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September 3rd, 2013


Practical Qi Gong  


My good friend, Master Kane Shieh, has posted some great YouTube videos on

Qi Gong.


Please contact Sifu (Master) Kane (or Shieh Shifu) at


68+ Yelp Review 



Costa Mesa, CA


5 Stars as of 8/14/2013


Anna is a dedicated successful healer for women with hormonal imbalance issues. I suffered from having irregular periods for the past 2.5 years after I decided to go off of be birth control pill Yaz, and then BeYaz. I had tried many things such as bio identical hormone remedies etc. and nothing helped. Since I’ve been going to Anna, I was really aggressive with the acupuncture in the beginning, I’ve had 4 full periods without any of the herbal remedies she said we may have to try if my body didn’t respond to the needles, but I did! She makes the acupuncture process SO relaxing I leave there feeling so relaxed like a new woman! I trust Anna can heal any sort of issue with her expertise in Chinese medicine. I would recommend her to everyone!







Yelp Review 67+

Erin B.


Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars as of 8/2/2013


I was havingTMJ pain and was able to see Anna the same day. The pain is almost
100% gone. Anna will work with your needs. Thank you!


Thank you for your Yelp Reviews! 

Please visit our site for our updated Yelp Reviews and personal testimonials.  Thank you for keeping me in practice since 1999!



Thank you to everyone who is adding Protandim into your lifestyle.


I’ve been taking Chinese herbs since 1994 and I’ve benefitted greatly from adding them into my health regimen.  I’ve kept my family strong and healthy.  I’m giving my certified therapy dog great health and longevity with Chinese herbs.


I was skeptical when I started taking Protandim because I was already in excellent health.  Because of Protandim, I no longer have post-workout recovery.  I train at 3 different gyms:TOTAL MMA with a women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team,REIGN TRAINING CENTER for my boxing/kickboxing conditioning andRENAISSANCE for my hip hop and everything else I love to do:  yoga, swimming, stretching weight training.  To not have a post-covery recovery is AMAZING.  For anyone who works out hard and frequently, you know that it takes the right foods and whole food supplements and consistency to keep the post-workout recovery at a minimum.  Protandim does that for me and it’s just one pill a day.


Please watch their video that explains all of the tremendous health benefits that Protandim can offer!


If you’re serious about trying Protandim, I can send you some testimonials and research information.  You can easily GOOGLE SCHOLAR Protandim, NRF2 and Oxidative Stress.



I started specialized training with a wonderful club since 2009.


I’ve stayed quiet about it because I wanted to see the results of the training that I was receiving.


I’ve been in practice since 1999.  It has been a long journey full of ups and down. Since I started training with Dr. Richard Tan in March 2006, I have been able to make a very good living with Chinese medicine.  The ups were much more abundant than the downs.  I became a Gold Level Certified Dr. Tan’s Balance Method practitioner in April 2012.
In November 2009, I started listening to specialized training audios and watching professional webinars to help keep my mind and body focused on what really matters to me.


In July 2010, I gave birth to Anais, my second child.  I worked really hard since 2006 (long days/nights at my healing center) when I met Dr. Tan, so I thought that 2010 would yield less profits for me given that I gave birth in the middle of the year.  My training proved to work because I made more money than I had with less effort since 1999.  This was shown in my 2010 tax return.


In 2011, I tripled my office size. This was not an option.  This was a necessity for my patients’ comfort, so that I can see more patients and so that they could have more room to breathe.  It is a true blessing to have our 1590 square foot office.  My children also have 2.5 playrooms in our healing center.


In 2012, I doubled my profits.


In February 2013, I decided to finally participate in my club’s events and meetings.  My training and the results in my life are much more powerful than ever.


If you want your life to improve in ANY area, please check out my new website that describes the club that I’m in.

It may be the answer to your prayers.

It certainly was God’s answer to me when I prayed for serious help in 2009.

This club teaches me HOW to fish.  God could have easily given me a bucket to fish to feed me for a year and that’s all I really needed at the time.


The variety of specialized training that I receive has given me the tools to change my family’s legacy and truly allow me a pathway to complete freedom.


GIN training is totally in line with the philosophy of Chinese medicine.


The reason for all of my patients’ testimonials is because acupuncture RAISES THE VIBRATION. When we function at a lower vibration, physical, emotional and mental illnesses occur.

When we RAISE THE VIBRATION, great things happen in life, including stronger and more vibrant health, increased happiness, and a whole bunch of stuff in life that affects our health.  (i.e., Money, Time, Priorities, Relationships, etc…)









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