Case study: Shingles causing neck pain in 80-year old man

80-year old man suffering from shingles

A friend referred her 79-year old father to me for pain due to shingles.  The onset was 2 years ago.  Western medications have not given him significant relief.

This patient also sees me just once a week and with a few weekend getaways, he has also been a patient who has had to skip some treatments.

The acupuncture sessions began on June 22.  The patient presented with pain on the right side of his neck due to shingles.  During the first acupunctur treatment, the tightness in his neck decreased by 50% and the pain decreased by 20%.  His pain originally was described as an 8 on a pain scale between 1-10 with 10 being the highest level of pain. The pain was described as “stabbing” and would happen intermittently.

He returned three days later with an overall 20% improvement in his neck.  On July 19, the pain decreased by 50% during the treatment.

On July 25, the patient came back saying that his neck was feeling really good until he celebrated his 80th birthday party with lots of alcohol.  There were about 100 people at his party, so he decided to party it up with some old friends and family members.  The alcohol really brought back his neck pain, but his pain decreased by 50% during his 4th acupuncture session.  I gave him some slack because when I reach 80 years old, I’d like to party hard like him, too.  :)   However, he knows better than to pull that stunt again.

During his 5th session on August 2, the patient described a 50% improvement for two days after the treatment.  By the 7th treatment, he had achieved an overall 70% improvement.  Today was his 8th treatment and he is still at 70% improvement since we had begun treatments two months ago.

If you know of someone suffering from shingles or any other type of pain, please consider my services with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  This particular patient is NOT on any Chinese herbal formula.  As described in my previous email, had this patient seen me 8 times in the first 2-3 weeks, we would have achieved this success much faster, if not more.  Fortunately, this patient is patient and he is willing to see his improvements gradually happen over the course of several months.

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I wish you a great night, excellent health, true peace and much happiness!


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