Testimonial: Menstrual Issues

July 27th, 2013
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Menstrual Issues Testimonial
I’ve written more than one review praising Anna’s talents as a healer.  This particular testimonial speaks to a problem many women face.


Until recently, I had never experienced a regular menstrual cycle.  By the time I went on Depo Provera (birth control) at the age of 19, my body had not once bled in a timely, healthy fashion.  In fact, it was one of my main reasons for choosing “the shot,” which eliminates menstruation altogether.  At least I wouldn’t be aware of how defective my body was.

Fast forward 11 years to my 30th rotation around the sun.  My focus on health in full swing, I had been seeing Anna for nearly two years.  One thing that became more and more important to me was reducing the number of chemicals in my body, so I decided to stop taking Depo.  I hadn’t had a period in over a decade and it was time to “reclaim my womanhood.”


Having studied Eastern theories about women’s health, I knew I needed to make some changes to ensure my health as I age.  I saw my own mother suffer horribly with hormone issues during and after menopause.  I wanted something different for myself.  And, hey, if I found a great guy and we decided to have kids, I figured I should make sure I could maintain a pregnancy.


I was off Depo for a year before Anna and I spoke about a treatment plan.  I still hadn’t seen a single drop of blood and was starting to worry.  Anna was clear that treatment could take years and I would have to be very consistent with acupuncture, coming three to four times a month.  I might need herbs – lots of them.  This was a serious investment in my health and my future.  Having recently finished grad school (read: broke) and living over 40 miles from her office, I didn’t hesitate in saying, “You have my time, my trust, and my money.”


It has been nearly two years and I am amazed at the change — I menstruate every 35 days.  This transformation has not been without serious battles, however.  At first, I bled every 15 days and had severe symptoms, including dramatic emotional fluctuations, physical soreness, and debilitating anemia.  Anna fought for my health and we got past those major hurdles.  Now, I am free from anemia, and the remaining symptoms are mild.


About 6 months ago, I stopped seeing Anna regularly because of a new job in Los Angeles, but have recently recommitted to treatments 3-4 times a month.  Yup, I drive over an hour home from work, then another 45 minutes south to see her – don’t forget the 45 minutes back, too.  My health is worth it and she is worth it.  The time away from home, my dog, my boyfriend, and other commitments is what I need to make sure I can be a good roommate, parent, partner, and friend.  I look forward to soon having a 30 day menstrual cycle without any symptoms.  I have faith in my body, faith in those needles, and certainly faith in Anna.


Thank you for all you do, Anna!  My world is such a better place with you in it!


Thank you for sharing this email with every woman in your life.

I’ve been focusing on menstrual and digestive issues since 1999.  From 1999-2006, I actively sought out women with menstrual and digestive issues.


Please check out some of our testimonials on our website specifically on hormonal issues, menstrual issues, fertility issues and digestive issues.


I help both men and women with hormonal issues.


Chinese medicine, specifically ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESE HERBS, can dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life who has been significantly impacted by hormal and digestive issues.


Chinese medicine has a tremendous power to help people live healthy, natural lives without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


I am a Gold Level Dr. Tan’s Balance Method practitioner and I’ve been a devout student of my master since 2006.  Whoever you share this email with has a powerful chance to improve the quality of his/her life with the AWESOME POWER of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.


I live, eat and breathe Chinese medicine, specifically Dr. Tan’s Balance Method.  (I currently am a student of his most advance Chinese medical classes, which are his Ba Zi training.  I’ll keep you updated when I offer Ba Zi as a part of my services!)


Give the women in your life a fighting chance to live pain-free, emotional ups-and-downs-free, worry-free and symptom-free.


Give the women in your life who need the powers of Chinese medicine the option to choose something that can profoundly impact the quality of their lives.


Thank you for forwarding this powerful testimonial to every woman that you know.  You could truly be saving someone’s sanity.  Women’s health issues can be very debilitating, physically and emotionally.


I can easily be reached at 949-305-1703.  My treatments are just a phone call away and I’m usually at my office hard at work.  I’ve been doing this steadily and consistently since June 22, 1999. This is my passion and this is my calling.  I know digestive and menstrual issues because they used to be my issues.


With love, health and happiness,


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