Fertility, Pregnancy, Delivery; Auto-immune disease; Polyneuropathy

September 8th, 2012


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1.  Pregnancy and Delivery

I don’t know if you have seen my VBAC video… but I would be honored if you sent it out in an email with my testimonial! :)

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To any future pregnant client of Anna,
Being a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant & Student Midwife, I knew that I would start acupuncture at the beginning of my pregnancy & throughout because of the positive effect I had seen it have on my clients. I started seeing Anna at 10 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy to help my morning sickness subside, it helped it tremendously and I felt I was able to start feeling like myself again. I was blessed enough to continue on with acupuncture treatments throughout the rest of my pregnancy every week to alleviate any discomforts of pregnancy, while strengthening my body in preparation for my birth experience. This birth experience was so important to me and I knew that if I wanted to do everything I could to make my body strong and in harmony, acupuncture had to be one of the key elements. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started seeing Anna twice a week, and on July 22nd I received my last treatment before I gave birth to my son less than 24 hours later. I achieved a beautiful HBAC (Home Birth after a Cesarean) and gave birth to my son River in our jacuzzi in our backyard under the stars. I am truly SO grateful for Anna and the help that she provided me with! I would (& do) recommend her to EVERYONE! :)
In Love,
Lindsey Meehleis <>

2.  Polyneuropathy
Thank you, Anna, for greatly improving the feeling in my feet.  For the last several years I have been experiencing a constant numbness in my feet that makes walking feel clunky.  This numbness was primarily in my left foot, my right foot was considerably less severe.  This condition also aggravated my body balance.  I have always been thankful for good health, the one exception was colon cancer in 1994, and have enjoyed traveling, exercising, plenty of yard work and home maintenance.  I received 18 treatments between September 14 and October 9, 2009.  The poly neuropathy in my left foot has a 60% improvement and my right foot a 90% improvement.  I would like to thank our friend, one of your current clients, for referring me to you.  Thank you again for your personal touch and acupuncture skills that are improving health and well being for those availing themselves of your services.
Sincerely, Jim G

3.  Chronic auto-immune issues
Hi Anna,

My legs are actually better today …. especially this morning.  They don’t hurt nearly as much today

It has been 6 days since I stopped taking my hormones, so the hot flashes are increasing, which is to be expected.  I had about 4 last night and have already had several today.  When I was on the hormones, I never experienced them during the day, just one (or two) in the middle of the night.  I feel confident you can help me alleviate them.

I am really excited that after only 8 treatments, I am feeling better.  As I mentioned to you, this illness does cycle from really good to really bad.  However, I had been in a really bad cycle since the end of December.  Now, I am feeling pretty good, so I don’t think it is coincidental.  I am quite pleased with the results so far and look forward to seeing you for my 9th treatment next Tuesday.

Thanks for checking in with me.


Fertility and Full-term Pregnancy to Delivery
(I sent this email to several patients earlier this week.)

Hello patients and friends!

You are receiving this email because you either are under my care for fertility or you might have been under my care in the past for fertility cases.  You might also be a midwife or a doula, so I am sharing this with you so that you can be updated on certain aspects of my practice.

I have 3 current patients who are pregnant.  Please let me know if you would like to speak with them regarding their health status and how acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped to regulate their menstrual cycles in order to get pregnant.  I am so grateful that they trusted in the process and allowed their bodies, minds and spirits to allow them to naturally conceive their babies.   2 of the patients were under my care.  1 of the them was under the care of a different doctor of Chinese medicine.

I inform all patients who come in for fertility reasons that if there is NO diagnosis to please give me 6-12 cycles (months) to help regulate their hormones and relax their bodies/minds/spirits to a state of complete wellness.  If there is a diagnosis from the western medical community to please give me 12-18 months to get their health at an optimum level of being.  I am extremely honest from the beginning because doing Chinese medicine with me requires great commitment when we are working to help your body conceive naturally.  As you can tell from my emails regarding PAIN or other such health issues, I can see results 90% of the time from the very first treatment.  A woman just left my office with 85% improvement in her lower back pain (just one treatment for this particular issue).  In 2007, she came in 30 times within 4 months to help her graduate from the neck/shoulder pain.  You can read her testimo nial on my website.

Her initials are LRM.

Dear Anna,

It’s hard to believe that I came to you only 4 months ago with excruciating pain in my neck, shoulder, and left arm from a pinched nerve and I am now almost back to 100%. I was in such extreme pain, I was willing to try anything beyond the western medical techniques that had already been attempted by my doctors. Following your guidance of being committed to the process and having treatments 3 times a week for the first 2 1/2 months, then going to 1 time a week, and now once every 1 1/2 weeks has proven to be the right choice. And an added benefit is that during this time, through acupuncture, I was able to discontinue HRT (hormone replacement therapy) with very little side effect!

I believe that my situation was a challenge for both of us; me as the patient and possibly you as a practitioner. I want to tell you that you amaze me with your tenacity and intuition on always knowing the right approach and treatment to provide with every one of my visits. There were times I almost gave up and if it were not for you, I very well may have.

Thank you for not giving up on me and seeing me through what has been a most difficult time in my life. I don’t know how to thank you other than to say you have a true gift and I am so very appreciative of your patience with me and honored to be one of your clients.

My Best,

She GRADUATED from her pain, which means that since 2007, she has not suffered from that pain since.  Please understand that in the treatment of many internal organ disorders, especially when we are treating gynecological/fertility issues, this “graduating” from health issues does not come as quickly.  I am a walking testament to this medicine, which is why I focused on digestive and menstrual health issues for the first 7 years of my practice beginning in 1999.  If you are serious about Chinese medicine helping to regulate your period/improve different aspects of your health, it can take several months just to start seeing improvements.  I have a patient who had been under the care of another acupuncturist in The City of Industry for the past 6 years.  For the first 5 years under his care, he treated “everything” as stated by the patient.  This patient happens to be pregnant and she no longer can make the drive to LA to see her former acupuncturist weekly.  The patient informed me that it was under the acupuncturist’s care that helped her to conceive.  She explained that from the moment she stated to him that she wanted to get pregnant, it took about a little over a year  with his treatments of Chinese medicine to conceive naturally.   This patient is in her late 30s.  I asked for her to write a testimonial regarding HIS work, so that my patients can get even a clearer understanding of what it means to become TRULY HEALTHY.  She has informed me that she is happy to write the testimonial (regarding her other acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist’s work) and that if she forgets, it’s only because of her “pregnancy brain.”  This particular patient wants for everyone to know that her previous acupuncturist informed her that when she focuses on what she NEEDS (to become extremely healthy, so that sh e has a very happy and healthy baby) as opposed to what she WANTS (having a baby NOW), her process of healing and achieving her greatest goal will happen.  She chose to not take the western medical route and focus on her health.  She is happy to speak with any of you to explain her path of becoming healthy and conceiving naturally as the course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs allowed her to be healthy.

If you are anxious to get pregnant now, I recommend finding a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in fertility.  They are usually licensed with ABOM, American Board of Obstetric Medicine. They work with fertility specialists in the western medical field who can help you achieve pregnancy NOW.  This is not my path of practice.  Being a  mother of a 5-year old, I can completely understand the burning desire to be a mother.  As a dedicated student and practitioner of Chinese medicine, I actually hold my beliefs as a HEALER much more strongly.  My focus is NOT fertility; rather, my focus is getting my patients completely healthy where they can conceive on their own.  I educate all my female patients that our menstrual health is a direct reflection of our entire health.  If your desire is to not pay much attention to your health as much right now, but to conceive ASAP, then please seek a fertilit y specialist and work on regulating your periods later (achieving the perfect period: NO PMS, CYCLE = 28-32 DAYS, HEALTHY FLOW (not too light/heavy), BRIGHT RED BLOOD, NO CLOTS, MENSES LASTS 3-5 DAYS ONLY, NO DARK BROWN/RED COLOR, NO DIGESTIVE ISSUES, MIGRAINES OR OTHER SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PERIOD, NO BREAST TENDERNESS, NO CRAVINGS FOR SALTY/SWEETS, NO IRRITABILITY/ANGER, ETC.).  I want to share motherhood with you.  However, if something in what I’ve shared with you makes sense about allowing your body to conceive naturally as God would have it, then that’s when you might consider the path that I take in helping women conceive: allowing you to become extremely happy and healthy before you create a baby who will be extremely happy and healthy.

Of course, I also have patients who have conceived both with fertility medication and my treatments.  I have no judgments on how women should conceive.  I support any decision you make.  If you want to change directions, I support you.  If you want to combine with western medicine, I support you.  If you decide you’d like to be like my patients who conceive on your own, I especially support you and will follow through with you every step of the way until you actually conceive naturally (ideally, 6-12 months if you have no diagnosis from a medical doctor and 12-18 months if you have a diagnosis).

Here’s some information regarding IVF and Chinese medicine:

Lindsey Meehlis, my doula when she helped me give birth to Angilynn, and now my future midwife just delivered her baby:

I treated her throughout her pregnancy and the night before she delivered her baby River Anthony.  I have known Lindsey since I had met her at Irvine Regional Medical Center.  She was a doula teaching pregnancy classes.  I gave birth in May 2004, so I must have either met her in late 2003 or early 2004.  Since she helped me, I have never been the same.  I had Cobra insurance and Dru was laid off, so I had to say, “Goodbye,” to any ideas of a natural birth at home.  However, since Angilynn was born, I have helped COUNTLESS pregnant women avoid c-births.  (THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE REFERRALS, LINDSEY!)  I’ve also help pregnant women with various health issues.  All the while, I’ve watched Lindsey grow in her profession.  Her trust in me with pregnant woman after pregnant woman has instilled even more confidence in what I am capable of doing, pushing this medicine beyond my own limits.  Watching so many women have VBACs helped me really understand the woman’s internal power.  Watching women no longer need a c-birth because we were able to turn the baby HEAD DOWN (when they were breech) helped me appreciate acupuncture even more.  More than that, watching Lindsey’s birth video helped me understand what us women are truly capable of doing.  In the testimonial at the top of this email, you’ll find her other video regarding her experience having a VBAC.

Please watch the whole video.  If the video stops, please put it on pause for about 10 minutes and go back.  This is the same for the YouTube video.

I want to share this with you to let you know that I work with some very amazing women.   Because of Chelle Goodfriend and Lindsey Meehlis, I was capable of nursing Angilynn for over 2 years.  I WORKED FULL-TIME SINCE ANGILYNN WAS BORN.  Angilynn has never had to go on antibiotics.  She has never been medicated.  She has always been healthy.  We had a c-birth at 42 weeks and I was determined to do everything naturally from that point on.  Let it be known that I was not doing Dr. Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture at the time and I did not have any acupuncture/chiropractor friends yet in OC.  With my experiences in helping women achieve fertility, complete a full-term pregnancy (40 weeks) and give birth naturally, I truly believe that the majority of women are capable of allowing many natural aspects of our health happen more healthily  if we just trust in the process and let go of our fears.  Please take a moment to watch both videos that may inspire you on how Lindsey got pregnant naturally (with her own natural rhythm of health) and how Lindsey gave birth naturally.

Here is some information from Medscape regarding VBACs:

Here’s another article from Medscape:

The Real Risks for Cesareans: An Expert Interview With Pamela K. Spry, BSN, MS, PhD
Cesarean section (c-section) is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. The frequency of surgical birth has increased from 4% in 1965 to about 33% today, despite World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that a 5% to 10% rate is optimal and that a rate greater than 15% does more harm than good.

For pregnant women, I have helped women with:

  • placenta previa (the woman received 3 treatments in 2 weeks; she had been put on bedrest and was considered a high-risk pregnancy; she was scheduled for a c-birth on week 36; after our treatments, her cervix was cleared by an ADDITIONAL 4 cm; she was taken off bedrest and was no longer considered a high-risk pregnancy; she delivered vaginally on week 40; WE PREVENTED A C-BIRTH – I have evidence from Medscape that vaginal births deliver healthier babies than c-birth babies and that babies delivered closer to 40 weeks (or longer) have a larger brains and more developed lungs; this is why I focus on longer pregnancy terms
  • nausea/morning sickness
  • muscle tightness around the hips/lower abdomen
  • breech babies (5)
  • “induction” – 40 weeks+; in one month just a few months ago, 3 women delivered within hours of my treatment; one woman went from 0 to 5 cm within 2 hours of our treatment-we prevented her from having a C-section; one woman was a VBAC (Lindsey)
  • prevent C-births
  • speed up the recovery of C-births/births

Please let me know how I can serve you.  You can read more about my work on my website and my blog.  I would like to share with you that when I was 20, I was diagnosed with having precancerous cells in my cervix.  I was supposed to do all of the blood work and the doctors made it clear to me that it did not look good.  Since then, all of my pap smears have shown excellent results.  I used to have a period that was erratic and lasted only one day.  My periods now last 3-4 days (good in Chinese medicine, not good if not 3-5 days).  I used to be 4-5 sizes heavier.  I only had 1-2 bowel movements a week.  I was depressed.  I had hives on my thighs and upper arms.   I just received the results of a complete blood work done recently.  The representative said that I am “so healthy that they gave me a gold star next to my name.”  No precancerous cells in my body as a result from my last pap smear and all of the pap smears since I was 20.  God willing, I am completely healthy.  My periods are normal.  I have a bowel movement daily.  I am not depressed.  I have kept off almost 50 pounds since I started losing them between 94-96.  I haven’t had hives since the mid-90s.

As one of my patient’s says (I’m helping him with diabetes), “It has nothing to do with, “I hope we see results with Chinese medicine.  We’ll just do the medicine systematically (the right way) and we’ll see the results:

Hi Anna,

My results have changed from getting consistent reading of 160 to 170 in the mornings after I wake up and before I eat or drink anything to readings of 130 to 140. Although this may not seem significant I have to let you know that I have been getting the higher readings for several years, and since I started with you I have had the step down in the readings which I am very pleased with and excited about. In addition I have taken to drinking green tea as my drink of choice, either hot or cold and with no sweeteners added.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to further improvements in all aspects of my treatment regime with you.

It has nothing to do with “hope.”  It’s just a matter of doing this systematically and seeing results.  This patient has seen me 7 times now.  He happens to also have gone to one of the most prestigious medical schools in the UK, but opted to go into a different profession altogether.  He’s still the “doctor” in his family due to his many years of medical training.  (I’ll be sending out a separate email that states that my other patient had a 201 blood glucose level and was diagnosed as a diabetic.  He NO LONGER IS DIABETIC.  He has been under my care since 2007.)

So that’s what I hope to share with you in my email today.  It’s not “hope” that drives me the majority of the time.  At 10 years of experience, it’s truly about doing the medicine religiously, day in and day out, living the Chinese medical path and seeing results happen time after time.  When some patients don’t see as quickly the results as other patients, it may just take more time.  The importance is seeing the results that we are achieving and really giving gratitude to those results.  Comparing our health with others is not what we should do.  It’s important to understand that we all heal along different paths in life.  I understand that some people just can’t wait to have a baby and they’ll say, “No,” to me because waiting 6-12 months is just way too long.  It’s totally okay and I’m fine with that.  I am comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with.  That’s why I give everyone a very long speech in the very beginning of our relationship as patient/practitioner of what I expect from my treatments and what I hope you can give me.  For my patients who are on board with me for the long haul in order to allow your bodies conceive naturally, I tip my hat to you.  In Chinese medicine, ALL WOMEN should be fertile until age 49.  This is NORMAL in Chinese medicine.  When QI, BLOOD, YIN, YANG, JING are all at their optimum levels, then there is no reason why the woman cannot conceive naturally.

I am very proud of my two patients who are currently pregnant who conceived under my care.  I am also proud of my patient who conceived after 1+ years with her former acupuncturist/herbalist who is now under my care.  Andrew and I are working here and there on having a second child.  I don’t chart my ovulation and I don’t stress out about it.  If it happens, then it happens.  We’ll figure out the details later.  In the meanwhile, I have to continue walking my talk.  And yes, the next one will be a VBAC under Lindsey’s care.  I would have it no other way.  I’ve helped too many VBACs to count, so I don’t see why I can’t give birth the way I came out myself and the way God designed for us to come out into this world: through the vagina.  You might want to read the Medscape articles I posted above regarding VBAC and Cesareans.

Thank you for reading this exceptionally long email.  I am very excited for my patients and I hope to be excited with more of you.  I am constantly posting up RESULTS on my iContact emails, blog and Facebook.  These results are intended to give you hope.  Your investment IN YOURSELF is the most important investment that you can ever make.  If you need financial advisors, I’ve got two good ones for you.  As for health advisors: that would be me or a few of my friends in the field of healing.

God bless you and may peace be with you.

Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
I am committed to providing the most
  • effective
  • relaxing
  • affordable

acupuncture experience in ALL of Southern California!

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May 2nd, 2012

Providing EXCELLENCE in the field of Chinese Medicine


April 20, 2012


Hello Practice Members & Friends!


***I am working Saturday 4/28.***

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We just found 4 new ones that were recently posted and can easily found on Yelp and in their “filtered” box.  Yelp has also deleted quite a few of the pre-existing reviews.  These reviews will be posted on our website by my webmaster shortly.
Jason D.
San Juan Capistrano, CA
5.0 star rating

I have never written a review before on Yelp, but my experience had to be shared.  I can’t say enough about Anna and the wonderful job she does.  I have had numerous treatments with an acupuncturist and all have been quite successful.  However, the balance method Anna uses is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I have already been to 5 treatments, but I noticed results almost immediately.  Anna takes the time to explain exactly what is going on and makes you feel very at ease.  She is warm and friendly and creates a very happy environment from the moment you walk in the door.  You instantly feel that she cares about you and graduating you from your pain.

I just took my wife for her very first acupuncture visit ever and she had a wonderful experience as well.  We are so blessed to have found Anna.  She is a gem and she definitely has an amazing gift for healing.


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
5.0 star rating

I’m a believer in acupuncture, but have been too afraid to try it myself.  However, I had a fall about a year ago, which resulted in broken bones and an eventual need for surgery to repair my rotator cuff.  The healing has not been going well, and I’ve been in a lot of pain.  This has also caused my migraines to increase, and I’ve developed RSD.   Reaching the point of being willing to try anything, but not wanting to depend on stronger drugs, and on the recommendation of my Physical Therapist, I went to see Anna.  She talked with me first, explaining her technique and what I could expect, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease.  Honestly, I was surprised at how easy it was.  And I felt improvement after my first visit!  I didn’t tell my therapist I had seen Anna, I wanted to see if she noticed anything.  She did!  Then I knew it wasn’t “all in my head”, there really was slight improvement in my range of motion and the pain was different.  I’m going to continue seeing her, and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to feel better.


Harriet B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
5.0 star rating

Anna is a pure soul with a passion for healing, and that is exactly what she does at Elements in Harmony.  She has helped me with so many issues including allergies, vertigo, physical pain, swelling, autoimmune and carb cravings.

I was actually looking for a chiropractor back in 2008 when I first met Anna and felt an instant connection with her.  She has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and has been a huge blessing in my life.  Thank you Anna for all that you have given me…


Adam A.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: 5 Star as of 4/18/2012

Seriously! Anna is a freak of nature! She just has a way of making things feel better. Period. I have bone spurs in my back that were causing me sleepless nights. After a few visits with Anna, my back was feeling 80%-90% better. She also increased mobility in my left shoulder by apparently making the 15 year old scar tissue from an old basketball injury practically disappear. Can you admit that you have road rage? Anna makes the Mr. Hyde in me stay within me when I’m on the road. What can I say? I’d go see Anna for just about anything and have sent several friends to see her for their ailments too. She just fixes things! I heard she gets women pregnant all the time as well. I don’t think I’ll be needing that though. Bottom line – Anna gets the job done and she’s just cool to talk to. Anna also has the coolest dog on the planet to go along with her awesome family. If you see Anna because of this review, I’m sure you won’t leave her office hating me. Seriously!

5.0 star rating

I’ve used Anna several times for acupuncture.  I had migraine headaches and occasional arm and wrist pain from using the computer too much and Anna’s treatments took care of it all.  Anna is a phenomenal acupuncturist and takes time to listen to you and understand your pain and symptoms.  It’s best to sign up for several treatments as you can’t expect everything to go away with just one treatment (just like a gym membership, you can’t expect phenomenal results after one workout).  My insurance covered her services so definitely worth checking to see if you’re covered.




Here’s a letter from a new patient that I recently treated:


Hi Anna,
I am pleased to be under your care.  I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about your practice.

Admittedly, I was open, but skeptical.  After the first needle went in, that changed forever.  It felt like an electrical shock that ran from my finger tips all the way up to my right shoulder.  I jumped like someone had hit me with those paddles they use to restart a persons heart.  I know you felt me jump too.  It may not have been as dramatic for you, but it was a real experience for me.

I had some difficulty relaxing. That is something I want to work on, but once the needles were all in, I had no discomfort and I found resting on the table very  peaceful.  I thought about all of the things in my life that I am grateful for and all of the many blessings that I have and continue to receive.  It was very pleasant.

While I was lying there, I felt the incredible urge to smile.   When we left, I felt almost euphorically happy.  Not like a high, just an overwhelming sense of well being and peace.  I went to bed very happy and I did feel surrounded with positive energy.  My pain level/discomfort level is 0 today.  Yep, ZERO!

Thank you for your gift of healing and for sharing it with me.



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We just received another shipment of herbs. If you need a formula, please call me to see if we have it in stock.  The next order will be placed some time in early May.




Herbs in stock as of April 20, 2012

The functions next to the herbal formula are EXAMPLES of what the formula may be good for.  The formulas may also have other functions that I use for my patients’ healthcare needs.  You must be a CURRENT ACUPUNCTURE PATIENT TO RECEIVE HERBS.  A proper Chinese medical examination, diagnosis and treatment protocol are required for me to prescribe and dispense herbal formulas.  All formulas are given with quality control.  Modern formulas are dispensed with western/eastern medical explanations.


*All bottles with capsules are $40/bottle unless they are indicated that they are on sale.  Powdered formulas are $50/bottles.

Adrenoplex – premature aging; patients who are burned out; diminished sexual and physical functions  $33-sale  (2)


Back Support Chronic  $26 (2) sale

Back Support HD $26  sale

Blossom  1, 2, 3, 4 – $35 capsules sale , $40 powder


C/R Support – side effects from chemo/radiation $40 capsules

Cordyceps 3 [     Chronic immune deficiency -$40  (2)

[      Chronic fatigue syndrome

[      Sexual/reproductive dysfunction

[      Respiratory dysfunction

[      Chronic trachitis

[      Allergic rhinitis

[      Kidney impairment

[      Tinnitus

[      Arrhythmia

[      Hyperlipidemia


[      Enhances energy and increases the basal metabolism

[      Increases sperm count and sperm motility

[      Improves kidney and ear function

[      Prevents and treats respiratory disorders

[      Prevents and treats elevated cholesterol levels

[      Prevents and treats cardiovascular disorders, such as arrhythmia and high blood pressure

[      Stimulates the immune system to fight against cancer


Calm Jr. -$32

Calm ZZZ – chronic and constant stress $30 (capsules)

Circulation (SJ)

Corydalin [      Various kinds of headaches (according to western medicine): sinus, orbital, tension or migraine headaches  $35 capsule (2)


Dang Gui Shao Yao Wan


Dermatrol (HZ) – [      Shingles (herpes zoster)

[      Shingles with skin lesions and nerve pain


[      Antiviral effect to shorten the duration and suppress the severity of shingles

[      Analgesic effect to relieve pain

[      Anti-inflammatory effect to reduce inflammation

Dermatrol PS $35 (2)

[      Psoriasis

[      Dermatological disorders with lesions, blisters or severe itching of the skin

[      Acne with pus and redness


[      Suppresses proliferation of the psoriatic cells

[      Reduces tissue inflammation

[      General action to relieve dermatological disorders such as rash, itching and eczema
Dissolve GS –  gallbladder and bile duct inflammation; gallstones; severe sharp epigastric pain

Dissolve KS – kidney stones

Equilibrium – diabetes mellitus (POWDER & capsules 2)


Flex GT – gout
Gentiana Complex $29

Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; colon cleanser (2)
GI Care – ulcers; acid reflux $29 sale

GI Care HMR – hemorrhoids (2)

GI Care UC – ulcerative colitis
GI Harmony – irritable bowel syndrome

GI Tonic 2
Herbal ABX – sale for $27 (2)


Herbal DRX – edema; feeling of heaviness in body

Herbal ENT $30 2[      All excess conditions presenting with fire, heat, damp-heat, or toxic heat

[      Conditions with red tongue, yellow or greasy yellow tongue coating or forceful, rapid pulse

[      This combination is used as an adjunct formula to clear heat


[      Antibacterial effects

[      Antiviral effects

[      Antifungal effects

[      Broad spectrum antibiotic functions

Herbalite – obesity with excess appetite; constant craving for food; weight gain  (POWDER, capsules 2) on sale $25 capsule, $30 powder
Immune +  capsule $33

Weak or compromised immune system

[      Frequent bacterial or viral infections, such as common colds and/or influenza

[      Prolonged recovery period from bacterial or viral infections

[      Cancer patients with weakened immune systems from radiation or chemotherapy treatment

[      HIV/AIDS patients with weakened immune systems 7

[      Individuals with no significant complaints, but desire to enhance their immunity


[      Enhances the immune system: increases white blood cell count

[      Anticancer activity: inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Use as an immune supportive therapy for patients receiving radiation or chemotherapy.

[      Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

[      Boosts energy and vitality


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan $31

Liver DTX – liver damage with high levels of SGPT and SGOT, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis; addiction: detoxifies liver during alcohol, drug or smoking cessation (2)

Lonicera Complex –$31

[      Bacterial infections: bronchitis, pneumonia

[      Mild throat infections: sore throat


[      Herbal antibiotic: treats both viral and bacterial infections

[      Antiviral properties: reduces the severity and duration of viral infections

[      Antibacterial properties: reduces the severity and duration of bacterial infections

[      Enhances the immune system


Magnolia Clear Sinus [      Sinusitis and/or rhinitis $31 sale

[      Sinus pain and headache

[      Seasonal allergies, especially in the winter and spring

[      General nasal problems, such as stuffy nose, sneezing, loss of smell, clear watery nasal discharge, etc.


[      Constricts the vessels in the nasal mucosa to treat sinusitis and rhinitis

[      Reduces nasal mucous secretions

[      Desensitizes the patients from allergens to prevent seasonal allergies

Menotrol – infertility, amenorrhea, PCOS due to blood stasis and coldness

Mense Ease

Migatrol – [      Migraine headache: acute and chronic

[      Tension headache: acute and chronic

[      Cluster headache: acute and chronic


[      Analgesic action to relieve pain

[      Anti-inflammatory influence to reduce inflammation

[      Treats various types of headaches


Neck and Shoulder (chronic) on sale $26 (2)

Notoginseng 9 $36 sale (2)

Nourish powder $40


Peuraria Clear Sinus $25 sale (2)
Polygonum 14 – hair loss; premature graying $25 (2)

P-Statin (2)


Resolve AI – inflammation/infection with swelling
Resolve Lower – fibroids; benign tumors in uterus/ovaries

Respitrol CF $25 (2)

[      Cough with associated symptoms such as sputum, chest congestion, wheezing and dyspnea

[      Cough from acute conditions, such as common cold, influenza and lung infection

[      Chronic cough induced by various conditions, such as infection, drugs, smoking and others

[      Cough in tuberculosis or cancer of the lung


[      Antitussive effect to suppress cough

[      Expectorant effect to eliminate phlegm and reduce congestion

[      Bronchodilating effect to relieve wheezing and dyspnea

[      Antibiotic effect to treat cough with infection

Respitrol Cold $30


Schisandra ZZZ $30

Shine – depression $31 (2) sale

Thyrodex – Grave’s Disease; hyperthyroidism
Thyro-Forte – hypothyroidism 2
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

V-Statin $33

Venus $35

Vital Essence $30

Vitality $30

Yin Care – $20





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Women’s Health and Chinese Medicine

October 20th, 2011
Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter
May 2011
Anna Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

23151 Verdugo Drive, Suite 114

Women’s Health Concerns and How Acupuncture Can Help


The biggest threats to women’s health are often preventable. Oriental medicine has always addressed the special needs of women throughout their lives and many health issues women face respond extremely well to acupuncture treatments. Taking small steps to improve your health can make a difference.

The top health concerns affecting women and how acupuncture can help are:

Cardiovascular Disease

As the number one threat to women’s health, cardiovascular disease is not just a man’s disease. In women, the condition is responsible for about 29% of deaths, reports the CDC. Although more men die of heart disease than women, females tend to be under diagnosed, often to the point that it’s too late to help them once the condition is discovered. By integrating acupuncture and Oriental medicine into your heart healthy lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as eighty percent.

Steps to prevention include managing high blood pressure and cholesterol, quitting smoking, eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, physical activity, reducing stress and improved sleep – all of which can be helped with acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Acupuncture has been found to be particularly helpful in lowering blood pressure. By applying acupuncture needles at specific sites along the wrist, inside the forearm or in the leg, researchers have been able to stimulate the release of opiods, which decreases the heart’s activity and its need for oxygen. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure.


There have been many advances in the early detection and treatment of cancer. While the standard medical care for cancer is effective, the treatments are aggressive and cause numerous unwanted side effects as well as a lowered immune system. The three most common cancers among women are breast, lung and colorectal cancer. While breast cancer is the most common cancer in women it is second in the leading cause of cancer death. Early detection screenings and recommended self examinations should be taken seriously.

Acupuncture has received much attention as an adjunctive therapy in cancer treatments for its use in pain relief, reducing side effects, accelerating recovery and improving overall quality of life.

From a preventive approach Oriental medicine works to restore imbalances in the system with a variety of treatment modalities including acupuncture, herbal therapy, tui na, qi gong in addition to food, exercise and lifestyle suggestions. Seasonal acupuncture treatments just four times a year serve to tonify the inner organ systems and correct minor annoyances before they become serious problems.


Characterized by a decrease in bone mass and an increased likelihood of fractures osteoporosis is not simply a calcium deficiency. As a complex living tissue, bone is made of many different components and is influenced by many variables including the body’s use of calcium from the bone to balance pH levels in the blood. Osteoporosis threatens 44 million Americans, of which 68% are women, reports the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

“Osteoporosis is largely preventable,” says Mark. “The behaviors that women develop in their childhood, in their adolescence, and in their early adult years really play a significant role in the development of the disease.” That’s because bodies build up most of bone mass until age 30. Then new bone stops forming and the focus switches to the maintenance of old bone.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine coupled with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, have much to offer in improving the quality of life for those who suffer from bone and joint problems.


Depressive disorders affect 10%-25% of women at some point in their lives. The body’s immune system is compromised and symptoms reduce functioning, impair work performance and social relationships. Common symptoms of depressive disorders include: a decreased interest in most activities, insomnia, fatigue, and feeling empty and worthless. At its worst, hopelessness sets in and suicide becomes a desperate option for approximately 15% of people who suffer from severe depressive disorders.

Oriental medicine does not view people as a collection of segmented parts to be treated independently but rather addresses the link between the body, spirit and mind. The goal of Oriental medicine is to bring all the human systems into a healthy balance, insuring that both the mind and body feel well and when used in conjunction with psychotherapy acupuncture has a positive and holistic effect on depressed patients. If you suffer from depression, consider acupuncture therapy in conjunction with your treatment plan to regain peace of mind, regulate your immune system and stay healthy.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are a group of disorders in which the immune system attacks the body and destroys or alters tissues. There are more than 80 serious chronic illnesses in this category, including lupus, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes.

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), about 75% of autoimmune diseases occur in women. Individually, each disease appears uncommon with the exception of diabetes, thyroid disease, and lupus however as a group, the disorders make up the fourth-largest cause of disability among American women.

Due to the complexity of treating autoimmune disorders, integrative medicine solutions have received much attention as successful therapies in their treatment. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine are specifically noted for use in pain relief, regulating the immune system, managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life.

Menopause and Gynecological Health

Gynecological conditions including Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), fibroids, endometriosis, and infertility along with menopause are some of the most successfully treated problems by acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Oriental medicine has long recognized that health and vitality can be sustained over a woman’s lifetime by restoring balance within the body and supporting the natural production of essential hormones.

Menopause is a transitional period marking the cessation of ovulation in a woman’s body. Symptoms vary from mild to severe, and are brought on as our bodies try to adapt to decreasing amounts of estrogen. Symptoms can include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, dryness, headaches, joint pain, and weight gain. Menopause patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy weight, stabilize blood sugar, and eliminate stress, tension and anxiety or learn new techniques to cope with them to diminish the effects they have.

Oriental medicine does not recognize menopause as one particular syndrome and aims to treat the specific symptoms that are unique to each individual using a variety of techniques such as acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, lifestyle/dietary recommendations and energetic exercises to restore imbalances found in the body. Therefore, if 10 women are treated each will receive a unique, customized treatment with different acupuncture points, different herbs and different lifestyle and diet recommendations.

With support from Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine along with small changes in lifestyle and diet, menopause can be a time of a revival of vital energy and an opportunity for personal growth

To learn more about how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can improve your health and well being call for a consultation today!

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Autoimmune Diseases

July 16th, 2011
Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter
July 2011
Anna Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.
Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
23151 Verdugo Drive, Suite 114

Treating Autoimmune Diseases with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Autoimmune diseases are a group of disorders in which the immune system attacks the body and destroys or alters tissues. There are more than eighty serious chronic illnesses in this category including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and Guillain–Barré syndrome. According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) twenty percent of the population suffers from autoimmune disorders. Each disease appears uncommon on an individual basis but, as a group, the disorders make up the fourth-largest cause of disability among women.

Due to the complexity of treating autoimmune disorders, integrative medicine solutions including acupuncture and Oriental medicine have received much attention as successful therapies in their treatment particularly for use in providing pain relief, regulating the immune system, managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life.

What Causes Autoimmune Disease?

Under normal conditions, an immune response cannot be triggered against the cells of one’s own body. In certain cases, however, immune cells make a mistake and attack the very cells that they are meant to protect. This can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases which encompass a broad category of over 100 diseases in which the person’s immune system attacks his or her own tissue.

The exact mechanisms causing these changes are not completely understood, but bacteria, viruses, toxins, and some drugs may play a role in triggering an autoimmune process in someone who already has a genetic (inherited) predisposition to develop such a disorder. It is theorized that the inflammation initiated by these agents, toxic or infectious, somehow provokes in the body a “sensitization” (autoimmune reaction) in the involved tissues.

As the disease develops vague symptoms start to appear, such as joint and muscle pain, general muscle weakness, possible rashes or low-grade fever, trouble concentrating, or weight loss. The following symptoms may point toward something being wrong: numbness and tingling in hands and feet, dry eyes, hair loss, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, or repeated miscarriages can also be caused by an autoimmune response.

How Acupuncture Treats Autoimmune Disorders

According to Oriental medicine, autoimmune disorders occur when there is imbalance within the body. Imbalance can come from an excess or deficiency of yin and yang that disrupts the flow of Qi, or vital energy, through the body. Acupuncture is used to help the body restore balance, treating the root of the disorder, while specifically addressing the symptoms that are unique to each individual.

Clinical research has shown that acupuncture causes physical responses in nerve cells, the pituitary gland, and parts of the brain. These responses can cause the body to release proteins, hormones, and brain chemicals that control a number of body functions. It is proposed that, by these actions, acupuncture affects blood pressure, body temperature and the immune system.

In addition to acupuncture, your treatment program to manage your autoimmune disorder may involve a combination of therapies including stress reducing exercises, moderate physical activity, herbal medicine and nutritional support.

Learn more about how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be safely and effectively incorporated into treating autoimmune disorders, call for a consultation today!

Acupuncture for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that can affect many different joints and, in some people, other parts of the body as well, including the blood, the lungs, and the heart. Inflammation of the joint lining, called the synovium, can cause pain, stiffness, swelling, warmth, and redness. The affected joint may also lose its shape, resulting in loss of normal movement. Rheumatoid arthritis can last a long time and can be a disease of flares (active symptoms) and remissions (few to no symptoms).

According to Oriental medical theory, arthritis arises when the cyclical flow of Qi in the meridians becomes blocked. This blockage is called, “bi” type pain and is widely studied and successfully treated using a combination of acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have been found to be extremely effective at treating the pain and inflammation associated with all types of arthritis. The acupuncture points and herbs that are used depend on if the blockage of Qi (arthritis) is caused by the pathogen wind, cold, damp or damp-heat.

Call today to learn how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be incorporated into your treatment plan for rheumatoid arthritis!


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