100 treatments

December 11th, 2011

In May 2007, a new patient came into my door with the chief complaints of severe ankle and neck pain.  Little did she know that not only would she GRADUATE from those complaints, she would overcome many other health challenges.

Today was her 100th acupuncture treatment.  These are the symptoms that she has either GRADUATED FROM or have been significantly alleviated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs in my clinic:

Ankle pain
Neck pain
Upper lumbar pain
Shoulder pain
Mid-back pain
Hives improved significantly, sometimes up to 99% when she feels less stress
Red eyes
Clenching of teeth at night
Ear ringing improved by 50%
Cold hands/feet
Insomnia-significantly improved, depending on her stress at work
Shortness of breath
Craving sweets/chocolate/peanut butter/comfort eating when stressed out
Dry cough
Poor sense of smell
Sinus issues
Feeling cold easily
“Stomach” pain
Stronger immune system
We have more work still to do, but her improvements greatly outweigh the few symptoms that still linger.  My patient has a high-profile job position, so much of her ailments stem from her stress at work.  Just having bought a house has also included more stress.  Much of my work is keeping her stress-free and helping her get adequate sleep.

I have been in practice since June 22, 1999.  My 9 years of practice have taught me to provide treatments affordable enough for the majority of the population because CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY are the keys to success.  Have you ever tried learning another language or playing a musical instrument?  I majored in French and I have studied the violin since age 7.  In both of those subjects, CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY are the keys to success.  You choose any topic in life, whether it’s to obtain better health or acquire riches, this equation is going to give you the desired results.  Considering that I have lost 4 sizes (almost 50 pounds) and then 60 pounds from my pregnancy (Angilynn is now 4 years old), I strongly believe that CONSISTENCY AND FREQUENCY help me achieve strong physical and mental health, as well as become slimmer.

I really mean it when I tell people that I am a results-oriented acupuncturist/herbalist.  Since 2007, my website has been up and I have attracted many new patients by this specific page:

When doing your research for someone to heal your spirit, mind and body, listen to their intentions and observe their track record.  I only keep patients in my practice who show significant results.  Those that don’t see results will either be recommended to adjust their treatment plans, see a different acupuncturist or receive a different type of therapy.

Peace, love, great health and happines begin here at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  To all of my loyal patients, THANK YOU for your commitment to your health.  I am honored to be your acupuncturist/herbalist.  Thank you for being my greatest teachers.

In harmony,