Case study: Diabetes and Vision problems

The Case of the Sportsman Unwilling to Change 


A patient who has seen me since August 3, 2006 primarily for pain issues called me from the hospital in June.  This 49-year old man who typically eats whatever he wants, plays tennis, racquetball, dances, ice skates and golfs was extremely resistant to eating less sugar and more fruits and vegetables.  Perhaps he justified his eating habits by how much exercise he gave to his body.  In June, my patient’s dietary lifestyle finally caught up to him and he came in with the diagnosis of Type II Diabetes.  Until this happened, we had made great progress with his pain and he was able to do all of his exercises with much ease.


Prior to the diagnosis, my patient called me to let me know that he was very cold.  Having known him as a person who typically runs hot, I advised that he go to the ER immediately.  Apparently, he did not take my advice until a friend who happens to be a registered nurse advised him to also go to the ER.  And so he did.  The doctors did not know what was going on and immediately wanted to run some tests.  They were unsure if he had some kind of contagious disease, so he had to be hospitalized for 3 days.  Being hospitalized for 3 days really irritated my patient.  He loves being busy and having a lot of fun.  Being cooped up in a hospital room was not on his fun list.  When he told me that they diagnosed him with Type II Diabetes, we spoke at great length about his new lifestyle that he had to start living lest he decided he wanted to go down hill very fast.  Again, he was very resistant and he admitted that he wasn’t sure he wanted to continue living if he had to make those changes, but I persisted to let him know that if he was meant to die, something more powerful than us would have taken him already.  It was a bit of a fight he put up, but he decided that it was worth the try. 


Of course he was given western medications and he saw changes with his blood sugar.  The goal was to get his blood sugar below 100.  His personal goal was to get off his insulin and do acupuncture and herbs only.  This was HIS decision and I told him that I would help, as I have done with previous patients with Type II Diabetes.  My treatments for diabetes require Chinese herbs.  I do not have any success with acupuncture only.  My patient complied and he has been happy with his results.  From the moment he began taking his herbs, Equilibrium, he has noticed immediate and significant improvement with his blood sugar level.  His level went down to 120, 107, 106, 99 and yesterday it was 87.  He changed his diet for 11 days on a specific diet.  He found that with the acupuncture, herbs, diet and medication, his blood sugar level was below 100.  Now that he sees his blood sugar level becoming more and more normal, he may decide on his own to speak with his primary care physician about slowly getting off of the medication or perhaps doing the lowest dosage possible.  Again, this is HIS decision.  I am just happy to see that the acupuncture and, especially, the herbs are helping him achieve his wellness goals. 


On a side note, this patient also started taking Nourish, a formula that I have to treat irritated, red and dry eyes.  He has noticed significant improvement in this condition that he has had for many years.  Not only that, he has found great improvement with his vision.  He can read smaller font with ease.  This combination of Equilibrium and Nourish is really helping my patient with Type II Diabetes, irritated eyes and vision issues.




If you ask me what this patient should do regarding his diabetes, my advice is to do whatever it takes to keep the condition under control.  A new patient came in yesterday.  She is in her 80s.  2 Kaiser doctors wanted to amputate her left leg.  They went to another doctor and he was able to save her leg, but he had to remove her left big toe.  She came into my clinic in a wheelchair as her legs are very, very weak.  She didn’t even want to lay down on the massage table for fear that she may fall down.  I treated her sitting up.  She came in with her husband and daughter.  The patient and the daughter are hopeful, but the husband is skeptical.  I cannot guarantee that I will save her leg, but I can only try my best.  Do they have faith in me?  I don’t see why they should have any reason to yet as they do not know who I am nor what I have accomplished.  All I know about myself is that I have “cured” some serious “incurable” diseases.  My first goal is to get this patient to be able to lay down on the massage table.  The next is to get her to walk with a walker and then without one.  If we can do that, then I think it is safe to say that I am saving her legs.  After that, I hope to have her on Equilibrium or some kind of similar formula to keep her blood sugar level down and increase her energy.  She is currently very weak.  I want her energy to be that of my other vigorous 80-year old patients.  One step at a time. 


When it comes to our health, all we can do is to try and just be as good to ourselves as much as possible. Please good to your health.  Don’t worry.  Be happy.  Live well.  Love those who love you and those that do not love you.  Trust in your heart and please listen to those who love you when it comes to your health.  They only mean well because they want you to grow old, happy and healthy with them.  So do I. 


I wish you peace, love, harmony and prosperity,




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