Case study: The lady with BURSITIS

In January 2008, a 63-year old woman came into my clinic with the chief complaints of bursitis in the shoulders, pain in the right knee and both hips. Her pain level in both areas was an 8 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest level of pain. Her pain was constant.
During the first treatment, the patient expressed “more than 50% improvement in both shoulders and hips.” After our treatment, she was able to bend down and pick something up from the ground with better range of motion and less pain.
The patient returned 7 days later, expressing that she had felt 80% improvement for the remainder of the day of the first treatment. Her pain worsened in the days following her initial treatment.
By her third treatment, the patient expressed these improvements:
  1. more energy
  2. pain and range of motion in shoulders improved by 50%
  3. no more issues in her right knee
  4. sleeping better due to less pain
By her fourth treatment, the patient expressed these improvements:
  1. 90% improvement in shoulders – pain and range of motion
  2. able to sleep throughout the night
  3. only difficulty in reaching upwards with arms
  4. no more issues with hips
  5. appetite was starting to become suppressed (she wanted me to help her lose weight)
I am currently contacting this patient to see how long the progress stayed at this level. I tell my current patients that the first 10 acupuncture treatments done, ideally, within 2-5 weeks is the beginning phase of healing. If patients come only once a week to give it 10-20 treatments to start seeing some improvement.
My teacher, Dr. Tan, explains that the first 90% can be very easy to treat. The hardest part of helping people GRADUATE from pain is taking away the final 10% of pain/improving range of motion. I am taught that if the patient does NOT GRADUATE from pain, there is a likelihood of the pain recurring.
This is why I set up my website with a testimonials page, so that people suffering from pain can see what my work is like.
The most difficult challenge in my line of work is conveying that acupuncture is THERAPY. I do my best to make miracles happen in ONE treatment and oftentimes people will look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that the beginning phase is 10 treatments. My patients who GRADUATE from pain believe me when I tell them that my greatest endeavor in regards to their health is to help them see their ailments in the past.
THERAPY is an investment. Can you live without pain? If so, where would you like to be 2-20 weeks from now? Give acupuncture a try. Put my skills to the test. My goal is ALWAYS to turn you into a believer. I do not have a 100% success rate, but I do have an 80% success rate when my patients comply to my requested number of treatments.

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