change until she properly implemented Chinese medicine into her life
Lonicera Complex – sore throat; this is THE BEST formula for sore throats; anti-viral and anti-bacterial infections; this formula is based on a simpler formula called YIN QIAO SAN which does help sore throats but is not as strong as Lonicera Complex; a patient of mine called me with a diagnosis of strep throat; instead of taking her antibiotics, she took Lonicera Complex and felt immediate relief until she no longer had strep throat
Notoginseng 9 – stop bleeding; this formula helped one of my patients recently stop prolonged menstrual bleeding (in conjunction with another formula); this formula is just for acute conditions and the EMPHASIS of acupuncture + adjunct formula is on the underlying condition
Schisandra ZZZ – insomnia; this formula is helping my “deficient” type patients receive more peaceful sleep; a patient of mine went from getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night to 7+ hours a sleep within a few weeks
There are quite a few links that you can find my practice. Here is one with my school:
Today is a very special day for me. I have learned over the last 35 years how to care more for others and treat myself better. I have let go of self-pitying and self-sabotaging behaviors learned since childhood. I have learned how to truly think of others, while being more honest with myself. I know when to say, “No,” to others when I cannot make the full commitment and when it is time to say, “Yes,” to the commitments that really provide structure and prosperity for myself and my family. Above all, I know more and more each day how to prioritize my life and the people who care most for my life. I’d like to take this moment to thank those in my life, especially my patients, who have been my greatest teachers. I am a better healer and a more mature person because of you.
This is a very special season. Many of us have loved ones near and far. Some of us have lost our most beloved people in our lives and this time of year can be very difficult to live through. Please remember what this season is about: sharing love with those we know well and those we have yet to meet. When we are in the parking lots at Costco, the mall, Target or some other busy shopping area, please don’t drive fast and almost cause a car accident. Many of us have little ones in the cars and all of us have precious lives in our cars: OURS. Remember that being late is more important than spending some time in the ER or even dying. For those of you who are my patients and are looking forward to a new life in 2009, ask yourselves as I ask you in our sessions together, what can you do TODAY that you want to do in 2009. Tomorrow is never as important as TODAY. The average weight many of us gain during the holidays is 9 pounds. Ask yourself if the indulgence you serve today is as important as the extra work, worry and fears you’ll have to meet next year. Age and dates are just numbers. Focus on your health today and every day. Not some new year’s resolution. I didn’t lose 50 pounds and then 60 pounds after giving birth because of some resolution I held off for a new year. Achieving a goal depends on TODAY. You’ve got 12 days before 2009. Instead of focusing on January 1, 2009, focus on how you can still achieve the goals you had set on January 1, 2008.
Our next Medical Qi Gong Class: December 27, Saturday 10:00 a.m.
(Qi Gong “Energy Cultivation” is a little like Tai Chi)
Cox Sports Park

27623 Crown Valley Parkway, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
This is the link to the address/directions. When you’re going down Crown Valley heading east, you’ll be heading towards Ladera Ranch. Turn left on Sports Park (if you turn right, the street has a different name). If you pass O’Neill, you’ve gone too far.

Please RSVP.

The focus of the class will be to:

1. Improve balance
2. Increase energy
3. Improve physical/mental/spiritual wellness
4. Strengthen the body
5. Relax the mind
6. Improve sleep
7. Cultivate the Jing-Essence
8. Strengthen the Yang
9. Nourish the Yin
10. Relax the bowels
11. Extend the muscles (light stretching will be involved)
12. Loosen the joints
13. Increase libido
14. Regulate all of the systems in the body: circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, endocrine, etc…
15. Harmonize the internal organs
16. Meditate effectively

With love and light,
Anna Dolopo
Serving ALL of Southern California.
Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience in ALL of Southern California!

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