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October 30th, 2014
Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.
(949) 305-1703

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83, 84 & 85+ Yelp Reviews

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SQUAREUP: Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality


“Warm reception, genuine concern and great first visit results.”

Lake Forest, CA
5.0 star rating

I have no apparent illness, pain or health issues, but I have been coming to Anna for quite a while for what she calls regular tune-ups. I call them pick-me-ups. I always ask her to: calm my brain, boost my immune system, make me feel better and help me relax. And she does that every time. I feel like a new person when I walk out of her office.

Thank you so much, Anna!



Customer Service, Environment


“I was very pleased with the service. This being my 1st time ever to an acupuncturist. I should have done this years ago. Very happy with the results.”





84+ Yelp Review


Samantha Y.
Laguna Niguel, CA
5.0 star rating

I don’t know why I waited this long to write a review for Ms. Anna and her wonderful work, but I am here now writing about the work she does and how it truly does work. I know that many are skeptic of Eastern medicine including acupuncture and herbs, but if you are reading this because you want to try something different for your ailments, you need to try acupuncture with Anna. I originally came to Anna a few years back to help me with my anxiety and depression issues. I have been on medicine, but it was not fully helping me be “happy” and get the things done in the way I needed to. Anna was my last resort because of the endless medicines and doctors I was trying. I immediately felt the Zen, if you would, when I walked into her office. She made me feel very comfortable about being there and I did a full survey about what I was going through, what I was doing to be treated, history, and my goals. Anna refers to these sheets and your goals everytime you go to her. My anxiety and depression felt better in just a few short weeks. I was ready to get started on more problems I was experiencing. Through the years Anna has helped me with my general anxiety, depression, getting my mentral periods on a regular schedule, body aches, and headaches/migraines. You don’t even need a specific problem to see her, you can go to have a quiet relaxing time out of your hectic schedule, or just to get a general pick me up. The amount of sessions you need and how often depend on what you are going in for and the pricing has been very afforadable when I compared her to local acupuncture businesses. I have found my guardian angel on Earth and I would not trade seeing Anna for anyone else. She is highly recommended as an Eastern medicine guru and she becomes a true friend. Thank you, Anna, for all your hard work and making my life that much better.




Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality, Environment


“Very encouraging a supportive environment!”




Other, Customer Service, Quality, Environment, Wait Time


“The BEST everything!!!”

85+ Yelp Review 


Zoran N.
Huntington Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

After being in pain for more than five years and dealing with herniated discs (L4+L5), hernia, groin injury and after seeing a couple of different acupuncturists and chiropractors, I had decided to give Anna a try. Sure the reviews seemed too good to be true. Being skeptical and open minded as I am on the other hand, I had decided to give the Elements in Harmony a try. The first time I called I didn’t know what to expect.  Anna was her usual self, kind, down to earth and very knowledgeable, as usual.  During my first appointment, I was told that after a specific period of time, I should see improvements. I was eager and delighted to try the process. After the first couple of months, my condition did improve greatly where at times I was fluctuating anywhere between 90-98% improvement. Additionally, one thing you wont get from any other acupuncturist that I know of since I’ve seen couple of others  within the area (Anna is the best hands down, at least in my opinion), is that Anna is willing to listen, provide some positive input on life and how to go about things/life in general, which is a very rare quality.  I’m very thankful people like Anna exist.


Wait Time, Other, Quality, Customer Service, Environment


“Anna’s knowledge, skills and techniques are amazing. Her hospitality is so warm, kind and comfortable that it makes you feel right at home. I can’t believe how I can be in this good of condition just in 3 treatments or in 3 days. When using the western medicine, it would’ve taken at least 3 months to heal! Thank you Anna for being here for me and you are my lifesaver!! :-)


Other, Customer Service, Quality, Environment, Wait Time


“Life changing pain management”





Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality, Environment, Other


“A truly caring and nurturing experience. My pain level after 3 longer therapies went from 9 to 2 and I gained 75-80% range of motion. I will definitely continue!”





SQUAREUP: Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality, Environment


“Great, as always.”



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SQAUREUP: Customer Service, Environment  


“I was very pleased with the service. This being my 1st time ever to an acupuncturist. I should have done this years ago. Very happy with the results.”



Thank you, Southern California, for helping me make my dreams come true. 

Dreaming BIG really does work!

SQUAREUP: Wait Time, Other, Quality, Customer Service, Environment


“Awesome as always!! Thank you, Anna!!”

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