Case study: Morning sickness

In one of my weekly newsletters, I wrote a brief example of how Dr. Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture can work so effectively in the treatment of morning sickness. My patient was so kind as to write up a testimonial as her own case study. These are her exact words (speaking as me the practitioner) and I have done nothing to modify her statement. Please send this email to everyone you know who is pregnant or wants to get pregnant. In my practice, I help improve fertility, maintain a healthy and thriving pregnancy and I help women induce birth naturally at full-term pregnancy, especially if they are concerned about having to have a C-birth.

How is this for a study?

Morning Sickness:

A patient comes to me at 9 weeks of pregnancy, having experienced really bad morning sickness since 6 weeks. This patient describes her symptoms, as constant nausea, exhaustion, bloating, gas & minor headaches that come and go. This patient never experienced this with her first pregnancy, and really needed relief in order to continue on taking care of her 5 year old daughter and attending births as a midwife. After her initial treatment, the nausea is GONE… and stays completely gone for the next 24 hours. The patient described herself as actually feeling like she could stand up taller and felt so good she joked about being able to run a marathon. After 24 hours, the symptoms started to come back, but only 50% of what they were before. Patient comes to me two days after the initial treatment, and after that treatment, the symptoms are now 80% gone. Patient plans to continue with acupuncture a minimum of twice a week for the rest of her 1st trimester and then accordingly for the rest of her pregnancy!

“Thank you so much Anna, I actually feel human again!”


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