May 28th, 2012

The Case of Lymphedema Causing Severe Pain in the Knee

A 50-year old woman presented with severe pain in the left knee and swelling in the leg due to lymphedema.  This patient has only been able to see me once every week or every two weeks.  Our treatments are random and not as consistent nor as frequent as I would like for them to be.    Still, with the limited treatments within 5 weeks, we have seen phenomenal results.

Almost 3 weeks past when she received her third treatment.  During that acupuncture session, the patient informed me that the swelling in her left leg had decreased by 50%.  What was more outstanding was that she was in the hot weather in Palm Desert and she did NOT retain any water!  The patient informed me that the hot desert would typically cause even more water retention, as was her experience EACH time she was in hot weather.

6 weeks past when she received her 5th treatment, which was today.  The patient expressed to me that during her one week vacation in the east coast, she took a hike for 50 minutes.  The hill that she hiked was described on signs as “Strenuous Hill.”  She suffered from NO pain in her knee during nor after the hike.  Despite the airplane ride, she did NOT retain any water, which is typical of any plane ride for her.  The swelling in her foot also is completely gone.  The patient describes 100% improvement in the knee and she is very happy with our results.

There is still much work for me to do, but you see that this is a great prognosis also.

I wish you peace and harmony beyond all understanding,

Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience in ALL of OC!

Food poisoning

May 28th, 2012
Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter
July 2008
Anna Dolopo M.S., L.Ac.
Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
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Acupuncture Treats Food Poisoning


Every year millions of people suffer from bouts of vomiting and diarrhea due to food poisoning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are as many as 33 million cases of food poisoning in the United States annually.

While most cases are mild and pass so rapidly that they are never diagnosed, occasionally a severe outbreak creates a newsworthy public health hazard. The recent outbreak in the United States is such a case. More than 11 weeks into the biggest Salmonella outbreak linked to fresh produce ever in the United States, a strain of Salmonella has sickened over 869 people across the country, causing tomatoes to be pulled from shelves and restaurants.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be of great help when it comes to relieving symptoms of and recovering from food poisoning. In most cases, the recommendation for food poisoning is to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can actually relieve symptoms, hasten recovery and also strengthen the digestive system to prevent future incidents of food poisoning, avert the development of chronic immune deficiencies and increase energy levels.

What is Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning is a general term for any illness arising from eating contaminated foods. Also known as foodborne illness, infectious diarrhea or gastroenteritis, food poisoning is generated by a variety of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and parasites. The most common bacteria to cause food poisoning are Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and Shigella.

Food poisoning is marked by severe diarrhea, fever, cramping, abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea. Most cases of food poisoning clear up on their own within a week without any medical assistance; however, it can take several months before bowel habits return to normal. Often the digestive system is severely weakened after a bout of food poisoning, making the infected person more susceptible to food poisoning in the future. A small number of persons with food poisoning develop an autoimmune disease called Reiter’s syndrome. It can last for months or years, and can lead to chronic arthritis.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Poisoning

In Oriental medicine, food poisoning is recognized as dampness and heat in the stomach and intestines due to the ingestion of unclean food or drink. Traditionally, damp heat conditions were seen mostly in the summer months when heat and humidity are at their peak. It is interesting to note that the CDC confirms that most cases occur in the warm months between July and October.

Treatment of food poisoning is rest and hydration to prevent fluid and electrolyte loss through vomiting and diarrhea. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be used to relieve nausea and vomiting, hasten recovery by assisting the body to eliminate the pathogen faster, and strengthen the digestive system to prevent any reoccurrences as well as the development of a chronic immune disorder.

A simple diet of clear fluids and small, frequent meals consisting of bland, soft, easy to digest foods is usually recommended. The B.R.A.T. diet is commonly prescribed during active bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. B.R.A.T. is an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.

The Acupuncture Treatment

Generally, the acupuncture treatment is aimed at draining dampness and heat from the intestines to remove the pathogen while simultaneously calming the stomach to stop nausea and vomiting. After the acute symptoms subside, acupuncture treatments are focused on strengthening the digestive system and improving energy levels to bring about a full recovery.

Is your digestive system functioning as well as it could? Acupuncture and Oriental medicine are extremely effective at treating a wide array of digestive disorders. Please call us for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Points for Food Poisoning

While many different acupuncture points are used, depending on your specific symptoms and the state of your overall health, here are some acupuncture points that are commonly used to treat gastroenteritis:

Stomach 25 (St 25) and Ren 4 (Co 4) are two acupuncture points located on the abdomen around the umbilicus. They are used for abdominal pain, cramping and to drain heat and damp from the intestines.

Stomach 36 (St 36) is located on the shin, below the knee. It is a very powerful point used to adjust and balance the physiological activity of the digestive system and relieve stomach pain. It is one of the major points on the body for the GI tract. It triggers the body to increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid, dissolve food and move it out of the stomach and intestines.

Pericardium 6 (Pc 6) is located two finger breadths above the inside of the wrist. This acupuncture point alleviates nausea.


How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Here are four simple guidelines to ensure that your summer holidays are not memorable for all the wrong reasons: clean, separate, cook and chill.

Clean: Wash hands, surfaces, utensils and platters often. Rinse all produce in cold running water before peeling, cutting or eating.

Separate: Keep foods that won’t be cooked separate from raw meat and poultry. Don’t use the same platter and utensils for raw and cooked meat and poultry.

Cook: Cook food to a safe minimum internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria.

Chill: Refrigerate any leftovers promptly in shallow containers.

* If you are ill with diarrhea or vomiting, do not prepare food for others, especially infants, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems since they are more vulnerable to infection.


In This Issue

  • Acupuncture Treats Food Poisoning
  • Points for Food Poisoning
  • How to Prevent Food Poisoning
  • Ginger Aids Digestion
  • Study: Ginger and E. coli

Ginger Aids Digestion


Did you know that ginger is always served with sushi because of its ability to prevent food poisoning?

Ginger has been found to increase the secretion of gastric juice and the production of hypochloride. This means that food is digested more quickly; creating an unfriendly environment for bacteria that could wreak havoc with your stomach and intestines.

Ginger works as well at treating the symptoms of food poisoning as it does preventing them. In fact, ginger can be used for most digestive upsets that involve nausea, vomiting, cramping, abdominal pain, indigestion or diarrhea.

Whether your digestive problem is due to eating contaminated food, stomach flu, pregnancy or motion sickness, ginger is one of the most effective agents around.

Study: Ginger and E. coli

“Newest” Tool in Global Fight Against Childhood Killer? Ginger

Could one of the most widely used herbs in cooking around the world be just the right medicine for one of the deadliest conditions children face around the world?

That’s the promise pointed at by a new study published in the October, 2007 issue of the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

In this study, researchers in Taiwan looked at the role of a ginger extract in blocking the toxin that causes 210 million cases of diarrhea worldwide. The toxin is produced by enterotoxigenic E. coli, which accounts for 380,000 worldwide deaths annually. The study found that zingerone, a compound in ginger, was the likely compound responsible for blocking the toxin.

Further study is needed to confirm these findings and determine appropriate dosage, especially for infants. But this natural wonder offers a very inexpensive alternative to drug therapy and great hope to thousands of children in poor countries around the world.

Source: American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Breech babies

May 2nd, 2012

*As of May 2012, I have turned 7 breech babies.


Our latest letter of gratitude:
6/25/09I am very happy to say that I would recommend Anna to everyone I know and then some. I feel that she is one of the greatest persons around that could take care of all your pain and suffering. She can change your life for the better. I know because she has changed me for the better.


I have been seeing Anna for about 2 years now and have received 162 treatments thus far. I would never consider seeing any other Chinese practitioner.

Just think about what you have done to your mind and body over the years. I mean really think about. I did and if I had to do it again, I would change a lot. First of all, I would not have started smoking. Just face it. Would you change a few things if you could? I would.

The positive changes she has done for me are great. I went in for the first time to see her to see if she could take care of my hand and neck. Today my neck is great. My hand is about 95% better. The medical doctors could not do anything about my pain and tingling except to operate on my neck to fix the problem. I said, “No way.” That was the beginning with Anna.

Every time I see Anna, she asks me, “How are you doing?” and I tell her what is going on with me physically, mentally and emotionally. Then she puts her great hands and pins to work. I feel great afterwards.

I highly recommend Anna for what ever your problem is.

If you have any questions regarding Anna’s skills as a healer, please contact me through Anna. I will be more than happy to talk to you.

Guy R. Webb

Please consider my services for any of your pain or smoking cessation issues.
Thank you for visiting our website!
I am happy to announce that yesterday I treated a woman who has seen me 4 times since I have been in practice in Orange County. She first saw in me in Irvine where I practiced for 3.5 years. She saw me again in Laguna Hills where I had practiced for 3 years. She came in this week to my office in Lake Forest to turn her baby from being in a breech position at 38 weeks. The baby turned within 6 hours. This is my fifth baby turning successfully.
If your baby is breech, please come in as soon as possible. I like to see my mothers beginning at 34 weeks daily until the baby turns. This happened to be a one-time treatment. The OB was shocked, as she was ready to schedule a cephalic external version (which does come with some serious considerations).
I am not always successful, especially when I can’t get mothers to come in as often as I would like for them to. Sometimes, babies don’t want to turn and that’s just a fact that we have to deal with. My aunts and uncles were born breech in the Philippines with no health hazards. I understand that medical doctors are less concerned about delivering breech babies in the east coast and midwest and that the doctors here in the west coast are. One of my recent mothers tried acupuncture with me twice, one week apart between treatments before she saw Dr. Biter in Encinitas. I was unable to turn the baby within those two treatments.
“We saw Dr. Biter on Sunday morning. The external version was unsuccessful. He attempted it, and when baby reached a certain point he just didn’t want to turn any further! Dr. Biter felt the resistance and did not want to force baby any more than he was willing to go. Dr. Biter’s concern was that nature is telling us something, that life and our bodies are smarter than we are, and that if they are telling us no then we should listen. He’s a very wise man! :)
If you would like to try acupuncture for your breech baby, then please consider my services. If you do so, please do your best to come in as often as possible as soon as possible. This fifth baby that I’ve turned is the first baby that I was able to turn with acupuncture and moxibustion. The other four that I’ve turned were only with acupuncture.
I trust that there are midwives out there willing and able to deliver breech babies. You will not get that ability at a midwifery that is under medical supervision.) Your other option would be to have your baby delivered via C-section. I support my mothers on whatever route they choose. In the end, all that matters is the delivery of a very healthy, happy baby. Our daughter was supposed to be natural (I had no help at the time with alternative medicine), but she came out via c-section. I cried the whole time because I wanted to have her naturally, but she came out normal, healthy, happy and we have had the best five years so far!


Please read more about my work at: and on my blog page. There are more testimonials up and more information on the blog. Please also peruse our reviews on Yelp and LinkedIn! YOUR REVIEW ON YELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN OFFER YOU 5 STAR SERVICE EVERY TIME YOU COME IN!
I wish you great success in all of your endeavors!

The functions next to the herbal formula is an EXAMPLE of what the formula may be good for. The formulas may also have other functions that I use for my patients’ healthcare needs.

BACK SUPPORT CHRONIC –any type of chronic lower back pain

Back Support HD – herniated disc

Balance Cold – infertility; menstrual disorders

Balance Heat – menopause

Calm – PMS, stress, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness (2)

Calm Jr – ADD/ADHD; childhood convulsions -2

Calm ZZZ – chronic and constant stress

Cordyceps 3 (2) – strengthens immune system to fight against cancer; safe for long-term use

C/R Support – side effects from chemo/radiation

Dermatrol PS – psoriasis

Dissolve KS – kidney stones

Equilibrium – diabetes mellitus (CAPSULE AND POWDER) (2)

Flex CD – arthritis; fibromyalgia

Flex Heat – arthritis; gout; rheumatic disorders

Gastrodia Complex – hypertension

Gentiana Complex – hypertension; genital herpes

Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; colon cleanser 3

GI Care – ulcers; acid reflux 3

GI Care II – traveler’s diarrhea; gastroenteritis 3

GI Care HMR – hemorrhoids (2)

GI Care UC – ulcerative colitis

GI Harmony – irritable bowel syndrome

Herbal DRX – edema; feeling of heaviness in body

Herbalite – obesity with excessive appetite

Immune +

Kidney Tonic Yang – lack of libido; low energy; “internal cold”

Kidney Tonic Yin

Knee & Ankle Acute – pain

Knee & Ankle Chronic – pain


Lonicera Complex – sore throat 2

Magnolia Clear Sinus – sinusitis; allergies

Menotrol – infertility; PCOS; amenorrhea

Migatrol – migraine, cluster, tension headaches

Neuroplus – Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; MS; post-stroke

Notoginseng 9 – internal/external bleeding

P-Statin – benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

Peuraria Clear Sinus – sinusitis with yellow nasal discharge

Resolve AI

Resolve Lower – fibroids; benign tumors in uterus/ovaries


Respitrol Cold – common cold/flu

Respitrol Heat – heat type cold/flu

Schisandra ZZZ – anemia; insomnia

Shine – depression

Symmetry – Bell’s Palsy; facial paralysis; TMJ

Thyro-Forte – hypothyroidism

Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin (2)

Traumanex – sports injuries, broken bones/fractures, post-surgical recovery, pain

Yin Care $20

-practiced by Anna Dolopo, Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine,
Licensed Acupuncturist

Reducing the size of a knee cyst
38-year old woman presented with cyst on right knee. The location of this golf ball-sized cyst was located just inferior to the patella on the medial aspect of the knee. It hurt to kneel and it hurt to the touch. The medical doctors recommended surgery. The patient’s primary medical doctor measured the size of the cyst. Surgery was scheduled within a few weeks of medical examination by her physician.
The patient presented this medical issue to me on treatment #21 for therapy of weight loss. Treatment #21 was the first time that I had added therapy for her knee cyst. This acupuncture treatment was administered on May 11, 2009. On May 13 (treatment #22), the patient claimed that it seemed like the cyst had gotten smaller. It was still painful. On treatment #27, which was May 30, the cyst was almost 100% gone. The patient is canceling her appointment for surgery to remove the cyst.
It should also be noted that a factial cyst had also diminished during the beginning of her acupuncture therapy. The doctors also claimed that only surgery would remove the facial cyst.
Many other health issues have improved. For privacy of this patient’s case, these other details are being withheld in this case study.
From treatment #21-27, the cost of acupuncture was $350. She paid $50/session. It took 6 treatments (treatments #21-26) to reduce the size of the cyst by almost 100% from a “golf-ball size” measured by her M.D. Her M.D. stated that only surgery would remove the cyst. We have also taken away a cyst somewhere else on her body in less time. It was on treatment #27 that she stated her improvement.
This patient’s overall payments since March 2009 has been $1,550, which includes purchase of some Chinese herbs.
For a comprehensive overview of this patient’s therapy, you are welcome to call me. If you I know that you have never seen this patient at my clinic, I will share with you details of further improvement in this patient’s health.
On a side note, this patient has lost weight also. Very good prognosis since March 2009. It is May 30, 2009 at the time of this publication.
Effective practice of Chinese medicine for the treatment of DEPRESSION
Rarely do I express how effective my method of practice is for the treatment of severe depression. Here is a testimonial that I am grateful to have received today and share with you. By request, this patient’s name is being kept anonymous.
Please, if you know of anyone dealing with depression, consider recommending that person to my practice. Is it just the acupuncture and the Chinese herbs that helped this person and everyone else I have treated successfully for depression? Perhaps. However, I do believe that my experiences in life help me in my healing center, especially when it comes to the balancing of emotions.
You can read about my life and how I have evolved emotionally on my website. Some of this information can be found under the elements and you can always call me to discuss how Chinese medicine helped transform my life profoundly.
Thank you for all of the testimonials over the past two years. I wish I had a website beginning in 1999 when I became a professional of Chinese medicine. Please keep the testimonials coming. There are many yet to be posted up. I try my best to keep up with them and that’s a good thing.
The purpose of all of the testimonials is to help US grow OUR effective practice of Chinese medicine. I am nothing without YOU, MY READERS AND MY PRACTICE MEMBERS. I took a leap of faith a long time ago that God would send me as many people as He sees fit and you just can’t imagine just how blessed I am to have YOU believe in me. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me from San Diego, numerous clinics, my home for a few months and now in Lake Forest until we’re in a larger healing center. To all of you who look past my downsized office and decide to still pay for my services, I AM SO GRATEFUL that you drive from everywhere around Southern California to see me. With every person I help, I am one step closer to achieving bigger goals. I continue to pray for wisdom, so that I can continue to help people like the one I’ve helped in the testimonial below. God bless you all.
June 2009

Depression is not something normally shared and I rarely discuss my personal battle with family or friends. I agreed to write this hopefully assisting others who battle serious depression.

I suffered from depressive episodes for a large part of my life. The depression cycle would last from a few weeks to as long as 6 months. As a teenager I thought about the two options for my life; the first choice ends the pain of living, the second choice revolved around learning to live with the pain. Each time I thought about the choice, I chose life because I knew depression would not last forever. As an adult, I learned to recognize the first symptoms of a depressive cycle working toward not letting the depression overtake my life.

In college, my longest episode lasted over 8 months and at the time I seriously thought about different types of therapy. In the end, I choose not to pursue therapeutic treatment for two very simple reasons. The first option I understood required taking medications masking the symptoms. I wanted a cure for my depression not a pill I would take daily to change my mood. The other standard therapy of talking to a therapist never interested me because I never understood how talking about my problems would actually cure my depression. Sure we all need to vent and share feelings but telling some stranger my personal issues and expecting some “magic” words of wisdom making the depression end seemed unrealistic. Additionally, all my depressive episodes end after a time and I knew waiting long enough this current episode would also end. After college, I experienced various bouts of depression, all eventually ending.

In the summer of 2008, I experienced another bout of depression and knowing about acupuncture decided to seek treatment focused on healing not masking symptoms. Anna treated me specifically for depression, however I did not tell the entire history of my depression, just that I battled depression in the past. This probably made treating my depression more difficult for Anna. Anna treated me twice a week for several weeks; each treatment asking how I was improving. The improvement was not overnight, there was no miraculous waking up the next day and feeling totally normal. The process was slow but steady progress with each treatment I noticed a very gradual improvement. After several treatments, Anna discussed the option of taking Chinese herbs assisting the acupuncture treatments. At the end of the treatment, Anna did not insist I take the herbs instead handed me a package of information about the herbs. I read the information and noted what the herbs did; how the herbs worked and decided to take the herbs in addition to the acupuncture. The main point of the herbs was not to mask the symptoms but assist in healing my body from the causes of depression. During the next treatment, I agreed taking the herbs on top of the acupuncture and in about 2 months, the depression ended. While this might seem like a long time to some, what I know about my battle with depression and the seriousness of the battle, 2 months was comparably short.

I have not experienced any depressive symptoms in the past 10 months. Acupuncture healed the underlying causes of my depression and not only masking my symptoms. I highly recommend Anna as an acupuncturist and acupuncture as a therapy option for depression.

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Thanks so much for your dedication and patronage since 1999!

Some of our testimonials that can be found at:

In great health and happiness,
Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
The Acupuncture Alchemist
I am committed to providing the most

acupuncture experience in ALL of Southern California!

Services are provided in Lake Forest, all of OC, SD and LA.
clinic: 949 305 1703
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Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing
acupuncture experience in ALL of Southern California!


Please read more about my work at:

Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan

May 2nd, 2012
Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Providing EXCELLENCE in the field of Chinese medicine!


The art of healing is very much like studying music…


It takes dedication to one’s studies, commitment to achievement, integrity in practice and honesty in one’s holistic approach to ensure that harmony develops and is easily detected throughout one’s life.


When you are ready to listen to the harmony resonating throughout your body, mind and spirit, give me a call.  I’d love to listen to what you have to say and what you would like to achieve in your life.  You have a tune that I would like to listen to.  Share your rhythm with the world at the beat of your own drum.


You deserve to live pain-free.  You deserve to live without suffering.  You deserve to have total freedom.  You deserve to FEEL happy, loved, fully expressed and ABUNDANT!


Let YOUR freedom ring.  Unleash the music inside you that is tremendously excited to soar with complete abandon.  Collapse those fears!  Release the pain!  Move forward with your life!  Above all, LIVE with all of your Elements in Harmony.

Your healing is OUR success!


Meet my master, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.  He turned 60 years old this past weekend and we celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas!  As always, he led a phemonal conference.


You are now looking at a Dr. Tan’s Gold Level Certified Balance Method acupuncturist!  I had the honor to give a little speech at Dr. Tan’s special celebration.  My mentor is truly the reason of much of my success and I am so grateful for the wisdom that he passes onto the thousands of students he has all over the world.  It is my burning desire to have an extremely successful practice such as his.  His clinical results are tremendous and I consider myself very special to be his student.




Special changes are happening at our healing center!


I’ve included an additional discounted rate on our menu services. Every dollar counts and I hope that the additional $5 discount helps you along your path of healing.


Please feel free to visit our website at and click on “Schedule Now” at our homepage in order to see our new list of treatments available and their respective rates.  I’ve been in practice since June 1999 and I’m still studying as much as I did when I graduated in order to provide Southern California the BEST that Chinese medicine has to offer.  I study with one of the most respected masters of Chinese medicine worldwide and I am so proud to share my skill set in order for us to see SHORT-TERM, as well as LONG-TERM results.  Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to serve you, Southern California, with the POWERS of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture!


Here’s to your great health!



Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.

56 Yelp Reviews

May 2nd, 2012

Providing EXCELLENCE in the field of Chinese Medicine


April 20, 2012


Hello Practice Members & Friends!


***I am working Saturday 4/28.***

Please schedule online on our homepage.




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We just found 4 new ones that were recently posted and can easily found on Yelp and in their “filtered” box.  Yelp has also deleted quite a few of the pre-existing reviews.  These reviews will be posted on our website by my webmaster shortly.
Jason D.
San Juan Capistrano, CA
5.0 star rating

I have never written a review before on Yelp, but my experience had to be shared.  I can’t say enough about Anna and the wonderful job she does.  I have had numerous treatments with an acupuncturist and all have been quite successful.  However, the balance method Anna uses is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I have already been to 5 treatments, but I noticed results almost immediately.  Anna takes the time to explain exactly what is going on and makes you feel very at ease.  She is warm and friendly and creates a very happy environment from the moment you walk in the door.  You instantly feel that she cares about you and graduating you from your pain.

I just took my wife for her very first acupuncture visit ever and she had a wonderful experience as well.  We are so blessed to have found Anna.  She is a gem and she definitely has an amazing gift for healing.


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
5.0 star rating

I’m a believer in acupuncture, but have been too afraid to try it myself.  However, I had a fall about a year ago, which resulted in broken bones and an eventual need for surgery to repair my rotator cuff.  The healing has not been going well, and I’ve been in a lot of pain.  This has also caused my migraines to increase, and I’ve developed RSD.   Reaching the point of being willing to try anything, but not wanting to depend on stronger drugs, and on the recommendation of my Physical Therapist, I went to see Anna.  She talked with me first, explaining her technique and what I could expect, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease.  Honestly, I was surprised at how easy it was.  And I felt improvement after my first visit!  I didn’t tell my therapist I had seen Anna, I wanted to see if she noticed anything.  She did!  Then I knew it wasn’t “all in my head”, there really was slight improvement in my range of motion and the pain was different.  I’m going to continue seeing her, and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to feel better.


Harriet B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
5.0 star rating

Anna is a pure soul with a passion for healing, and that is exactly what she does at Elements in Harmony.  She has helped me with so many issues including allergies, vertigo, physical pain, swelling, autoimmune and carb cravings.

I was actually looking for a chiropractor back in 2008 when I first met Anna and felt an instant connection with her.  She has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and has been a huge blessing in my life.  Thank you Anna for all that you have given me…


Adam A.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/18/2012

Seriously! Anna is a freak of nature! She just has a way of making things feel better. Period. I have bone spurs in my back that were causing me sleepless nights. After a few visits with Anna, my back was feeling 80%-90% better. She also increased mobility in my left shoulder by apparently making the 15 year old scar tissue from an old basketball injury practically disappear. Can you admit that you have road rage? Anna makes the Mr. Hyde in me stay within me when I’m on the road. What can I say? I’d go see Anna for just about anything and have sent several friends to see her for their ailments too. She just fixes things! I heard she gets women pregnant all the time as well. I don’t think I’ll be needing that though. Bottom line – Anna gets the job done and she’s just cool to talk to. Anna also has the coolest dog on the planet to go along with her awesome family. If you see Anna because of this review, I’m sure you won’t leave her office hating me. Seriously!

5.0 star rating

I’ve used Anna several times for acupuncture.  I had migraine headaches and occasional arm and wrist pain from using the computer too much and Anna’s treatments took care of it all.  Anna is a phenomenal acupuncturist and takes time to listen to you and understand your pain and symptoms.  It’s best to sign up for several treatments as you can’t expect everything to go away with just one treatment (just like a gym membership, you can’t expect phenomenal results after one workout).  My insurance covered her services so definitely worth checking to see if you’re covered.




Here’s a letter from a new patient that I recently treated:


Hi Anna,
I am pleased to be under your care.  I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about your practice.

Admittedly, I was open, but skeptical.  After the first needle went in, that changed forever.  It felt like an electrical shock that ran from my finger tips all the way up to my right shoulder.  I jumped like someone had hit me with those paddles they use to restart a persons heart.  I know you felt me jump too.  It may not have been as dramatic for you, but it was a real experience for me.

I had some difficulty relaxing. That is something I want to work on, but once the needles were all in, I had no discomfort and I found resting on the table very  peaceful.  I thought about all of the things in my life that I am grateful for and all of the many blessings that I have and continue to receive.  It was very pleasant.

While I was lying there, I felt the incredible urge to smile.   When we left, I felt almost euphorically happy.  Not like a high, just an overwhelming sense of well being and peace.  I went to bed very happy and I did feel surrounded with positive energy.  My pain level/discomfort level is 0 today.  Yep, ZERO!

Thank you for your gift of healing and for sharing it with me.



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We just received another shipment of herbs. If you need a formula, please call me to see if we have it in stock.  The next order will be placed some time in early May.




Herbs in stock as of April 20, 2012

The functions next to the herbal formula are EXAMPLES of what the formula may be good for.  The formulas may also have other functions that I use for my patients’ healthcare needs.  You must be a CURRENT ACUPUNCTURE PATIENT TO RECEIVE HERBS.  A proper Chinese medical examination, diagnosis and treatment protocol are required for me to prescribe and dispense herbal formulas.  All formulas are given with quality control.  Modern formulas are dispensed with western/eastern medical explanations.


*All bottles with capsules are $40/bottle unless they are indicated that they are on sale.  Powdered formulas are $50/bottles.

Adrenoplex – premature aging; patients who are burned out; diminished sexual and physical functions  $33-sale  (2)


Back Support Chronic  $26 (2) sale

Back Support HD $26  sale

Blossom  1, 2, 3, 4 – $35 capsules sale , $40 powder


C/R Support – side effects from chemo/radiation $40 capsules

Cordyceps 3 [     Chronic immune deficiency -$40  (2)

[      Chronic fatigue syndrome

[      Sexual/reproductive dysfunction

[      Respiratory dysfunction

[      Chronic trachitis

[      Allergic rhinitis

[      Kidney impairment

[      Tinnitus

[      Arrhythmia

[      Hyperlipidemia


[      Enhances energy and increases the basal metabolism

[      Increases sperm count and sperm motility

[      Improves kidney and ear function

[      Prevents and treats respiratory disorders

[      Prevents and treats elevated cholesterol levels

[      Prevents and treats cardiovascular disorders, such as arrhythmia and high blood pressure

[      Stimulates the immune system to fight against cancer


Calm Jr. -$32

Calm ZZZ – chronic and constant stress $30 (capsules)

Circulation (SJ)

Corydalin [      Various kinds of headaches (according to western medicine): sinus, orbital, tension or migraine headaches  $35 capsule (2)


Dang Gui Shao Yao Wan


Dermatrol (HZ) – [      Shingles (herpes zoster)

[      Shingles with skin lesions and nerve pain


[      Antiviral effect to shorten the duration and suppress the severity of shingles

[      Analgesic effect to relieve pain

[      Anti-inflammatory effect to reduce inflammation

Dermatrol PS $35 (2)

[      Psoriasis

[      Dermatological disorders with lesions, blisters or severe itching of the skin

[      Acne with pus and redness


[      Suppresses proliferation of the psoriatic cells

[      Reduces tissue inflammation

[      General action to relieve dermatological disorders such as rash, itching and eczema
Dissolve GS –  gallbladder and bile duct inflammation; gallstones; severe sharp epigastric pain

Dissolve KS – kidney stones

Equilibrium – diabetes mellitus (POWDER & capsules 2)


Flex GT – gout
Gentiana Complex $29

Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; colon cleanser (2)
GI Care – ulcers; acid reflux $29 sale

GI Care HMR – hemorrhoids (2)

GI Care UC – ulcerative colitis
GI Harmony – irritable bowel syndrome

GI Tonic 2
Herbal ABX – sale for $27 (2)


Herbal DRX – edema; feeling of heaviness in body

Herbal ENT $30 2[      All excess conditions presenting with fire, heat, damp-heat, or toxic heat

[      Conditions with red tongue, yellow or greasy yellow tongue coating or forceful, rapid pulse

[      This combination is used as an adjunct formula to clear heat


[      Antibacterial effects

[      Antiviral effects

[      Antifungal effects

[      Broad spectrum antibiotic functions

Herbalite – obesity with excess appetite; constant craving for food; weight gain  (POWDER, capsules 2) on sale $25 capsule, $30 powder
Immune +  capsule $33

Weak or compromised immune system

[      Frequent bacterial or viral infections, such as common colds and/or influenza

[      Prolonged recovery period from bacterial or viral infections

[      Cancer patients with weakened immune systems from radiation or chemotherapy treatment

[      HIV/AIDS patients with weakened immune systems 7

[      Individuals with no significant complaints, but desire to enhance their immunity


[      Enhances the immune system: increases white blood cell count

[      Anticancer activity: inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Use as an immune supportive therapy for patients receiving radiation or chemotherapy.

[      Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

[      Boosts energy and vitality


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan $31

Liver DTX – liver damage with high levels of SGPT and SGOT, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis; addiction: detoxifies liver during alcohol, drug or smoking cessation (2)

Lonicera Complex –$31

[      Bacterial infections: bronchitis, pneumonia

[      Mild throat infections: sore throat


[      Herbal antibiotic: treats both viral and bacterial infections

[      Antiviral properties: reduces the severity and duration of viral infections

[      Antibacterial properties: reduces the severity and duration of bacterial infections

[      Enhances the immune system


Magnolia Clear Sinus [      Sinusitis and/or rhinitis $31 sale

[      Sinus pain and headache

[      Seasonal allergies, especially in the winter and spring

[      General nasal problems, such as stuffy nose, sneezing, loss of smell, clear watery nasal discharge, etc.


[      Constricts the vessels in the nasal mucosa to treat sinusitis and rhinitis

[      Reduces nasal mucous secretions

[      Desensitizes the patients from allergens to prevent seasonal allergies

Menotrol – infertility, amenorrhea, PCOS due to blood stasis and coldness

Mense Ease

Migatrol – [      Migraine headache: acute and chronic

[      Tension headache: acute and chronic

[      Cluster headache: acute and chronic


[      Analgesic action to relieve pain

[      Anti-inflammatory influence to reduce inflammation

[      Treats various types of headaches


Neck and Shoulder (chronic) on sale $26 (2)

Notoginseng 9 $36 sale (2)

Nourish powder $40


Peuraria Clear Sinus $25 sale (2)
Polygonum 14 – hair loss; premature graying $25 (2)

P-Statin (2)


Resolve AI – inflammation/infection with swelling
Resolve Lower – fibroids; benign tumors in uterus/ovaries

Respitrol CF $25 (2)

[      Cough with associated symptoms such as sputum, chest congestion, wheezing and dyspnea

[      Cough from acute conditions, such as common cold, influenza and lung infection

[      Chronic cough induced by various conditions, such as infection, drugs, smoking and others

[      Cough in tuberculosis or cancer of the lung


[      Antitussive effect to suppress cough

[      Expectorant effect to eliminate phlegm and reduce congestion

[      Bronchodilating effect to relieve wheezing and dyspnea

[      Antibiotic effect to treat cough with infection

Respitrol Cold $30


Schisandra ZZZ $30

Shine – depression $31 (2) sale

Thyrodex – Grave’s Disease; hyperthyroidism
Thyro-Forte – hypothyroidism 2
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

V-Statin $33

Venus $35

Vital Essence $30

Vitality $30

Yin Care – $20





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