Thanksgiving 2013

December 6th, 2013
Anna, Andrew, Angilynn, Anais & Pikachu Dolopo


Thank you for supporting the Philippines after the deadly Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda struck Tacloban.

My sincerest gratitude to my sister-in-law, Doc Zhivago, with for this incredible design expressing her support for our people.

We have so much to be grateful for.


Thank you for your commitment to our healing center.  Thank you for spreading the word of Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs with all of your friends and family.  I do what I love and I love what I do because of each of you. Thank you for believing in my dreams and for giving me a real chance at helping many of you GRADUATE from pain and suffering.


I am grateful to each and every one of my patients who dedicate their time, patience, money and energy to achieve greater health at our healing center.  Most of you get “fixed” in 1-10 visits, some of you about 30-130 visits, and many of you use my work as a part of your weekly/montly/quarterly commitment to living a vibrant life.  Thank you for allowing me to make Chinese medicine my bread and butter.


From fertility issues to chronic pain, depression to anxiety, insomnia to autoimmune issues, digestive issues to heart issues, male hormone issues to skin issues, thyroid issues to acute trauma, and MORE, I am given the wonderful privilege to help Southern California live happier and healthier lives with the POWERS of Chinese medicine.


Thank you to my master, Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan, for giving me the tools of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture to do what I need to do every day in my acupuncture practice.


Thank you to Evergreen Herbs, for providing great detailed resources of the herbal formulas that you provide.  Thank you to Stephanie Ray, President of Bioray, for being there for my patients who need personal help.


Thank you to my family for supporting my work.  My husband gives me the freedom to expand as a human being.  My children are simply amazing.  My parents are my greatest fans. My in-laws always express love and support. I couldn’t do what I do best without all of your love and support.


Thank you to Ms. Elyse Cohen and Mrs. Tandi Abel for the artwork that you provide at our healing center.  PLEASE PURCHASE ORIGINAL ARTWORK AT OUR HEALING CENTER.


Thank you to Global Information Network for my like-minded friends who support my dreams and share with me how they are creating greatness in their own lives.  Thank you to everyone in class on Saturday mornings who show their true colors and help me realize the potential that lies within each of us.  Thank you to Mr. Chris McGarahanfor giving us his all every Saturday because he believes in our dreams to be better and do better every day.  It is because of Chris’ non-profit organization, BOXING & MORE, that I created MARTIAL ARTS & EMPOWERMENT FOR GIRLS & WOMEN.  With it, my team and I are changing the lives of many who need healing and positive direction in their lives.


Thank you to Mr. Kane Shieh, a dedicated Qigong instructor.  My patients love you and want you to do more with us and I sincerely hope that you do.


Thank you to everyone who wants to support MARTIAL ARTS & EMPOWERMENT FOR GIRLS & WOMEN, especially to Mrs. Roxana Mares and Professor Kris Shawwho have already done so much to move us forward.  I admire women who walk their talk.


Thank you to the women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team at TOTAL MMA, especially toDr. Melissa Davis, for being our inspiration and glue that keeps us together.  When I took 8 years off from fighting, joined Reign Training Center near my office for cardio conditioning to prepare me for my great leap forward to join Total MMA to be a part of an elite team of women warriors, I had no clue what I was embarking.  Thank you for holding our hand and pushing us past our so-called mental, emotional and physical limits.


We are truly blessed.  Andrew and I started our lives in Orange County in 2001 with our then beloved dog, Kato, with no friends and no roots.  We miss Kato and Jeannie until this day, but we are soon having our fourth Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I ask each of you to pray that our dream to become home owners becomes reality very soon because we need the yard (and the tax write off).  Thank you, Mr. Chris Jordan with Back Bay Funding, for being our guide during this loan process.


Thank you, Benny Gasmen, Walter and Ma’an Bautista for sharing with us the honor of raising and working with our fourth Staffie.


Thank you, Ms. Jasmin Putnam, for being an incredible Suzuki violin teacher to Angilynn.  Tim will always be in our hearts.


Thank you to the entire staff at South Coast Conservatory for providing all of Angilynn’s dance, acting and vocal lessons.


Thank you, Mrs. Amanda Simmons, Mr. Shaheer and all of the great teachers atJourney School, California’s first Waldorf Charter School.  It is fantastic to be part of a community that truly nurtures the WHOLE student.


Thank you, Total MMA, for providing excellent adult and children’s BJJ classes to my husband, daughter and me and for all of your great cardio conditioning classes.  Professors Juliano Prado and Adriano Nasal are incredible owners of the school and they have a marvelous team of black belts who lead the school to greatness.


Thank you, Reign Training Center, UFC fighter/Coach Mark Munoz and especially to my coach, Mr. Danny Perez, for being wonderful, kind and supportive.  Your location is so close to my office and your smiles brighten my days.


Thank you, Mr. Milo Levell at Renaissance, for being the BEST hip hop teacher worldwide and for keeping it “gangsta” in Aliso Viejo.  God knows you bring the soul to AV.


It is a blessing to have a community of family, friends, teachers and colleagues who care for our wellbeing.  We love each of you and we are so appreciative that you are here to LIVE with us.  May each of you be blessed.  God is so good to our family.  Thank you to Fr. John Taylor at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Rancho Santa Margarita for being so loving to our family.  Angilynn had her Early Communion this year and we are so grateful that she is a part of a Christian community who extends their love to every person, no matter what race, religion or beliefs.  Angilynn is part of Girl Friendly Society that teaches love, compassion and friendship to every person in her life.  What a great place to be.


One more special thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Marjorie Alayon, who foundedPOWERKIDZCLUB.COM with her business partner, Ms. Suzette Rivera.  Our family loves loves loves POWERKIDZCLUB!



Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.  I know that each of you have so much to be grateful for also.  Seize the day!





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