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September 18th, 2012



September 17, 2012


Using Homemade Bone Broth for the Treatment of Infertility

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Calling all women interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Join Brazilian Top Team OC.  The ladies’ team is for serious team players!  We train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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Jaundice, Slow healing liver, Itching, Difficulty Sleeping



Liver disease caused by Anabolic steroids

MDs gave him 1+ year to heal.

Treated 5 times by ME.  After 4th treatment:

Itching 100% improved.

Sleeping 100% improved.

Jaundice 95% improved.

Bilirubin level decreased from 45 to 30 to 10 from 1st to the 4th treatment (it should be under a 1).  According to the email from patient’s parents below, his liver is HEALTHY after a total of 5 treatments.  The doctors gave the 16-year old patient a very poor prognosis, stating that this slow-healing part of the liver would take 1+ year to heal (with medications).  I initially asked for 6-9 months (claiming that I hope to decrease healing time from 25-50%;  I obviously underestimated Dr. Tan’s Balance method because it took me a TOTAL OF 5 TREATMENTS to earn this letter).  Doctors absolutely don’t believe that the acupuncture had anything to do with the improvement during the 2.5 weeks the patient was under my care.  If you would like a personal update, the parents clearly stated below that they are willing to speak for my work.



Thank you for the follow up.

“B” is doing extremely well.

His liver finally hit the number for him to

be declared “healthy.”
He is playing football and enjoying his

junior year in high school.

As a family, we are happy to write a
testimonial on your website.
Please just let us know how to do it.
We are also happy to
refer you to anybody that will listen.
We can never thank you enough for
helping B in his recovery.


Mr. & Mrs. “J”

This is the reason why I chose to be a “quack doctor” in 1994.  History clearly shows that evolution (philosophy, arts, medicine, science, religion, law, human rights, etc.) usually happened when a person ran a different direction and went against status quo despite all criticism and hurdles.  Remember, the world used to be “flat;” medical doctors not too long ago believed that “a gentleman’s hands are never dirty,” thus they never believed in washing their hands after handling a corpse and then delivering a baby (causing a high percentage of mothers dying); women used to not be able to vote in America; people of color had zero rights in America; a renegade a couple of thousands of years ago created a whole new testament in the Bible; a young Joan of Arc (burned at the stake at age 19) followed a mission that probably would earn her a place in a psyche ward by today’s standards; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a fabulous dream; and the list goes on.   It is my privilege to practice a medicine that the pioneers in the 1970s paved my way in California.  This quickly-gained and, hopefully, long-term success story is one gift that I give to the field of Chinese medicine with a very humble heart.  I honestly thought it would take me a minimum of 3 months to start seeing profound improvement like this.


Thank you, Southern California.  Thank you, “B,” for your faith in me.


Yelp Review #61




5 Star as of 7/29/2012


I have been going to Anna for over 2 years now and cannot say enough great things about her.  I first started seeing her when I went for a nagging hip pain that I had tried everything to get rid of.  A friend one night suggested acupuncture – I was admittedly a skeptic and hence why I never went.  But I was at my whits end and would try anything to make the pain go away.  The very next morning as I was driving to work a van pulled up next to me with the advertisement on it’s car – Elements in Harmony, Acupuncture.  I knew it was meant to be.  I immediately called that number and I have been with her ever since.  Within a year my hip pain was completely gone.  Now I see Anna for my mental and overall well being.

I cannot imagine my life without Anna and her special gift.  She is an amazing practitioner as well as an extraordinary person and friend.

She made a believer out of me!!

Thank you,  Ann.

All the best,

Weightloss at the Tarjoman Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr. Tarjoman and his awesome doggies


Want to lose 3-7 lbs per week and don’t know where to start? Visit Tarjoman Chiropractic and learn about weight loss and the path to a healthier YOU. This will be your last diet and you will feel better than ever!!!

Please call (949)829-8871 or email to learn more

It’s official, we have started our Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Center! First group of clients have all signed up and starting their program. We are very excited and are looking forward to helping all of them acheive their weight loss goals. This is the last diet they, or you if interested, will every try.

Please contact Danielle to learn more!

Let her and Dr. T know that Anna sent you.

Fitness with Miss Jackie!

Sponsored by Xyience

Miss Jackie also happens to be a graduate of Fullerton State University and has been in the early development education for the past 13 years.  She has a spectacular early development center upstairs at Reign Training Center where I train kickboxing and looks after Anais while I can Train to Reign!


“I want to lose weight!!”… “I want to get in-shape!!”… “If only I can lose these last 5lbs!!” Does that all sound familiar to you? Possibly repeating over and over in your head? Getting healthy and “getting in-shape” are one of those things people tend to put off until the weight is unbearable and/or the person’s health is at risk. So where do we begin? Just like anyone who is interested in fashion, cooking, art or any hobby, the first step is to do a little research on what it is he/she is interested in. It somewhat becomes an obsession. As for ‘getting into shape’ there’s no difference in your approach. There is an ongoing list of workout ideas, clean eating recipes and daily supplements to consider. Some may equate “skinny” to being healthy, but it is far from it. It is definitely not about popping a fat burning pill or being on a liquid diet for a few weeks, because those will only give you temporary results. It’s about incorporating healthy choices into your daily routine and making fitness a lifestyle.

So, what’s the first step? Whether your a stay-at-home parent, eight to fiver or constantly traveling, it is making a commitment to yourself. A commitment to making a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercising, setting realistic fitness goals and making healthy choices for your body. Everyone has a specific body type and reacts differently to certain foods and/or supplements. It is important to research what we put in our body along with creating a workout plan that is tailored to our goals and/or needs. This lifestyle involves being cautious about the things we eat along with portion sizing, how much exercise or physical activity we engage in and the amount of rest we give ourselves. Here are some quick things to consider: Research different kinds of healthy foods and different physical activities/exercises that interest you that also require raising your heart-rate. This is a KEY element to losing weight! Prepare your meals for the day with small snacks ready to go. This will decrease the chances of walking into a fast food restaurant or picking up 7-Eleven’s fat filled convenient food soaked in saturated fat. If you are a parent, consider snacks both you and your child can enjoy together. We are all guilty of eating the fruit snacks or animal cookies laying around in your child’s lunch bag. Throw out the processed snacks, bright artificial colored cereal and replace them with fruits, veggie sticks and organic munchies. Having a variety of snacks and switching them out every couple weeks makes it less likely to get bored of them.

Be prepared to take on the day!…. write out a meal plan for yourself and/or your family. The moment it’s written down it becomes part of our daily routine and eventually becomes habitual. If you want to get serious, set an alarm to eat every 2-3 hours so our body does not go into starvation mode and hold on to the fat for fuel. Refueling our body with small healthy nutritious meals every 2-3 hours, even when not hungry will result in having energy throughout the day and help you lean out. It’s simple! If this is something new to you, take baby steps! Put in the time, do the work and it will ALL pay off. Its YOUR time to embark on your own journey and create YOUR own fitness SUCCESS story. Stay tuned for more health & fitness tips and sampled workouts and great supplements that will enhance your overall workout experience!



This Doctor of Holistic Nutrition is so awesome, you’ll just have to visit her website.  There’s way too much to share.  Oh, she also happens to be one of my real life super heroes.  Doctor, mommy, business owner, in shape in all areas of her life.  I just love this leading lady.

Anna Dolopo, L.Ac is a Gold Level Certified

Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method practitioner.



Please schedule your appointments directly on our homepage at

or you can call us any time at 949-305-1703.



Welcome another Precious Baby!

September 8th, 2012


It is with absolute great pleasure that I introduce to you “L,” a beautiful new baby to the world, born to a mother whom I had helped become pregnant with the POWERS of Chinese medicine last year.


I would like to thank all of my “mothers” who have worked so diligently with me over the course of either the recommended 6-12 cycles, 12-18 cycles or 2-3 years in order to become pregnant naturally.


Please scroll below to read her mommy’s testimonial.


Today is a very special day for me because I get to share this with you.  Healing does take time.  It takes effort.  It takes persistence. It takes perseverance.  All I ask is that when you decide to work with me that you believe in yourself and give yourself time to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I believe in this medicine and I’ve been training since 1994 to serve you with my best with the POWERS of Chinese medicine.  Just believe in yourself, show up for the recommended number of treatments and we are half way there.


Baby “L” is living proof that when Chinese medicine is applied properly, consistently and frequently, dreams do come true.


Congratulations, Mommy.  You did it!


It was hard to write this because I can’t find the words to thank Anna enough for what she did for me.  I started seeing her in the spring of 2010 for issues unrelated to fertility.  Very soon after I switched my focus to fertility because my husband and I were ready to start a family and it wasn’t happening as quickly or easily as expected.  She was very clear about the instructions for fertility treatments and the patience required to embark on this journey with acupuncture and herbs.  I was ready and willing to do it.  She asked for 6 – 12 cycles and diligence/faith throughout the process.  Understandably, my faith waivered as the months went on and she patiently provided me with kind words, hope, and support that I needed to keep going.  Many times I called her crying and she listened and encouraged me to press on.  By cycle six I decided to see my OB/GYN to confirm what I thought was low progesterone.  Sure enough my blood work revealed that my progesterone was extremely low and she indicated that I was not ovulating.  Her recommendation was that I start Clomid, which I was very much against because I didn’t want to introduce synthetic hormones into my system, especially after working with acupuncture. Also I knew in my heart of hearts that I WAS ovulating, regardless of what the blood test showed.  It was yet another hiccup in my faith in acupuncture but after supportive words from Anna, I decided to stay on the natural path.  A couple of days later I observed some strange symptoms and decided to take a pregnancy test (I thought what the heck—it can’t hurt!). To my utter surprise, it was positive!  I waited the weekend and called my doctor on Monday, went in for a pregnancy test and discovered I was three weeks pregnant!  I went from “not ovulating” to “pregnant” in a matter of days.  My doctor said stranger things have happened, but I knew what happened – acupuncture and herbs!!  My pregnancy was virtually problem free with the exception of having typical pregnancy symptoms.  In my 40th week I went to see Anna for natural induction because I was scheduled to be induced in my 41st week. As expected, it worked!  Two days before my induction my water broke and I went into natural labor.  Today I sit here with my beautiful nine-week old baby girl and I get misty-eyed just thinking about the road to get here.  I always refer to Anna as my angel because without her I would not be in this fortunate place.  Thank you Anna for making my dreams of becoming a mother come true.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture for Stroke

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture can contribute an important part of the treatment plan for a patient recovering from a stroke. Use of a range of conventional and traditional treatment provides the patient with the greatest chance for recovery of function, minimization of disability, and can also reduce pain and help the patient cope with frustration and other adverse emotional reactions to their illness. TCM approaches may also be used to lessen the side-effects of conventional medicines which may include lethargy and nausea.

Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood flow in areas of the brain immediately around lesions caused by a stroke, and so may facilitate brain repair and re-organization to compensate for areas of organic damage. Clinical trials indicate that acupuncture is a low cost treatment with few risks of side-effects. The absence in TCM of toxicity, which can result in side-effects is a quality that allows acupuncture to be safely used in conjunction with any conventional therapies.

Traditional herbal medicines such as Ginsing Zai Zao Wan and Di Huang Yin may also assist in the recovery from a stroke by thinning the blood and reducing platelet aggregation. Other treatments that may contribute to recovery include massage and electrical stimulation of acupoints. Electro-stimulation is a technique where small electrical currents are passed through acupuncture needles to add additional stimulation to acupuncture points. Electro-acupuncture has been shown to decrease pain, accelerate tissue healing, and significantly reduce inflammation.

TCM approaches are increasingly being incorporated into Western healthcare, and often the best care is a result of the full circle approach: taking into account a person’s mind and spirit as well as the body. Stress reducing massage and Asian Body Therapy can aid in recovery as well, taking the emotional stress of a person’s recovery into account.


My goal for is for each of my patients to have this kind of emotional and physical freedom to jump up for incredible joy.


When is the last time you felt like doing this?


When was the last time you did do this?


If you can, jump for joy RIGHT NOW because being alive in itself is a true and valuable gift.

We proudly offer a Loyalty Program

Many of our patients save $5-10 per visit by being a very special part of our healing practice.  If you are interested in joining the Elements in Harmony Loyalty Program, please let us know!

I GIVE NO MEDICAL ADVICE.  We will not be talking in my personal office.  This treatment is PERFECT for patients who just want a quick, relaxing, non-commitment type treatment.

Standard points chosen specifically for relaxation and immune enhancement.  No special points requested is allowed.  All massage tables are heated.  Warm packs and eye pillows allowed when available and not being used by my “regular” patients who have scheduled for a personalized treatment.

Thank you for your consideration and for spreading the word!


(Cash or credit card only.  This offer is not for insurance-paying patients.)


Email us!

TCM and Acupuncture for Stroke
The article can be found at:

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Please review our work on:
We’ve been reviewed 49+ on

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We are so happy in our new healing center!  We moved in at the end of June and it’s so great to enjoy a much larger space.


THANK YOU to everyone who has been a very special part of my healing journey.


I, too, walk along the path you walk.  Healing may take time, but my own life is a testament to how focus on optimal health DOES pay off.  If you ever would like to know about my own journey, just feel free to ask.


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Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.


Pregnancy and Childbirth

September 8th, 2012


Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter
May 2009
Anna Dolopo M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 114, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth


Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life. Many women report feeling healthier than they have ever felt before; however, the physical growth of the baby and changes in hormone levels can bring about pain, discomfort and a variety of health problems.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can provide a safe, effective alternative for many of the health complications that may arise before, during and after pregnancy. A growing number of women are choosing acupuncture to use throughout their pregnancy and as an optional treatment for an overdue or difficult labor.

Planning for a Healthy Baby

Healthy parents produce healthy babies. With acupuncture and Oriental medicine, parents can improve their health to create the most optimal environment for their unborn child. In addition to their ability to strengthen, support, and balance overall health and well-being, acupuncture and Oriental medicine are an effective treatment for regulating menstruation and hormone levels, reducing stress and addressing any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns that a woman may have.

Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can play a vital role in the comfort of a pregnant woman. There is strong evidence to support that acupuncture is highly effective at treating some of the most common problems experienced during pregnancy including morning sickness, heartburn, insomnia, water retention and sciatica.

Here is a list of some of the problems that an acupuncturist often treats during pregnancy:

    * Nausea and Vomiting
    * Heartburn
    * Constipation
    * Hemorrhoids
    * Edema and Swelling
    * Urinary Tract Infection
    * Pelvic Pain
    * Neck and Back Pain
    * Sciatica
    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    * Leg Cramps
    * Fatigue and Exhaustion
    * Insomnia
    * Anxiety and Depression

Acupuncture for Childbirth

While there are acupuncture points that can provide natural pain relief during labor, acupuncture is more commonly used to induce labor. There are several points that stimulate contractions and influence cervical ripening. There is also an acupuncture point that has been found to turn a breech baby.

Acupuncture Postpartum

Many women feel depleted after the birth experience. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help the transition of those first few months after birth to ensure a quick recovery. Postpartum care focuses on the physical, emotional and psychological recovery of the mother from the effects of pregnancy and labor, as well as encouraging breast feeding.

Here are some of the postpartum disorders that can be treated with acupuncture:

    * Fatigue
    * Postpartum Depression
    * Mastitis
    * Insufficient or Excessive Lactation
    * Post Operative Healing
    * Night Sweats

If you would like to know more how acupuncture and Oriental medicine ease discomfort and facilitate pregnancy, please call for more information. 

UB 67 for Turning Breech Babies

An acupuncture point on the small toe of the foot (Urinary Bladder 67) has been found to effectively revolve fetuses in breech presentation.

In an Italian study, 240 women at 33-35 weeks of gestation carrying a fetus in breech presentation were randomized to receive acupuncture plus moxibustion (an herb used to apply heat to an acupuncture point) or to be assigned to the observation group. At delivery, the proportion of babies that had turned from breech position to vertex (head-down) position was 53.6 % in the group treated with acupuncture while the proportion of babies that had turned from breech position to vertex position in the observation group was 36.7%.

Source: J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2004 Apr;15(4):247-52


MOVE YOUR QI Monthly Newsletter



In This Issue

  • Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • UB 67 for Turning Breech Babies
  • Safety of Acupuncture While Pregnant
  • Common Acupuncture Points used During Pregnancy

Safety of Acupuncture While Pregnant


Acupuncture is safe to use while you are pregnant; however, there are some points that can cause contractions and should NOT be needled during pregnancy or should be used with extreme caution.

Acupuncture Points to Avoid During Pregnancy

* Large Intestine 4
* Spleen 6
* Gallbladder 21
* Points on the sacrum
* Point on the lower abdomen
* Point on the low back

There are also many herbal remedies that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Always err on the side of caution with all herbs and medications while you are expecting.

Common Acupuncture Points used During Pregnancy

Zhubin (K 9) – ‘beautiful baby point’
Location: Above the medial malleolus (inner ankle bone), right below the calf muscle.
Function: Calms the mind, builds or tonifies blood.
Indication: Good for hypertension, fear, anxiety, nightmares, and mental disorders.

Zusanli (St 36)
Location: Four fingers below the knee cap, on the outer edge of the tibia.
Function: Strengthens overall constitution, builds blood and Qi, resolves edema, and harmonizes meridians that control digestive functions.
Indication: Great point for diarrhea, constipation, gastric pain and indigestion. Also helps with insomnia, edema (water retention), and increases energy level.

Neiguan (P6) – ‘morning sickness and motion sickness point’
Location: Two fingers above the inner wrist.
Function: Calms the mind, harmonizes the stomach.
Indication: This is THE point for nausea and vomiting. It is also one of the most relaxing acupuncture points and is used for both insomnia and anxiety.


Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

September 8th, 2012

Per some of your request, here’s a great link that compares alkaline and acidic foods:

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding your digestive health and how we can continue to strengthen your organs and help you eliminate your toxins properly every day.

Achilles Pain

September 8th, 2012

The Speedy Business Woman Slowed Down By Achilles Pain

A 47-year old woman presented with right achilles and ankle pain. Onset had been 7 months prior for no apparent reason. She was unable to walk comfortably, especially going up and down stairs. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest rate of pain), pain level was a 10 and was described as a sharp sensation. The pain was constant. She was very sad because she was unable to exercise and just to walk was causing her life to slow down. This patient is a business woman with a great deal of energy. She was too impatient to allow pain to rule her lifestyle.

After her first treatment, we began to see improvements in the quality of her pain. By her 3rd treatment, 3 weeks later, she reported 40% improvement in her achilles and ankle regions. She was able to walk up and down stairs with much more comfort. To quote her, she said that she was able to go on stairs with “zero problem” and she was “so excited!” due to her acupuncture therapy.

During her sessions, we were also treating her for groin pain that was caused by a fall a month prior. We also began seeing improvement almost immediately with her groin pain.

By her 5th treatment, the achilles and ankle pain was 40% improved.

By her 6th treatment, she was walking every day with a 70% improvement in her achilles and ankle pain since we had begun treatments. The groin pain was completely gone by the 6th treatment.

This patient has been seeing me once a week with no missed treatments. What’s great about this case is that this is a typical scenario of how well Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture proves its efficacy from the moment the needles are placed into the patient. To cover my bases, especially because people heal at different rates due to a myriad of variables, I tell patients that if they see me just once a week, to give it up to 20 treatments to see significant improvement. In my own practice, patients will see improvement 90% of the time from the first treatment, but there is still that 10% of the population that may take 6-10 treatments just to see any changes in their health take place.

Had this patient seen me 2-5 times a week for the first 2-8 weeks, we would have achieved greater success much faster. Given the alloted amount of treatments in 6 weeks, I would say that this is wonderful progress with a terrific prognosis. This patient is on her way to GRADUATING from her pain!

My prognosis is that if the patient continues at this pace, we should see a 90-100% improvement within another 6-10 treatments. I help people GRADUATE from pain. Just like the groin pain that is completely resolved, I expect to see the achilles and ankle pain complete resolve.

As a side note, this patient began taking Chinese herbs to help her relax and sleep better in the beginning of her treatments. “Calm” by Evergreen herbs, a modernized formula of a classical Chinese herbal formula worked extremely well almost immediately and she has been very happy with the results.

At Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, we are all about RESULTS!

Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience in ALL of OC!

Fertility, Pregnancy, Delivery; Auto-immune disease; Polyneuropathy

September 8th, 2012


This is what I’m talking about!

Go Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture!
1.  Pregnancy and Delivery

I don’t know if you have seen my VBAC video… but I would be honored if you sent it out in an email with my testimonial! :)

Here is the link

To any future pregnant client of Anna,
Being a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant & Student Midwife, I knew that I would start acupuncture at the beginning of my pregnancy & throughout because of the positive effect I had seen it have on my clients. I started seeing Anna at 10 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy to help my morning sickness subside, it helped it tremendously and I felt I was able to start feeling like myself again. I was blessed enough to continue on with acupuncture treatments throughout the rest of my pregnancy every week to alleviate any discomforts of pregnancy, while strengthening my body in preparation for my birth experience. This birth experience was so important to me and I knew that if I wanted to do everything I could to make my body strong and in harmony, acupuncture had to be one of the key elements. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started seeing Anna twice a week, and on July 22nd I received my last treatment before I gave birth to my son less than 24 hours later. I achieved a beautiful HBAC (Home Birth after a Cesarean) and gave birth to my son River in our jacuzzi in our backyard under the stars. I am truly SO grateful for Anna and the help that she provided me with! I would (& do) recommend her to EVERYONE! :)
In Love,
Lindsey Meehleis <>

2.  Polyneuropathy
Thank you, Anna, for greatly improving the feeling in my feet.  For the last several years I have been experiencing a constant numbness in my feet that makes walking feel clunky.  This numbness was primarily in my left foot, my right foot was considerably less severe.  This condition also aggravated my body balance.  I have always been thankful for good health, the one exception was colon cancer in 1994, and have enjoyed traveling, exercising, plenty of yard work and home maintenance.  I received 18 treatments between September 14 and October 9, 2009.  The poly neuropathy in my left foot has a 60% improvement and my right foot a 90% improvement.  I would like to thank our friend, one of your current clients, for referring me to you.  Thank you again for your personal touch and acupuncture skills that are improving health and well being for those availing themselves of your services.
Sincerely, Jim G

3.  Chronic auto-immune issues
Hi Anna,

My legs are actually better today …. especially this morning.  They don’t hurt nearly as much today

It has been 6 days since I stopped taking my hormones, so the hot flashes are increasing, which is to be expected.  I had about 4 last night and have already had several today.  When I was on the hormones, I never experienced them during the day, just one (or two) in the middle of the night.  I feel confident you can help me alleviate them.

I am really excited that after only 8 treatments, I am feeling better.  As I mentioned to you, this illness does cycle from really good to really bad.  However, I had been in a really bad cycle since the end of December.  Now, I am feeling pretty good, so I don’t think it is coincidental.  I am quite pleased with the results so far and look forward to seeing you for my 9th treatment next Tuesday.

Thanks for checking in with me.


Fertility and Full-term Pregnancy to Delivery
(I sent this email to several patients earlier this week.)

Hello patients and friends!

You are receiving this email because you either are under my care for fertility or you might have been under my care in the past for fertility cases.  You might also be a midwife or a doula, so I am sharing this with you so that you can be updated on certain aspects of my practice.

I have 3 current patients who are pregnant.  Please let me know if you would like to speak with them regarding their health status and how acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped to regulate their menstrual cycles in order to get pregnant.  I am so grateful that they trusted in the process and allowed their bodies, minds and spirits to allow them to naturally conceive their babies.   2 of the patients were under my care.  1 of the them was under the care of a different doctor of Chinese medicine.

I inform all patients who come in for fertility reasons that if there is NO diagnosis to please give me 6-12 cycles (months) to help regulate their hormones and relax their bodies/minds/spirits to a state of complete wellness.  If there is a diagnosis from the western medical community to please give me 12-18 months to get their health at an optimum level of being.  I am extremely honest from the beginning because doing Chinese medicine with me requires great commitment when we are working to help your body conceive naturally.  As you can tell from my emails regarding PAIN or other such health issues, I can see results 90% of the time from the very first treatment.  A woman just left my office with 85% improvement in her lower back pain (just one treatment for this particular issue).  In 2007, she came in 30 times within 4 months to help her graduate from the neck/shoulder pain.  You can read her testimo nial on my website.

Her initials are LRM.

Dear Anna,

It’s hard to believe that I came to you only 4 months ago with excruciating pain in my neck, shoulder, and left arm from a pinched nerve and I am now almost back to 100%. I was in such extreme pain, I was willing to try anything beyond the western medical techniques that had already been attempted by my doctors. Following your guidance of being committed to the process and having treatments 3 times a week for the first 2 1/2 months, then going to 1 time a week, and now once every 1 1/2 weeks has proven to be the right choice. And an added benefit is that during this time, through acupuncture, I was able to discontinue HRT (hormone replacement therapy) with very little side effect!

I believe that my situation was a challenge for both of us; me as the patient and possibly you as a practitioner. I want to tell you that you amaze me with your tenacity and intuition on always knowing the right approach and treatment to provide with every one of my visits. There were times I almost gave up and if it were not for you, I very well may have.

Thank you for not giving up on me and seeing me through what has been a most difficult time in my life. I don’t know how to thank you other than to say you have a true gift and I am so very appreciative of your patience with me and honored to be one of your clients.

My Best,

She GRADUATED from her pain, which means that since 2007, she has not suffered from that pain since.  Please understand that in the treatment of many internal organ disorders, especially when we are treating gynecological/fertility issues, this “graduating” from health issues does not come as quickly.  I am a walking testament to this medicine, which is why I focused on digestive and menstrual health issues for the first 7 years of my practice beginning in 1999.  If you are serious about Chinese medicine helping to regulate your period/improve different aspects of your health, it can take several months just to start seeing improvements.  I have a patient who had been under the care of another acupuncturist in The City of Industry for the past 6 years.  For the first 5 years under his care, he treated “everything” as stated by the patient.  This patient happens to be pregnant and she no longer can make the drive to LA to see her former acupuncturist weekly.  The patient informed me that it was under the acupuncturist’s care that helped her to conceive.  She explained that from the moment she stated to him that she wanted to get pregnant, it took about a little over a year  with his treatments of Chinese medicine to conceive naturally.   This patient is in her late 30s.  I asked for her to write a testimonial regarding HIS work, so that my patients can get even a clearer understanding of what it means to become TRULY HEALTHY.  She has informed me that she is happy to write the testimonial (regarding her other acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist’s work) and that if she forgets, it’s only because of her “pregnancy brain.”  This particular patient wants for everyone to know that her previous acupuncturist informed her that when she focuses on what she NEEDS (to become extremely healthy, so that sh e has a very happy and healthy baby) as opposed to what she WANTS (having a baby NOW), her process of healing and achieving her greatest goal will happen.  She chose to not take the western medical route and focus on her health.  She is happy to speak with any of you to explain her path of becoming healthy and conceiving naturally as the course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs allowed her to be healthy.

If you are anxious to get pregnant now, I recommend finding a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in fertility.  They are usually licensed with ABOM, American Board of Obstetric Medicine. They work with fertility specialists in the western medical field who can help you achieve pregnancy NOW.  This is not my path of practice.  Being a  mother of a 5-year old, I can completely understand the burning desire to be a mother.  As a dedicated student and practitioner of Chinese medicine, I actually hold my beliefs as a HEALER much more strongly.  My focus is NOT fertility; rather, my focus is getting my patients completely healthy where they can conceive on their own.  I educate all my female patients that our menstrual health is a direct reflection of our entire health.  If your desire is to not pay much attention to your health as much right now, but to conceive ASAP, then please seek a fertilit y specialist and work on regulating your periods later (achieving the perfect period: NO PMS, CYCLE = 28-32 DAYS, HEALTHY FLOW (not too light/heavy), BRIGHT RED BLOOD, NO CLOTS, MENSES LASTS 3-5 DAYS ONLY, NO DARK BROWN/RED COLOR, NO DIGESTIVE ISSUES, MIGRAINES OR OTHER SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PERIOD, NO BREAST TENDERNESS, NO CRAVINGS FOR SALTY/SWEETS, NO IRRITABILITY/ANGER, ETC.).  I want to share motherhood with you.  However, if something in what I’ve shared with you makes sense about allowing your body to conceive naturally as God would have it, then that’s when you might consider the path that I take in helping women conceive: allowing you to become extremely happy and healthy before you create a baby who will be extremely happy and healthy.

Of course, I also have patients who have conceived both with fertility medication and my treatments.  I have no judgments on how women should conceive.  I support any decision you make.  If you want to change directions, I support you.  If you want to combine with western medicine, I support you.  If you decide you’d like to be like my patients who conceive on your own, I especially support you and will follow through with you every step of the way until you actually conceive naturally (ideally, 6-12 months if you have no diagnosis from a medical doctor and 12-18 months if you have a diagnosis).

Here’s some information regarding IVF and Chinese medicine:

Lindsey Meehlis, my doula when she helped me give birth to Angilynn, and now my future midwife just delivered her baby:

I treated her throughout her pregnancy and the night before she delivered her baby River Anthony.  I have known Lindsey since I had met her at Irvine Regional Medical Center.  She was a doula teaching pregnancy classes.  I gave birth in May 2004, so I must have either met her in late 2003 or early 2004.  Since she helped me, I have never been the same.  I had Cobra insurance and Dru was laid off, so I had to say, “Goodbye,” to any ideas of a natural birth at home.  However, since Angilynn was born, I have helped COUNTLESS pregnant women avoid c-births.  (THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE REFERRALS, LINDSEY!)  I’ve also help pregnant women with various health issues.  All the while, I’ve watched Lindsey grow in her profession.  Her trust in me with pregnant woman after pregnant woman has instilled even more confidence in what I am capable of doing, pushing this medicine beyond my own limits.  Watching so many women have VBACs helped me really understand the woman’s internal power.  Watching women no longer need a c-birth because we were able to turn the baby HEAD DOWN (when they were breech) helped me appreciate acupuncture even more.  More than that, watching Lindsey’s birth video helped me understand what us women are truly capable of doing.  In the testimonial at the top of this email, you’ll find her other video regarding her experience having a VBAC.

Please watch the whole video.  If the video stops, please put it on pause for about 10 minutes and go back.  This is the same for the YouTube video.

I want to share this with you to let you know that I work with some very amazing women.   Because of Chelle Goodfriend and Lindsey Meehlis, I was capable of nursing Angilynn for over 2 years.  I WORKED FULL-TIME SINCE ANGILYNN WAS BORN.  Angilynn has never had to go on antibiotics.  She has never been medicated.  She has always been healthy.  We had a c-birth at 42 weeks and I was determined to do everything naturally from that point on.  Let it be known that I was not doing Dr. Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture at the time and I did not have any acupuncture/chiropractor friends yet in OC.  With my experiences in helping women achieve fertility, complete a full-term pregnancy (40 weeks) and give birth naturally, I truly believe that the majority of women are capable of allowing many natural aspects of our health happen more healthily  if we just trust in the process and let go of our fears.  Please take a moment to watch both videos that may inspire you on how Lindsey got pregnant naturally (with her own natural rhythm of health) and how Lindsey gave birth naturally.

Here is some information from Medscape regarding VBACs:

Here’s another article from Medscape:

The Real Risks for Cesareans: An Expert Interview With Pamela K. Spry, BSN, MS, PhD
Cesarean section (c-section) is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. The frequency of surgical birth has increased from 4% in 1965 to about 33% today, despite World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that a 5% to 10% rate is optimal and that a rate greater than 15% does more harm than good.

For pregnant women, I have helped women with:

  • placenta previa (the woman received 3 treatments in 2 weeks; she had been put on bedrest and was considered a high-risk pregnancy; she was scheduled for a c-birth on week 36; after our treatments, her cervix was cleared by an ADDITIONAL 4 cm; she was taken off bedrest and was no longer considered a high-risk pregnancy; she delivered vaginally on week 40; WE PREVENTED A C-BIRTH – I have evidence from Medscape that vaginal births deliver healthier babies than c-birth babies and that babies delivered closer to 40 weeks (or longer) have a larger brains and more developed lungs; this is why I focus on longer pregnancy terms
  • nausea/morning sickness
  • muscle tightness around the hips/lower abdomen
  • breech babies (5)
  • “induction” – 40 weeks+; in one month just a few months ago, 3 women delivered within hours of my treatment; one woman went from 0 to 5 cm within 2 hours of our treatment-we prevented her from having a C-section; one woman was a VBAC (Lindsey)
  • prevent C-births
  • speed up the recovery of C-births/births

Please let me know how I can serve you.  You can read more about my work on my website and my blog.  I would like to share with you that when I was 20, I was diagnosed with having precancerous cells in my cervix.  I was supposed to do all of the blood work and the doctors made it clear to me that it did not look good.  Since then, all of my pap smears have shown excellent results.  I used to have a period that was erratic and lasted only one day.  My periods now last 3-4 days (good in Chinese medicine, not good if not 3-5 days).  I used to be 4-5 sizes heavier.  I only had 1-2 bowel movements a week.  I was depressed.  I had hives on my thighs and upper arms.   I just received the results of a complete blood work done recently.  The representative said that I am “so healthy that they gave me a gold star next to my name.”  No precancerous cells in my body as a result from my last pap smear and all of the pap smears since I was 20.  God willing, I am completely healthy.  My periods are normal.  I have a bowel movement daily.  I am not depressed.  I have kept off almost 50 pounds since I started losing them between 94-96.  I haven’t had hives since the mid-90s.

As one of my patient’s says (I’m helping him with diabetes), “It has nothing to do with, “I hope we see results with Chinese medicine.  We’ll just do the medicine systematically (the right way) and we’ll see the results:

Hi Anna,

My results have changed from getting consistent reading of 160 to 170 in the mornings after I wake up and before I eat or drink anything to readings of 130 to 140. Although this may not seem significant I have to let you know that I have been getting the higher readings for several years, and since I started with you I have had the step down in the readings which I am very pleased with and excited about. In addition I have taken to drinking green tea as my drink of choice, either hot or cold and with no sweeteners added.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to further improvements in all aspects of my treatment regime with you.

It has nothing to do with “hope.”  It’s just a matter of doing this systematically and seeing results.  This patient has seen me 7 times now.  He happens to also have gone to one of the most prestigious medical schools in the UK, but opted to go into a different profession altogether.  He’s still the “doctor” in his family due to his many years of medical training.  (I’ll be sending out a separate email that states that my other patient had a 201 blood glucose level and was diagnosed as a diabetic.  He NO LONGER IS DIABETIC.  He has been under my care since 2007.)

So that’s what I hope to share with you in my email today.  It’s not “hope” that drives me the majority of the time.  At 10 years of experience, it’s truly about doing the medicine religiously, day in and day out, living the Chinese medical path and seeing results happen time after time.  When some patients don’t see as quickly the results as other patients, it may just take more time.  The importance is seeing the results that we are achieving and really giving gratitude to those results.  Comparing our health with others is not what we should do.  It’s important to understand that we all heal along different paths in life.  I understand that some people just can’t wait to have a baby and they’ll say, “No,” to me because waiting 6-12 months is just way too long.  It’s totally okay and I’m fine with that.  I am comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with.  That’s why I give everyone a very long speech in the very beginning of our relationship as patient/practitioner of what I expect from my treatments and what I hope you can give me.  For my patients who are on board with me for the long haul in order to allow your bodies conceive naturally, I tip my hat to you.  In Chinese medicine, ALL WOMEN should be fertile until age 49.  This is NORMAL in Chinese medicine.  When QI, BLOOD, YIN, YANG, JING are all at their optimum levels, then there is no reason why the woman cannot conceive naturally.

I am very proud of my two patients who are currently pregnant who conceived under my care.  I am also proud of my patient who conceived after 1+ years with her former acupuncturist/herbalist who is now under my care.  Andrew and I are working here and there on having a second child.  I don’t chart my ovulation and I don’t stress out about it.  If it happens, then it happens.  We’ll figure out the details later.  In the meanwhile, I have to continue walking my talk.  And yes, the next one will be a VBAC under Lindsey’s care.  I would have it no other way.  I’ve helped too many VBACs to count, so I don’t see why I can’t give birth the way I came out myself and the way God designed for us to come out into this world: through the vagina.  You might want to read the Medscape articles I posted above regarding VBAC and Cesareans.

Thank you for reading this exceptionally long email.  I am very excited for my patients and I hope to be excited with more of you.  I am constantly posting up RESULTS on my iContact emails, blog and Facebook.  These results are intended to give you hope.  Your investment IN YOURSELF is the most important investment that you can ever make.  If you need financial advisors, I’ve got two good ones for you.  As for health advisors: that would be me or a few of my friends in the field of healing.

God bless you and may peace be with you.

Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
I am committed to providing the most
  • effective
  • relaxing
  • affordable

acupuncture experience in ALL of Southern California!

23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 114


Fertility & PCOS

September 8th, 2012


Anna N. Dolopo, L.Ac.


949.305.1703 (o)

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Fertility and PCOS
After many years of drastic measures of avoiding pregnancy, my husband and I decided, it’s time to start our family, let’s just stop all birth control and if it happens, it happens. Fast forward a few too many years and we still weren’t expecting.

I decided we both needed to be tested for infertility problems. After many doctor appointments and a lot of blood work, it was determined that I was the problem. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrom). Basically, I wasn’t ovulating due to a hormonal imbalance. I underwent a few treatments with fertility drugs and also an IUI, with no success. At that point, I was devestated. Not to mention broke and tired of being treated like “just another patient.” We decided to take a break from the Western approach and have a carefree summer.

As summer was coming to an end, the baby bug came right back to me. I knew I didn’t want to go back to the regular doctor, so I decided to find an acupuncturist. I’ve had success in the past with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, so I thought, “What the heck, it can’t hurt.  Let’s try that approach instead.”  After scouring the internet, I found an acupuncturist that was local and her website had a testimonial from another patient she treated with PCOS. That’s when I called Anna to arrange my first appointment.

I first spoke with Anna over the phone, she was very thorough, giving me her expectations and how long treatments may take considering my history. Of course, I was thinking to myself, ugh, “I hope it doesn’t take another year or two to see results, since I wanted to get pregnant years ago. I wanted to be pregnant NOW and I wasn’t getting any younger!!!”  She told me up front, that we’re getting YOU healthy first and when it’s the right time, the things you want WILL happen.

I can’t thank Anna enough. After following her guidance and was diligent with my treatments, I’m now expecting a baby girl in September. I owe it all to Anna and I believe in her work and treatments. Even though she has a bustling, busy health center, she always has time to chat with you and she makes you feel comfortable. I believe the time she spends with each of her patients, contribute to the power of her medicine and the healing ability. The more you open up to her, the more she can help you achieve your health goals.

Even after I achieved pregnancy, I continued with my treatments. I believe my pregancy has been problem-free and I will have a strong healthy baby due to Anna’s help.

I would defintily refer Anna to any of my family, friends or co-workers in need of an alternate route to healthy living. I think she’s the best at what she does and takes pride in her work.

Excited soon-to-be-mommy,
Kristi K.



Yelp Review #48+


Having undergone acupuncture treatments many times before, I thought that I knew what to expect when I went to Anna’s clinic. I felt instantly welcome when I walked through the door. She is extremely personable and made me feel like an old friend. She doesn’t have lead hands when it comes to placing the acupuncture needles, which was greatly appreciated! She even gave me a hug when I left. Her operating hours accommodate working people and her prices are quite affordable. I highly recommend her services.


I am working this Saturday, July 2




There will be some Saturdays that I will be working this summer.  Anais turns 1 year old on July 9, so I will not be in the healing center on July 8 and 9.


I sent out an email with a special for this Saturday.  Please let me know if you did not receive the email and if you are interested in knowing what that special offer is!



On-line scheduling appointment will be live soon!


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Some other changes are occuring at our healing center to be more efficient with our time, so that we can provide you a more relaxing and joyful acupuncture experience at our healing center.


Please share any of your ideas, so that we can better serve your wellness needs.


Thank you for making Elements in Harmony a great place to heal!




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Protected: 9 Treatments in 19 Days

September 8th, 2012

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V-blog #5: Stop smoking, No more diabetes; FERTILITY testimonial

September 8th, 2012
You Tube videos:
#1  Sciatic pain
#2 Anxiety
#3 Guillain-Barre (auto-immune)
#4 Fertility
#5 Stop Smoking/No more Type II Diabetes
#6 PCOS & Fertility


Dear Anna,

I’m sitting here, 16 weeks pregnant, elated and still a little shocked that our 3rd child is on the way! Without your help, who knows where I’d be. I came to you in August of 2008 with a dx of PCOS which only manifested itself in the form of extremely irregular ovulation/periods and bothersome spotting. But it did interfere with my life quite a bit and I feared that should I ever want to get pregnant again, I would have a difficult time. Acupuncture and herbs proved to be  the only truly effective and natural treatment option for me! You stressed the importance of consistency AND herbs for my particular situation, and I’m glad I stuck with it.

The entire 7 months that I stayed consistent with my treatment I cycled every 35 days, which was unheard of for my body. Though life got busy and I stopped seeing you regularly, I continued on two (sometimes three) herbal formulas that yielded great results. Those herbs are powerful!!! I believe in them with every fiber of my being. Of course I would fret about the extra cost, but in the end I decided that I would rather treat my underlying hormonal imbalances that way than through some “Band-Aid” remedy thrown at me by a medical doctor (i.e. Clomid or synthetic hormones).  Anyone out there considering acupuncture for fertility, PLEASE try it and commit to it before you head to a fertility specialist who will force your body into extreme processes it’s not ready for. The beautiful thing about acupuncture is there are no side effects except increased energy, sounder sleep, improved libido AND on top of all that, you’re bringing the body into homeostasis which is , in my opinion, essential for conceiving and growing a baby.

Well…..I happened to have a completely normal cycle in July (30 days!) that ended after 5 days of healthy bleeding. Unfortunately, the bleeding resurfaced in the form of brown spotting that lasted 10 days. I finally decided to call you to see if you could clear it up. I had ONE treatment on a Saturday and not only did the spotting stop immediately, I ovulated and got CONCEIVED that Thursday!!!

So here I am… a nutshell, acupuncture and herbs regulated my hormones, brought on more frequent and stronger ovulation and gave me fertile quality cervical fluid that I’d never produced before. I do have PCOS and have conceived all three of my children NATURALLY.  I can’t say enough positive things about your ability to heal and the wonderful effect your treatments have on fertility and pregnancy :)

Thank you so much!


(Practitioner’s notes:  I treated this woman starting in August 2008.  She had her menses 75 days apart.  I requested that she give me 12-18 months to help her get pregnant due to the severe nature of her PCOS condition.  She received acupuncture and was on 2-3 herbal formulas a month consistently.  She informed me of her pregnancy in September 2009.  Please refer to Tricia’s other testimonials to get more information regarding our treatments and many of the other benefits the acupuncture and herbs did for her. )


Here is my Testimonial as promised:

Although I like to believe that I have an open mind, I have always looked very suspiciously at some forms of alternative medicine. Until a couple of years ago I would have included acupuncture in this category, but after the dramatic changes brought about by this treatment for many different ailments, I am convinced that it makes a real difference in obtaining great emotional, physical and spiritual health.

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells and this diagnosis led me to try to treat my body as a whole rather than cut out a problem. I was treated by an acupuncturist who was highly recommended by a friend, and after aggressive, comprehensive 6 months of treatments, I was free and clear (of abnormal cervical cells) and a firm believer that my body had amazing powers to heal itself.  I have since utilized acupuncture to treat allergies, hives, pain, stress, immune issues, the flu, colds, and more recently, reproductive problems.

I suffered a few miscarriages and this led to irregular monthly cycles and pelvic pain.  As I grew older I was becoming more and more impatient to become a mother; nevertheless, I had done extensive research into understanding the chemicals used for treating fertility problems –the side effects and the manipulation of my own chemistry seemed to be an unacceptable approach.  I really wanted to avoid the route of manipulating and changing my body chemistry.

The facts that I was not getting any younger, that my acupuncturist was a 45 minute drive away and  that I knew this treatment would take time made my decision to utilize acupuncture a difficult choice.  It meant that I would have to be patient, but as the treatments progressed and my hormones became more manageable, my monthly cycles became less painful, and more regular.  I knew that I was now in a better place to create a healthy and happy baby.  The effects of the acupuncture treatments yielded small results at first, but I persevered and in the eighth month I was finally charting ovulation.  11 months after I first started treatment, I was pregnant and my husband and I could hardly believe it!

I loved my acupuncturist, but his location in the City of Industry was too far. Since then I found Anna Dolopo.  She is a licensed acupuncturist closer to my home who has the same philosophy and patient care as my first acupuncturist.  She has been a pivotal part in treating the negative side effects of pregnancy including: Cramps, Low Energy, Hemorrhoids, Anxiety and Depressed Immune System.  With this flu season pandemic, I have opted to do everything possible to stay healthy for my little bundle of joy due to arrive December 09. Acupuncture works without drugs or chemicals it is the best way to obtain a healthy and harmonious life balance.  It is my first line of defense ALWAYS!   – Anonymous Mom2B

God bless you and may peace be with you.
Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
Providing EXCELLENCE in the field of Chinese Medicine.
Effective, Relaxing, Affordable
23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 114

Regenerate your Reproductive Health

September 7th, 2012



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Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter
April 2012
Anna Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
23151 Verdugo Drive, Suite 114

Manage Your Reproductive Health with Acupuncture


Oriental medicine has a long history when it comes to enhancing reproductive health and fertility for both men and women. In fact, evidence that acupuncture and herbal medicine have been used to aid fertility can be found in early medical literature dating back to 3 AD.

Statistics state that one in five couples over the age of 30 have difficulty conceiving after one year of trying. Many of these couples are turning to acupuncture and Oriental medicine for a safe, effective and natural solution to have a healthy baby.

Fertility treatments were first recorded by Zhang Zhong Jing, a famous physician from the Han Dynasty, in his discussion of diseases in women in the Jin Gui Yao Lue or Essentials of the Golden Cabinet.

According to the principles of Oriental medicine, a person’s health is determined by the quality of Qi, the vital life energy, and blood circulating through the body. When Qi and blood are circulating properly, the body is properly nourished and functioning optimally which, in turn, enhances fertility.

Researchers have confirmed the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine for:

    * regulating the menstrual cycle
    * improving sperm count and motility
    * reducing stress and anxiety associated with infertility
    * normalizing hormone and endocrine systems
    * improving blood flow in the uterus
    * decreasing the chance of miscarriage
    * increasing the chance of pregnancy for women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Fertility treatment approaches can vary from person to person, but are usually scheduled for at least three consecutive cycles (twelve weeks). Treatments can include acupuncture, customized herbal therapy, stress reduction and dietary counseling.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with their reproductive health please call to see how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help. 

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Gynecological conditions including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), fibroids, endometriosis, menopause and infertility are some of the problems treated most successfully by acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Oriental medicine has long recognized that health and vitality can be sustained over a woman’s lifetime by restoring balance within the body and supporting the natural production of essential hormones.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome covers a broad spectrum that can include emotional symptoms such as depression, irritability, sadness, anxiety, or poor concentration and can also include physical symptoms, such as breast tenderness, a change in bowel habits, acne, or loss of libido. Symptoms can change from month to month and vary widely in terms of severity. Imbalances can arise from a variety of factors, including poor diet, too much work, physical or emotional trauma, constitutionally weak Qi (energy) or stress.

In Oriental medicine, the liver is considered responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (life force) throughout the body and for smoothing our emotions. When the liver’s function of moving Qi is disrupted, Qi can become stuck. This is referred to as Liver Qi Stagnation and is commonly associated with PMS. In addition to irritability and moodiness, signs and symptoms may include: distending pain in the area below the ribs, stuffiness of the chest, sighing, abdominal distention, nausea, sour regurgitation, belching, diarrhea or constipation, feeling of a lump in the throat, irregular periods, painful periods and distention of the breasts prior to periods.

If you or someone you know is struggling with symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome call today to see how acupuncture can help!


Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life. Many women report feeling healthier than they have ever felt before; however, the physical growth of the baby and changes in hormone levels can bring about pain, discomfort and a variety of health problems.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can provide a safe, effective alternative for many of the health complications that may arise before, during and after pregnancy. A growing number of women are choosing acupuncture to manage their health throughout their pregnancy and as an optional treatment for an overdue or difficult labor.

Planning for a Healthy Baby

Healthy parents produce healthy babies. With acupuncture and Oriental medicine, parents can improve their health to create the most optimal environment for their unborn child. In addition to their ability to strengthen, support, and balance overall health and well-being, acupuncture and Oriental medicine are effective treatments for regulating menstruation and hormone levels, reducing stress and addressing any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can play a vital role in the comfort of a pregnant woman. There is strong evidence to support the belief that acupuncture is highly effective in treating some of the most common problems experienced during pregnancy.

Some of the problems that an acupuncturist often treats during pregnancy include:

    * nausea, vomiting and morning sickness
    * heartburn
    * constipation
    * edema and swelling
    * pelvic pain
    * neck and back pain
    * sciatica
    * leg cramps
    * fatigue and exhaustion
    * insomnia
    * anxiety and depression
    * water retention

Acupuncture for Childbirth

While there are acupuncture points that can provide natural pain relief during labor, acupuncture is more commonly used to induce labor. There are several points that stimulate contractions and influence cervical ripening. There is also an acupuncture point that has been found to turn a breech baby. 


Postpartum Recovery

Many women feel depleted after the birth experience. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help smooth the transition during those first few months after birth to ensure a quick recovery.

Some postpartum disorders that can be treated with acupuncture:

    * fatigue
    * postpartum depression
    * mastitis
    * insufficient or excessive lactation
    * post-operative healing
    * night sweats

Postpartum care focuses on the physical, emotional and psychological recovery of the mother from the effects of pregnancy and labor, as well as encouraging breast feeding.

If you would like learn how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can facilitate your postpartum recovery, please call for more information. 

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  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Male Reproductive Health
  • Prostate Health
  • Menopause

Male Reproductive Health


Oriental medicine can help treat various male disorders. As men age a decrease in the function of male reproductive organs occurs and they experience andropause, or male menopause. Andropause differs from menopause as there is not a dramatic or marked physiological change.

Unlike the more dramatic reproductive hormone plunge that occurs in women during menopause, changes in men occur gradually over a period of many years.

Some male reproductive health conditions that acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help include:

    * premature ejaculation
    * low sperm count
    * diminished motility
    * impotence
    * hernias
    * testicular pain
    * prostatitis
    * male infertility
    * andropause

If you or someone you know is struggling with symptoms associated with any of these conditions, call today!

Prostate Health

The prostate is prone to enlargement and inflammation as men age, affecting about half of men in their sixties and up to ninety percent of men as they approach their seventies and eighties. If left untreated, benign prostate gland enlargement, which presents with symptoms such as frequent nighttime urination, painful urination, and difficult urination, can lead to more serious conditions such as prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones, and incontinence.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be used to treat prostate problems to relieve the urinary symptoms and prevent more serious conditions from occurring. The few studies completed on acupuncture and prostatitis show positive results with participants noticing a marked improvement in their quality of life, a decrease in urinary difficulties and an increase in urinary function.

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Menopause is a transitional period marking the cessation of ovulation in a woman’s body. Symptoms are brought on as a woman’s body tries to adapt to decreasing amounts of estrogen. Varying from mild to severe, symptoms can include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, dryness, headaches, joint pain and weight gain.

With its deep understanding of the female body, Oriental medicine has always addressed the special needs of women throughout their lives. Menopause, in particular, is an area in which Oriental medicine shines.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have the ability to detect energetic changes that occur in the body and quickly relieve uncomfortable symptoms that accompany the onset of menopause.

Oriental medicine does not recognize menopause as a particular syndrome and treats symptoms unique to each individual using a variety of techniques to restore imbalances found in the body.