May 28th, 2012

The Case of Lymphedema Causing Severe Pain in the Knee

A 50-year old woman presented with severe pain in the left knee and swelling in the leg due to lymphedema.  This patient has only been able to see me once every week or every two weeks.  Our treatments are random and not as consistent nor as frequent as I would like for them to be.    Still, with the limited treatments within 5 weeks, we have seen phenomenal results.

Almost 3 weeks past when she received her third treatment.  During that acupuncture session, the patient informed me that the swelling in her left leg had decreased by 50%.  What was more outstanding was that she was in the hot weather in Palm Desert and she did NOT retain any water!  The patient informed me that the hot desert would typically cause even more water retention, as was her experience EACH time she was in hot weather.

6 weeks past when she received her 5th treatment, which was today.  The patient expressed to me that during her one week vacation in the east coast, she took a hike for 50 minutes.  The hill that she hiked was described on signs as “Strenuous Hill.”  She suffered from NO pain in her knee during nor after the hike.  Despite the airplane ride, she did NOT retain any water, which is typical of any plane ride for her.  The swelling in her foot also is completely gone.  The patient describes 100% improvement in the knee and she is very happy with our results.

There is still much work for me to do, but you see that this is a great prognosis also.

I wish you peace and harmony beyond all understanding,

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