Babies and Chinese Medicine

February 14th, 2013
This is a great article on the benefits of acupuncture and helping achieve pregnancy.
I am so proud to say that I have helped every woman who has come in to my clinic with a strong commitment to achieve pregnancy. The commitment entailed consistent and frequent treatments and/or Chinese herbs. Each woman who has been treated by me has been treated anywhere between 3-12 months to regulate their menses and achieve the “perfect period.” The perfect menstrual cycle comes every 26-32 days, lasts 3-5 days, is bright red blood (no dark red/purple/brown/pink color), has no clots and very little if NO pre-menstrual changes (breast tenderness, low back pain, migraines, lower abdominal cramping, irritability, salty/sweet cravings, etc.).
This is a page with several women’s testimonials on how our treatments were able to ACHIEVE FULL-TERM PREGNANCY.
It is important to note that in my practice, it is not enough to just help a woman become pregnant. As you would have read in the first article published by PCOM, lifestyle change is extremely important. An acupuncturist/herbalist’s focus is to help REGULATE the period, which allows a woman to become more fertile. The more healthy the menstrual cycle is, the more likely a woman is able to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy with very little risks.
During some of my own recent research, I have found that 40% of all fertility issues are due to SPERM DISORDERS ACCOUNTING FOR 40% OF ALL FAILED PREGNANCIES. A formula that I have some male patients on is Vital Essence by Evergreen herbs. This is not the only formula that would be appropriate for a man to “regulate his sex organs and hormone production, balance hormone productions to treat sexual and reproductive disorders and improve overall good health” (CLINICAL MANUAL OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE), but it is a very effective formula for a man to be on for, at least, 3 months before the next testing would be done to check on sperm count and health of sperm. If the man deals with physical performance during sexual activity, a different formula would be used/added to Vital Essence.
If you are trying to get pregnant, have undergone different procedures and have not had much success or would simply like to regulate your period without pharmaceutical drugs, try acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.
If you are unsure if the man in your life is the one with the sexual hormone issues, then have the health of his sperm tested. It is better to know what is causing the fertility issues, so that you can know exactly where to invest your resources most effectively.