Bronchitis case study

September 9th, 2013
(This was posted years ago.   I reposted it in 2013.)
I have a 78-year old male patient who just received his sixth acupuncture treatment since December 5.  He had been suffering from bronchitis since the beginning of October.  By his second treatment, he had felt 80-90% improvement with his condition.  This improvement was due to ACUPUNCTURE ONLY.  I prescribed him a proper Chinese herbal formula tailored for his type of bronchitis during his third acupuncture therapy.  He has continued to improve since then.  We are still at 90% improvement.  He is breathing better, his energy is almost back to 100% and he is happy that he can do more with his life again.  The illness really caused him to slow down in life and the limitations made lose some self-confidence, so the improvements have increased his feeling of self-worth.
I tell all of my patients that the beginning phase of acupuncture therapy in most practices usually is 10-20 treatments, depending on how quickly a patient is able to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.  I do my best for every patient to see immediate results beginning at the first treatment.  When you are ready to commit to your health, please be advised that acupuncture is THERAPY.  Please be patient with the results because I give you a 90% guarantee that although we all heal at different speeds, when the healing does actually begin, the results can be absolutely amazing and beyond your initial expectations.