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December 11th, 2011

In May 2007, a new patient came into my door with the chief complaints of severe ankle and neck pain.  Little did she know that not only would she GRADUATE from those complaints, she would overcome many other health challenges.

Today was her 100th acupuncture treatment.  These are the symptoms that she has either GRADUATED FROM or have been significantly alleviated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs in my clinic:

Ankle pain
Neck pain
Upper lumbar pain
Shoulder pain
Mid-back pain
Hives improved significantly, sometimes up to 99% when she feels less stress
Red eyes
Clenching of teeth at night
Ear ringing improved by 50%
Cold hands/feet
Insomnia-significantly improved, depending on her stress at work
Shortness of breath
Craving sweets/chocolate/peanut butter/comfort eating when stressed out
Dry cough
Poor sense of smell
Sinus issues
Feeling cold easily
“Stomach” pain
Stronger immune system
We have more work still to do, but her improvements greatly outweigh the few symptoms that still linger.  My patient has a high-profile job position, so much of her ailments stem from her stress at work.  Just having bought a house has also included more stress.  Much of my work is keeping her stress-free and helping her get adequate sleep.

I have been in practice since June 22, 1999.  My 9 years of practice have taught me to provide treatments affordable enough for the majority of the population because CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY are the keys to success.  Have you ever tried learning another language or playing a musical instrument?  I majored in French and I have studied the violin since age 7.  In both of those subjects, CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY are the keys to success.  You choose any topic in life, whether it’s to obtain better health or acquire riches, this equation is going to give you the desired results.  Considering that I have lost 4 sizes (almost 50 pounds) and then 60 pounds from my pregnancy (Angilynn is now 4 years old), I strongly believe that CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY help me achieve strong physical and mental health, as well as become slimmer.

I really mean it when I tell people that I am a results-oriented acupuncturist/herbalist.  Since 2007, my website has been up and I have attracted many new patients by this specific page:

When doing your research for someone to heal your spirit, mind and body, listen to their intentions and observe their track record.  I only keep patients in my practice who show significant results.  Those that don’t see results will either be recommended to adjust their treatment plans, see a different acupuncturist or receive a different type of therapy.

Peace, love, great health and happines begin here at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  To all of my loyal patients, THANK YOU for your commitment to your health.  I am honored to be your acupuncturist/herbalist.  Thank you for being my greatest teachers.

In harmony,

Fertility: 22nd YouTube video

December 11th, 2011
Let’s keep you healthy at a FRACTION of the cost!

Is it me or did the Christmas and Holiday marketing start in October at many of the malls?  Well, if the intention was to “stimulate the economy,” then ring the bells!


This year has been a fun and wonderful time for us at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs.  We moved at the end of June to a much larger healing center, allowing us to now serve our practice members with greater efficiency.  I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every patient who has supported my quest to be one of the most effective acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists in Southern California.  I am a dedicated and ever-improving student of my teacher, Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan.  It is truly because of his influence in my life that I’ve been able to accomplish exponentially more short-term and LONG-TERM results through the true POWER of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.  I started this love of Chinese medicine in 1999 professionally, but I honestly began practicing real Chinese medicine when I took my first class with Dr. Tan in March 2006.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I guess it took me 7 years to become ready for a lifetime of study with my beloved master.


I am so grateful for more of my patients Yelp Reviews and testimonials that have been posted up this year.  If you feel that our work together has significantly improved your life, please consider sharing your story with us on Yelp or on Google reviews.  All of my patients’ stories have been the best avenue for people who are struggling with health issues to find me.  Without your stories, my name would not be so strong on the internet.  THANK YOU for your love and support for the last 12+ years.


Staying healthy and calm during the Holidays does not have to cost you a lot of money!


Take advantage of our little secret that we have at our healing center and show up whenever you have just $20 in your pocket, a half hour of time and are near us about 3 minutes off of the Lake Forest exit.






25 minute acupuncture

No consultation
No scheduling
Drop-in patients only
2-4 needles in body

Open to general public.
There are no treatment requests allowed.
This is a generic treatment especially designed for the patient who just wants a quick treatment specific for relaxation and immune enhancement.

I GIVE NO MEDICAL ADVICE.  We will not be talking in my personal office.


This treatment is PERFECT for patients who just want a quick, relaxing, non-commitment type treatment.

Standard points chosen specifically for relaxation and immune enhancement.  No special points requested is allowed.  All massage tables are heated.  Warm packs and eye pillows allowed when available and not being used by my “regular” patients who have scheduled for a personalized treatment.

Thank you for your consideration and for spreading the word!


(Cash or credit card only.  This offer is not for insurance-paying patients.)






We have a some special incentives for our patients who would like to renew their contract for discounted rates and for patients who have discovered and enjoyed their immediate and long-term success with the POWERS of Chinese medicine.


This discount program can help you save $5-10 per visit and more on herbs and during other special discount events for those times when life just gives you a little more than you can handle or if you simply want to come in for tune ups here and there.


Please call  949-305-1703 or email us at and we’ll be so happy to share with you some of our incentives for joining before 12/23/11.


Thank you for your consideration!





Please support my patient’s blog that promotes awareness of some of the most delicious GF dishes that I have ever tasted.  Thank you for the wonderful cookies, Michelle!  I won’t share.  :)





Please visit our 22nd YouTube video by clicking on the link above and read our fertility testimonials by clicking on the picture below.






Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another type of holiday event in December or just the JOY OF LIVING, our family sends to your family wishes for love, happiness, prosperity, longevity and, especially, ABSOLUTELY GREAT HEALTH!


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Because of my personal belief in God, Lord Jesus Christ and for ALL OF THE SUPPORT that San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles and Ventura counties have given me since 1999, I have achieved my own greatness so far in the field of Chinese medicine.


Thank you for believing in my work, Southern California!


With love and light,


Anna & our therapy Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pikachu



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