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January 4th, 2017
The Powers of

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January 4, 2017


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Testimonials for LIBIDO


Testimonial #1

I just celebrated my 32nd session with Anna.  We’ve been working on a host of health issues, as well as some emotional turmoil.  She has cured my hypoglycemia, reduced my anxiety to nothing, and keeps my tendonitis at bay.  I can count on her skill to clear my mind, help me sleep at night, and regulate a life-long menstrual battle.  She’s a terrific healer and I’m happy to drive 40+ miles to see her.

One thing that has resisted change has been that special spark deep within me.  What twenty-something year old woman doesn’t want to feel a rush of excitement now and again?  Today, I am giddy to say, I actually had a libido.  Anna’s well-placed needles have proven, yet again, just how powerful they are.  I would say it’s a ‘miracle,’ but I would never want to dismiss Anna’s obvious expertise, nor her sincere dedication to her patients.  Anna, you rock.

(Now, where can I find someone to rock my socks off!?  *wink, wink*)

- L

Testimonial #2

Dear Anna,

I wanted to take a moment to mention how wonderful some of the “side effects” of acupuncture are.  I was pleasantly surprised to experience better sleep,  increased energy and sense of well-being, but perhaps the most remarkable is how the libido is affected. There were occasions where I felt insatiable when it came to s**. Not to mention  attaining that state of arousal is much easier with increased fluid production where it matters. All around, I believe acupuncture has very healthily supplemented our s** life! Thanks a ton!

- B.T.

Testimonial #3


We all know that it is very simple for most men to get turned on while for many of us women daily events can (negatively) affect our libido. Between my husband and I having two jobs and two business it is often difficult for me to switch gears really quickly from work life to home life when it’s time to get things spicy. (Note: not so difficult for my husband).

Over time, I have come to find out that my peak s**ual hours are during the day, while the sun is up. Unfortunately, that means I’m usually at work and my s**ual side lays dormant until the weekend sun and my free hours sync up. That’s my big dilemma…so I decided to look into acupuncture to see if this ancient Chinese treatment could help me out…

I found an acupuncturist through, her name is Anna. We had a wonderful conversations and she asked me what my ailments were – I wrote a list and I had 10!! Who knew?? Since you really only have one body any ailments are likely interconnected, as my 10 probably all are, but the one I’ll bore you with here is my weekday libido. Now, let me just say that the best part of Love Me Naturally is that I get access to the amazing product line we carry. It’s wonderful to have over a dozen lubricants at your fingertips at any given moment. Since each products have different natural ingredients, from coconut oil to kiwi, they also all have varying consistencies. And since women also vary down there during certain times of the month, I can pick whatever lube be best for me during that time.
And don’t forget all of the flavors!

ALTHOUGH – my favorite lube is always my own…. naturally. So, if acupuncture can help me wind down from my weekday faster and help me wind up on my own faster as well, sign me up! I started seeing Anna, in 2 weeks I had about 7 treatments. OUCH! Lots of needles, a little bit of blood, a lot of mid-day napping. For those who aren’t familiar here’s the deal: you lie down, you get poked many times, you get left there, and 45 minutes later the dozen (or two dozen) needles are removed and you’re on with your day. Dark room + nice music + lying still = nice nap. Even with the needles.

So how’d it all come out you ask? In the last two weeks I have been less stressed (with the same hectic schedule), more energetic, I’ve been sleeping better, my outlook and disposition has been brighter than ever, I have less wrinkles (acupuncture is apparently non-botox botox) and I’ve been able to happily keep up with my husband and then some. I love acupuncture, I’m a walking testimonial for it now and I recommend it for everything.

- An Incredibly Happy Patient


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