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My friend, Matt Greene, L.Ac., will be working for me on Wednesdays from 3-8 pm.  I am still working limited hours.  Please reply to me if you would like to know when I return to work after I deliver my baby.
I am working today, Friday 7/2, tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday.  I am taking it one day at a time.

I am due to deliver my daughter, Anais Isabella Josephine, any day now.  For those of you who are not familiar with home births, I suggest that you visit my blog and watch some of my patients’ videos on their home births.  Please also visit YouTube and you’ll find so many videos on home births.  I’ve been preparing myself with yoga, Qi Gong, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy healing and Hypbirth (CDs on hypnosis during labor and delivery).  The videos of women who use Hypnobabies and Hypbirth on YouTube are especially interesting to watch since many of the women giving birth look like they are sleeping or seriously concentrating.
I am grateful to my midwives, Susan Gill with Blessed Beginnings, and Lindsey Meehlis with OC Midwifery.  Lindsey was my doula when Angilynn was born.
Many Americans are so scared of the concept of birthing without medications.  A lot of the fear is instilled in our society in regards to labor and birthing, TV shows and movies certainly do not help with women screaming and throwing tantrums the moment their water breaks.  When you start reading books by midwives such as Ina May Gaskins and many other highly experienced midwives, you start learning different facts of labor and birthing when experienced outside of a hospital setting.  For example, in Ina May’s The Farm in Tennessee, 94% of the births are successfully delivered in homes or birthing centers, 2% are done via C-section and 1% is done using vacuums and forceps.  Compared to America’s 34%+ C-section rate because we have a high tendency to induce labor when a woman hits 40 weeks.  It’s almost like pulling teeth if a woman wants to go 42 weeks and forget about it if she wants to wait any further.  Sarah Buckley, MD, an Australian obstetrician who delivered all 4 of her children at home, delivered one of her children at 9 months and 3 weeks.  If you talk with most people who come from other countries (such as my parents), it is common for women to wait until the baby is actually ready to come out.
Inducing labor doubles the chances of an emergency C-section.
In Dr. Sarah Buckley’s book GENTLE BIRTH, GENTLE MOTHERING, she explains that of the top 30 industrialized countries delivering babies in hospitals, USA ranks #26 yet we spend more than any of the other countries.  ‘
In Ina May’s book INA MAY’S GUIDE TO CHILDBIRTH, 5/6 of American women expect to receive medications before they even try feeling what an unmedicated birth is like.  Compared to other wealthy nations such as Japan and The Netherlands, 2/3 of the women in those other countries are not afraid to experience something natural such as birthing.  Those women also claim that the pain was not really an issue.
Since I have been on my journey, I have been meeting women out of the woodwork who are proud to share their home birth stories or birthing stories in hospitals completely medication-free.  These stories are so intriguing because Angilynn was induced and, next thing you know, we had to have an “emergency C-section.”  That led to a month of healing and constant use of Vicodin.  Looking back 6 years ago, I have realized Angilynn just wasn’t ready to come out.  Now many of you know why I have worked diligently at helping women who have “high risk” pregnancies.  Obstetricians no longer deliver breech babies, so I have successfully turned 6 babies.  Placenta previa leads immediately to a scheduled C-section, so I have helped EVERY placenta previa case uncover the cervix, leading the mothers to have vaginal births.  There are many other types of cases where I simply prepared mothers to believe in themselves, the wisdom in their bodies to do something so natural (which is why we have 6.8 billion people on this planet) and have very healthy pregnancies, deliver naturally, and enjoy the love of their healthy and happy babies.
Here’s what Medscape has to say about VBAC:
When you get the chance, please watch the movie by Ricki Lake “The Business of Being Born,” which you can watch online for around $5.  This explains why our culture is terrified to deliver babies without medications.
Both of my parents have 10 brothers and sisters.  Of all 22 children born in the Philippines, neither of my grandmothers were medicated, none of the children had health issues, some of them were born breech, some of them were twins, no one died, and many of these babies were born during wartime in the countryside.
I offer this information to all of you because when I am asked, “Where are you going to deliver?” I get tired of the open eyes when they find out that I will deliver in my home with two very competent midwives, as if what I am about to do is something totally unheard of in the history of womankind and people start rattling off how much safer a hospital birth may be.  Really, once you start actually READING, watching home births and talking with women who successfully delivered their babies at home (such as my energy healer who has 5 children, my chiropractor who has 1 child, Lindsey Meehlis: HBAC -home birth after C-section, Susan Gill: 2 children and quite a few of my patients and friends), you’ll start to realize that delivering with supportive women who respect the boundaries of a mother and are loving during delivery is something that EVERY woman who deliver their babies should experience; NOT the forced entry of medical intervention when baby is just not ready to come out into the world.  One of my patients husbands expressed to me yesterday that none of their friends ever went into labor and that they were all induced.  I understand that statement because I am 36 years old and almost all of my close circle of friends and family members in THIS country had C-sections.  Something is wrong with that picture.
Thank you for reading this exceptionally long email and please educate yourself on becoming empowered when it comes to many women’s rights: the option to feel the beauty of a natural birth.
There are 6.8 billion people on this planet. Most of those mothers delivered without medical intervention.  I think I’ll be all right when I deliver Anais Isabella Josephine.  :)

“Josephine” is in memory of our family’s dear friend, Joseph Balan, who passed away in May. We’ll always love and miss you, Joseph.
Thank you for your support and I hope that all is great with all of you!

What can 9 treatments in 19 days do for a person?

(This patient has received over 30 treatments now. We are also helping her lose weight, as losing weight is her chief complaint.)

I have a female patient in her late 30s.  These are the improvements that she has made so far with her acupuncture treatments:

  • vaginal discharge has decreased dramatically; her discharge no longer has a foul odor and went from a yellowish color to whitish color during her time with me; this yellow discharge has been a problem for her for the past year
  • vaginal itchiness has significantly decreased; also has been with her for about a year
  • no more dryness/itchiness in eyes
  • she went from having constipation to having loose stool with a very foul odor in the beginning of her treatments; today she claims during her 9th treatment that she finally has had a regular bowel movement with no foul odor; no loose stool; no constipation
  • her external hemorrhoids have decreased in size by, at least, 30%; her MD informed her that the only way this would reduce in size or completely get rid of it would be with surgery
  • an overgrowth on the side of her face has decreased significantly; one can no longer tell that she had an issue there; her MD informed her that the only way that they could decrease the size would be through surgery
  • this patient has PCOS; her periods would normally come every 75 days; she has received her first period under my care and it came on day 71 = 4 days shorter (already)
  • instead of lasting 10 days long, her period only lasted 3 days
  • her quarter-size clots in her period decreased in size by, at least, 90%
  • the number of clots in her period decreased by, at least, 90%
  • her energy increased dramatically just within the first 2-3 treatments
  • prior to her period, she would normally get really irritable (she actually used the term “bitchy”); that didn’t happen this time-I am sure her husband was very happy about this improvement
  • prior to her period, she would normally have severe bloating; that didn’t happen this time
  • on the first day of her period, her menstrual blood is usually brown; this time her period was all bright red; only on the 4th day was there a tinge of brown; the period actually only lasted 3 days
  • she was so surprised that her period just “came and went,” as normally she would have severe premenstrual changes and her period would last so long that she’d have to count how many days she had her period in order to figure out when she would finally stop
In great health and happiness,
Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
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