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March 17th, 2013

I am in the office today, Sunday!


I was with my teacher, Dr. Tan, yesterday having a great time.  For those of you who would love to receive an acupuncture treatment, I am scheduled at the office beginning at noon.  You can schedule for an appointment on our homepage at at the upper right hand corner, call me at 949-305-1703 or text me at 619-341-4341.


We have a new $45 treatment option.

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If you would like to drop in for our $45 treatment today, SUNDAY 3/17 you may DROP IN between 12-2.



regarding this exceptionally low offer!


I am so excited about this product!








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From a Retired Medical Doctor


***Please focus on the POSITIVE advertisements.***  I have colleagues who would love to share with you their positive testimonials if you would like to speak with them directly.


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Information on our $45 drop in treatment.

Please call me at 949-305-1703 or text 619-341-4341 to find out my hours for that day.


Hello Patients and Friends,


We have a new service! This option is NOT to be scheduled. THIS OPTION IS ONLY FOR DROP-IN.


Please bring exact change or cc. NO CHECKS.


Drop in only. Lower rate. No private consultation. $45 to continuing patients. This option starts TODAY!


If you are not yet a patient, you will need to receive the initial treatment at the regular rate. Your initial treatment is in the main treatment room.


Treatment is on an anti-gravity chair in the waiting room.


No pillows. No eye pillows. No blankets. No hot packs. First-come, first-serve. All of these extras are only available in the main treatment room at the higher rates.


I treat ONE issue. No more than 10 needles. No points in ears/head. 45-minute treatment.


Out-of-pocket only.


*Patients who are scheduled in the main treatment room get first priority and attention.*


We proudly offer a Loyalty Program



Many of our patients save $5-10 per visit by being a very special part of our healing practice.  If you are interested in joining the Elements in Harmony Loyalty Program, please let us know!




I am a committed student of Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan




I have been a devout student of Dr. Tan since March 2006 and I still enjoy taking the basic classes with him and many of his advance classes.


I am very happy that in July, I will be studying LEVEL 2 (out of 9) of the “3 Essentials,” Dr. Tan’s most advanced Chinese medical classes.  It’s a very difficult topic.  Even my colleagues that I spoke with yesterday who had completed all 9 levels feel like that they have to take the classes all over again.  The classes are so challenging that I will not even begin to share any of the information until I complete all 9 levels.


Until that day happens, I am grateful to share the wisdom passed onto me based on the basics of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, Global Balancing, Dynamic Balancing, Seasonal Balancing and more.  I know that this is all foreign to you while you read this. The reason why I am sharing this with you is to help you understand that just because I graduate in 1998 and received my license on June 22, 1999 (one of my favorite dates) does not mean that my learning has stopped.  Studying Chinese medicine is a life-long ambition and commitment.


When you receive therapy at our healing center, you can feel assured that I am constantly pushing myself as a student of this ancient art.  To be the best in Southern California means to immerse myself with THE BEST teacher and the most SUCCESSFUL acupuncturists whose practices SHOW how successful they are.


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If you are a woman and you would love to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, let me know!  We would love to have you.  We train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45 pm.  We also take the co-ed classes.  You will love BJJ!








This is our family at this year’s belt promotion.  Andrew has been studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2006.  Angilynn is going on 2 years  and I just received my first stripe on my white belt.  My studies in the martial arts began when I was 7-years old.  I hope my story tells you that it’s never too late to start new things.  I’m 39 and I’m in love with my family, my violin, hip hop, kickboxing and BJJ.  I am lucky to be a part of a strong women’s team at Brazilian Top Team Orange County at Total MMA in Tustin.  Some of my teammates are competing this week at one of the top six BJJ tournaments worldwide being held at UC Irvine.  If you’d like to watch the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship, it will be held March 20-24.  We are so lucky that it’s going to be in Irvine!

Dr. Tan’s

Balance Method

I am very grateful to have become a gold-level certified Dr. Tan’s Balance Method acupuncturist since April 2012.  I was one of the first Gold-Level Certified acupuncturist under Grandmaster Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan during his 60th birthday black-tie event held in Las Vegas.  It was an exceptional honor for me to have earned and received this wonderful gift from my master.


My journey as an acupuncturist began in 1999.  It has been a long and fun road as a practitioner of Chinese medicine.  Through good times and some of the challenging ones, I am happy to have grown into an acupuncturist who has been blessed with so many patients’ trust and commitment to healing.


Being with my master, Tan Shifu,  always reenergizes my spirit.  As always, it was an amazing day yesterday during his class and, beginning today, I bring to our healing center a profound knowledge of ONE of his systems, Seasonal Balance.

We are entering a new season.


Come in for your acupuncture tune up to stay strong, healthy and happy today!


Acupuncture is ONE powerful method to stay healthy, strong and happy.

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