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March 28th, 2015

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Fertility Testimonial, Vlog #31, 32, MARTIAL ARTS

September 12th, 2013




Fertility Testimonial:



Anna is a great healer who has helped me tremendously in the last year.

When my husband and I decided to try to have a baby, after many years of marriage, I realized that my menstrual cycles were irregular and not conducive to conceiving. After a few unsuccessful months I decided to try acupuncture to regulate my hormones. I debated between Anna and another practitioner and ultimately chose the latter because, having never had acupuncture, I was nervous about the community setting in which Anna primarily practices (now I feel silly about this as I believe that the community setting actually enhances the healing process). I started seeing a different acupuncturist, who was very good, and became pregnant after seven months of treatment. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks.

I was devastated and decided to seek treatment with Anna. She was extremely kind and compassionate as I wept throughout our first consultation and treatment. After discussing my medical history and previous acupuncture experience, Anna requested that I give her six months to a year to work on healing my body from the miscarriage, realigning my Qi, and preparing my body for pregnancy. However, she cautioned that I must do EXACTLY as she advised; not only in terms of the acupuncture, but also the way in which I lived my daily life. We began treatment mid-September of 2012 and I followed Anna’s instructions to the letter. I received acupuncture two-to-three times a week, changed my eating to boost my fertility, and engaged in other practices that she recommended. My next menstrual cycle was more regular and with fewer symptoms (depression, cramps, moodiness, heavy flow) than I had ever experienced before. Each month my cycle became more regular and only three cycles later (November) Anna gave me the green light to try to conceive. I did not become pregnant that month. Although disappointed, I wasn’t too discouraged because Anna had asserted that it would take at least six-to-twelve months to get my body back into shape.

The very next month, on New Year’s Eve, I learned that I was pregnant! I was elated (pregnant after only 3.5 months of treatment!) but also nervous considering my previous miscarriage. I continued to see Anna several times a week in the first two trimesters, once every other week during the end of the second and beginning of the third trimesters, and now twice a week as I approach my due date. Throughout she assured me that my pregnancy was strong and I have indeed had a wonderful pregnancy. I experienced very little nausea in the first trimester and I have had none of the typical pregnancy side effects, such as heartburn, constipation, and sinusitis. I’ve even been sleeping very well. I am now 39-and-a-half weeks and Anna is using acupuncture to prepare my body for natural childbirth.

In all, I highly recommend Anna. I am very thankful and truly grateful for Anna’s healing expertise. She is a kind and intelligent soul who is passionate about her work and who truly cares about her patients. My extended family has seen such a change in me that they now see Anna for their own ailments! Thank you Anna!!




Our 31st YouTube video is PAIN AND CHINESE MEDICINE.


This video explains what every person should expect from our work together.


This protocol of therapy is something to consider when a person wants to know how often their treatments should be and what realistic results they should expect.


Please click on the YOUTUBE button above and scroll down to PAIN AND CHINESE MEDICINE.




My martial arts training from age 7 to now (age 39)
I learned something incredible today during my boxing/kickboxing training. 

I believe that I’ve been coached by some very intense and effective teachers since age 7, my dad being the first of them. Basics Karate, Basics Wushu, Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut (1991-1994, sparring, forms competition), SOME (SOME!) Kajukenbo/Filipino Stickfighting/BJJ/Muay Thai (backyards/old church without electricity/parks/middle school gym/garages), Chen and Yang Styles Tai Chi and various styles of Qi Gong during Chinese medical school include my basic schooling. All of the training includes strong stances, smooth transitions and being as centered as possible. Form is everything. Strength is just as important as flexibility. Power is just as important as speed. Being an almost 5’1″ girl, I’ve had to play to my strengths as a fast opponent, quick reflexes and intense power only when it calls for it. Taking an 8-year hiatus beginning in 2003 and returning at 2011 was one of the most difficult things I did in my life. All of that training during my graduate school years were “informal” only in the sense that it was not on a traditional belt system, but it was the most intense training that I had received up until that point. I was the only girl 99% of the time and all the men that I trained with were 50+ pounds heavier than me, at least. I receive intense training now at both MMA gyms I belong to, but that laser focus training on an elite team was so hard and the last thing I was going to be treated like was a girl (which was the best thing for me and I will always appreciate).

One of the most common lessons I’m receiving these days is doing little tricks to create the element of surprise on my opponent. Since BJJ is my main focus, I expect these lessons. My boxing/kickboxing training is critical to my stamina and it feeds my lifelong enjoyment of punching/kicking. Today brought back the love of boxing. I’ve been working on my pivots, slips, unders, measuring, etc., but today I learned two techniques that made everything make sense. After all these years of intense training and learning how to perfect my stances, I am so amazed that there still is so much attention to detail to make my technique of fighting even better. Stances and transitions in kung fu are everything, just as much as they are in boxing.

At Jits tonight, my mentor said the same thing my boxing coach told me this morning, “They’re going expect you to do this, so you do this.” Wow. My heart flutters just thinking about it.

I’ve never publicly revealed all of my training in one posting. Despite all of the various types of training I had received prior to having kids in 2004, I never fully completed and mastered any of the styles. My priorities until then were my schooling and creating my Chinese medical practice. In November 2011, I decided to reinvent myself as a fighter and it has been a fun and arduous journey since. For the first month of boxing/kickboxing conditioning, I almost (and maybe did) cry every day of training. 8 years off of MMA training hurt every muscle, ligament, bone and joint in my body. Sadly, I thought that a year of Zumba and weight training would prepare me. They did not. I’ve been training at Reign Training Center because Andrew did not want me training at “his” BJJ school (despite the fact that we trained Wushu together in high school). We looked at Reign for almost 2 years before I signed up for my cardio classes. In August 2012, Andrew “let me” train with the women’s team at Total MMA. It only made sense since he has been there since November 2006 (almost brown belt) and Angilynn has been there for 3 years now (2-stripe yellow/white belt). I belong to the best team in the country. We have intense female fighters that stop at nothing and we’re led by one of the most powerful competitors in North America. I’m at Total MMA by no accident and I’m blessed to be a part of this team. It’s not easy for me because I’ve got 2 young children and a very busy acupuncture practice. Tustin is not convenient to Dana Point, especially on a school night. I can make up many valid reasons why I should not train, but I made it a decision to follow my dreams and not be one of those women who say, “I want to train martial arts one day.”

So give me your reasons why you shouldn’t finally train martial arts. Even if you have no arms, no legs, I’ll give you the name of a wrestler who was ranked 18 in the nation with no arms/legs and even tried MMA. He lost by decision, not by tap out. He lost every match in high school until he won every match as a senior, earning him a full scholarship as a wrestler at Georgia State University.

I felt compelled to share my story tonight because I’ve listened to so many women in the past year saying they always wanted to train martial arts, but they never get around to it. Just do it, ladies. This is the life that matters and whatever your excuses are, unless you’re pregnant, they’re useless excuses. I’ve been weaning my 3-year old for over a year from nursing. I wake up hella early and sleep when my work is done. I’ve got a super busy social life and I always put my family first. I drive Angilynn to dance (4 dance classes + 1 voice class), violin class and she joins in Jits class on most Sundays. I drive and pick up Anais to/from daycare. Sometimes, she comes with me to our healing center. I don’t have family locally to help. All help we have is help that we pay for.

So let go of your excuses and sign up for your martial arts class TODAY. If martial arts isn’t your thing, then sign up TODAY for that class that is your THING.

If I can do it, start all the way back as a white belt in BJJ, keep up with the 20 year old boys in MMA boxing/kickboxing with the bear crawls, suicides, so many combinations to drill, getting hit in my abs (even during that time of the month), doing 200+ ab workouts, endless pushups, jumping up/down tires, and a million other plyometric training, then you can do it…or can you?

I saw a shirt yesterday: MY BEST BEATS YOUR BEST. Whether that’s true or not, I’m going to work hard at making that come true. I know it will happen because I’ve got the best teachers in the world that care enough to make that happen for me. Lucky me.

So what did I learn today that is so incredible? These same principles are principles I use at making my businesses grow. “They’re going to expect you to do this, so do this.” Wow.

Practical Qi Gong  


My good friend, Kane Shieh, has posted some great YouTube videos on

Qi Gong. They are now on our website!


Please contact Kane at


Kane is a 21st Generation Shaolin One Finger Zen Qi Gong Instructor


68+ Yelp Review 



Costa Mesa, CA


5 Stars as of 8/14/2013


Anna is a dedicated successful healer for women with hormonal imbalance issues. I suffered from having irregular periods for the past 2.5 years after I decided to go off of be birth control pill Yaz, and then BeYaz. I had tried many things such as bio identical hormone remedies etc. and nothing helped. Since I’ve been going to Anna, I was really aggressive with the acupuncture in the beginning, I’ve had 4 full periods without any of the herbal remedies she said we may have to try if my body didn’t respond to the needles, but I did! She makes the acupuncture process SO relaxing I leave there feeling so relaxed like a new woman! I trust Anna can heal any sort of issue with her expertise in Chinese medicine. I would recommend her to everyone!







Yelp Review 67+

Erin B.


Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars as of 8/2/2013


I was havingTMJ pain and was able to see Anna the same day. The pain is almost
100% gone. Anna will work with your needs. Thank you!


Thank you for your Yelp Reviews! 

Please visit our site for our updated Yelp Reviews and personal testimonials.  Thank you for keeping me in practice since 1999!



Thank you to everyone who is adding Protandim into your lifestyle.


I’ve been taking Chinese herbs since 1994 and I’ve benefitted greatly from adding them into my health regimen.  I’ve kept my family strong and healthy.  I’m giving my certified therapy dog great health and longevity with Chinese herbs.


I was skeptical when I started taking Protandim because I was already in excellent health.  Because of Protandim, I no longer have post-workout recovery.  I train at 3 different gyms:TOTAL MMA with a women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team,REIGN TRAINING CENTER for my boxing/kickboxing conditioning andRENAISSANCE for my hip hop and everything else I love to do:  yoga, swimming, stretching weight training.  To not have a post-covery recovery is AMAZING.  For anyone who works out hard and frequently, you know that it takes the right foods and whole food supplements and consistency to keep the post-workout recovery at a minimum.  Protandim does that for me and it’s just one pill a day.


Please watch their video that explains all of the tremendous health benefits that Protandim can offer!


If you’re serious about trying Protandim, I can send you some testimonials and research information.  You can easily GOOGLE SCHOLAR Protandim, NRF2 and Oxidative Stress.



I started specialized training with a wonderful club since 2009.


I’ve stayed quiet about it because I wanted to see the results of the training that I was receiving.


I’ve been in practice since 1999.  It has been a long journey full of ups and down. Since I started training with Dr. Richard Tan in March 2006, I have been able to make a very good living with Chinese medicine.  The ups were much more abundant than the downs.  I became a Gold Level Certified Dr. Tan’s Balance Method practitioner in April 2012.
In November 2009, I started listening to specialized training audios and watching professional webinars to help keep my mind and body focused on what really matters to me.


In July 2010, I gave birth to Anais, my second child.  I worked really hard since 2006 (long days/nights at my healing center) when I met Dr. Tan, so I thought that 2010 would yield less profits for me given that I gave birth in the middle of the year.  My training proved to work because I made more money than I had with less effort since 1999.  This was shown in my 2010 tax return.


In 2011, I tripled my office size. This was not an option.  This was a necessity for my patients’ comfort, so that I can see more patients and so that they could have more room to breathe.  It is a true blessing to have our 1590 square foot office.  My children also have 2.5 playrooms in our healing center.


In 2012, I doubled my profits.


In February 2013, I decided to finally participate in my club’s events and meetings.  My training and the results in my life are much more powerful than ever.


If you want your life to improve in ANY area, please check out my new website that describes the club that I’m in.

It may be the answer to your prayers.

It certainly was God’s answer to me when I prayed for serious help in 2009.

This club teaches me HOW to fish.  God could have easily given me a bucket to fish to feed me for a year and that’s all I really needed at the time.


The variety of specialized training that I receive has given me the tools to change my family’s legacy and truly allow me a pathway to complete freedom.


GIN training is totally in line with the philosophy of Chinese medicine.


The reason for all of my patients’ testimonials is because acupuncture RAISES THE VIBRATION. When we function at a lower vibration, physical, emotional and mental illnesses occur.

When we RAISE THE VIBRATION, great things happen in life, including stronger and more vibrant health, increased happiness, and a whole bunch of stuff in life that affects our health.  (i.e., Money, Time, Priorities, Relationships, etc…)










Protected: 64+ Yelp Review, Protandim Testimonials, Best cream for Dry Skin

April 13th, 2013

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YouTube #29: Jaundice, Yelp #61+, Weightloss, Fitness, Nutrition & More!

September 18th, 2012



September 17, 2012


Using Homemade Bone Broth for the Treatment of Infertility

(read more)

Calling all women interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Join Brazilian Top Team OC.  The ladies’ team is for serious team players!  We train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

(read more)

YouTube #29:

Jaundice, Slow healing liver, Itching, Difficulty Sleeping



Liver disease caused by Anabolic steroids

MDs gave him 1+ year to heal.

Treated 5 times by ME.  After 4th treatment:

Itching 100% improved.

Sleeping 100% improved.

Jaundice 95% improved.

Bilirubin level decreased from 45 to 30 to 10 from 1st to the 4th treatment (it should be under a 1).  According to the email from patient’s parents below, his liver is HEALTHY after a total of 5 treatments.  The doctors gave the 16-year old patient a very poor prognosis, stating that this slow-healing part of the liver would take 1+ year to heal (with medications).  I initially asked for 6-9 months (claiming that I hope to decrease healing time from 25-50%;  I obviously underestimated Dr. Tan’s Balance method because it took me a TOTAL OF 5 TREATMENTS to earn this letter).  Doctors absolutely don’t believe that the acupuncture had anything to do with the improvement during the 2.5 weeks the patient was under my care.  If you would like a personal update, the parents clearly stated below that they are willing to speak for my work.



Thank you for the follow up.

“B” is doing extremely well.

His liver finally hit the number for him to

be declared “healthy.”
He is playing football and enjoying his

junior year in high school.

As a family, we are happy to write a
testimonial on your website.
Please just let us know how to do it.
We are also happy to
refer you to anybody that will listen.
We can never thank you enough for
helping B in his recovery.


Mr. & Mrs. “J”

This is the reason why I chose to be a “quack doctor” in 1994.  History clearly shows that evolution (philosophy, arts, medicine, science, religion, law, human rights, etc.) usually happened when a person ran a different direction and went against status quo despite all criticism and hurdles.  Remember, the world used to be “flat;” medical doctors not too long ago believed that “a gentleman’s hands are never dirty,” thus they never believed in washing their hands after handling a corpse and then delivering a baby (causing a high percentage of mothers dying); women used to not be able to vote in America; people of color had zero rights in America; a renegade a couple of thousands of years ago created a whole new testament in the Bible; a young Joan of Arc (burned at the stake at age 19) followed a mission that probably would earn her a place in a psyche ward by today’s standards; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a fabulous dream; and the list goes on.   It is my privilege to practice a medicine that the pioneers in the 1970s paved my way in California.  This quickly-gained and, hopefully, long-term success story is one gift that I give to the field of Chinese medicine with a very humble heart.  I honestly thought it would take me a minimum of 3 months to start seeing profound improvement like this.


Thank you, Southern California.  Thank you, “B,” for your faith in me.


Yelp Review #61




5 Star as of 7/29/2012


I have been going to Anna for over 2 years now and cannot say enough great things about her.  I first started seeing her when I went for a nagging hip pain that I had tried everything to get rid of.  A friend one night suggested acupuncture – I was admittedly a skeptic and hence why I never went.  But I was at my whits end and would try anything to make the pain go away.  The very next morning as I was driving to work a van pulled up next to me with the advertisement on it’s car – Elements in Harmony, Acupuncture.  I knew it was meant to be.  I immediately called that number and I have been with her ever since.  Within a year my hip pain was completely gone.  Now I see Anna for my mental and overall well being.

I cannot imagine my life without Anna and her special gift.  She is an amazing practitioner as well as an extraordinary person and friend.

She made a believer out of me!!

Thank you,  Ann.

All the best,

Weightloss at the Tarjoman Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr. Tarjoman and his awesome doggies


Want to lose 3-7 lbs per week and don’t know where to start? Visit Tarjoman Chiropractic and learn about weight loss and the path to a healthier YOU. This will be your last diet and you will feel better than ever!!!

Please call (949)829-8871 or email to learn more

It’s official, we have started our Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Center! First group of clients have all signed up and starting their program. We are very excited and are looking forward to helping all of them acheive their weight loss goals. This is the last diet they, or you if interested, will every try.

Please contact Danielle to learn more!

Let her and Dr. T know that Anna sent you.

Fitness with Miss Jackie!

Sponsored by Xyience

Miss Jackie also happens to be a graduate of Fullerton State University and has been in the early development education for the past 13 years.  She has a spectacular early development center upstairs at Reign Training Center where I train kickboxing and looks after Anais while I can Train to Reign!


“I want to lose weight!!”… “I want to get in-shape!!”… “If only I can lose these last 5lbs!!” Does that all sound familiar to you? Possibly repeating over and over in your head? Getting healthy and “getting in-shape” are one of those things people tend to put off until the weight is unbearable and/or the person’s health is at risk. So where do we begin? Just like anyone who is interested in fashion, cooking, art or any hobby, the first step is to do a little research on what it is he/she is interested in. It somewhat becomes an obsession. As for ‘getting into shape’ there’s no difference in your approach. There is an ongoing list of workout ideas, clean eating recipes and daily supplements to consider. Some may equate “skinny” to being healthy, but it is far from it. It is definitely not about popping a fat burning pill or being on a liquid diet for a few weeks, because those will only give you temporary results. It’s about incorporating healthy choices into your daily routine and making fitness a lifestyle.

So, what’s the first step? Whether your a stay-at-home parent, eight to fiver or constantly traveling, it is making a commitment to yourself. A commitment to making a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercising, setting realistic fitness goals and making healthy choices for your body. Everyone has a specific body type and reacts differently to certain foods and/or supplements. It is important to research what we put in our body along with creating a workout plan that is tailored to our goals and/or needs. This lifestyle involves being cautious about the things we eat along with portion sizing, how much exercise or physical activity we engage in and the amount of rest we give ourselves. Here are some quick things to consider: Research different kinds of healthy foods and different physical activities/exercises that interest you that also require raising your heart-rate. This is a KEY element to losing weight! Prepare your meals for the day with small snacks ready to go. This will decrease the chances of walking into a fast food restaurant or picking up 7-Eleven’s fat filled convenient food soaked in saturated fat. If you are a parent, consider snacks both you and your child can enjoy together. We are all guilty of eating the fruit snacks or animal cookies laying around in your child’s lunch bag. Throw out the processed snacks, bright artificial colored cereal and replace them with fruits, veggie sticks and organic munchies. Having a variety of snacks and switching them out every couple weeks makes it less likely to get bored of them.

Be prepared to take on the day!…. write out a meal plan for yourself and/or your family. The moment it’s written down it becomes part of our daily routine and eventually becomes habitual. If you want to get serious, set an alarm to eat every 2-3 hours so our body does not go into starvation mode and hold on to the fat for fuel. Refueling our body with small healthy nutritious meals every 2-3 hours, even when not hungry will result in having energy throughout the day and help you lean out. It’s simple! If this is something new to you, take baby steps! Put in the time, do the work and it will ALL pay off. Its YOUR time to embark on your own journey and create YOUR own fitness SUCCESS story. Stay tuned for more health & fitness tips and sampled workouts and great supplements that will enhance your overall workout experience!



This Doctor of Holistic Nutrition is so awesome, you’ll just have to visit her website.  There’s way too much to share.  Oh, she also happens to be one of my real life super heroes.  Doctor, mommy, business owner, in shape in all areas of her life.  I just love this leading lady.

Anna Dolopo, L.Ac is a Gold Level Certified

Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method practitioner.



Please schedule your appointments directly on our homepage at

or you can call us any time at 949-305-1703.



Fertility: 22nd YouTube video

December 11th, 2011
Let’s keep you healthy at a FRACTION of the cost!

Is it me or did the Christmas and Holiday marketing start in October at many of the malls?  Well, if the intention was to “stimulate the economy,” then ring the bells!


This year has been a fun and wonderful time for us at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs.  We moved at the end of June to a much larger healing center, allowing us to now serve our practice members with greater efficiency.  I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every patient who has supported my quest to be one of the most effective acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists in Southern California.  I am a dedicated and ever-improving student of my teacher, Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan.  It is truly because of his influence in my life that I’ve been able to accomplish exponentially more short-term and LONG-TERM results through the true POWER of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.  I started this love of Chinese medicine in 1999 professionally, but I honestly began practicing real Chinese medicine when I took my first class with Dr. Tan in March 2006.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I guess it took me 7 years to become ready for a lifetime of study with my beloved master.


I am so grateful for more of my patients Yelp Reviews and testimonials that have been posted up this year.  If you feel that our work together has significantly improved your life, please consider sharing your story with us on Yelp or on Google reviews.  All of my patients’ stories have been the best avenue for people who are struggling with health issues to find me.  Without your stories, my name would not be so strong on the internet.  THANK YOU for your love and support for the last 12+ years.


Staying healthy and calm during the Holidays does not have to cost you a lot of money!


Take advantage of our little secret that we have at our healing center and show up whenever you have just $20 in your pocket, a half hour of time and are near us about 3 minutes off of the Lake Forest exit.






25 minute acupuncture

No consultation
No scheduling
Drop-in patients only
2-4 needles in body

Open to general public.
There are no treatment requests allowed.
This is a generic treatment especially designed for the patient who just wants a quick treatment specific for relaxation and immune enhancement.

I GIVE NO MEDICAL ADVICE.  We will not be talking in my personal office.


This treatment is PERFECT for patients who just want a quick, relaxing, non-commitment type treatment.

Standard points chosen specifically for relaxation and immune enhancement.  No special points requested is allowed.  All massage tables are heated.  Warm packs and eye pillows allowed when available and not being used by my “regular” patients who have scheduled for a personalized treatment.

Thank you for your consideration and for spreading the word!


(Cash or credit card only.  This offer is not for insurance-paying patients.)






We have a some special incentives for our patients who would like to renew their contract for discounted rates and for patients who have discovered and enjoyed their immediate and long-term success with the POWERS of Chinese medicine.


This discount program can help you save $5-10 per visit and more on herbs and during other special discount events for those times when life just gives you a little more than you can handle or if you simply want to come in for tune ups here and there.


Please call  949-305-1703 or email us at and we’ll be so happy to share with you some of our incentives for joining before 12/23/11.


Thank you for your consideration!





Please support my patient’s blog that promotes awareness of some of the most delicious GF dishes that I have ever tasted.  Thank you for the wonderful cookies, Michelle!  I won’t share.  :)





Please visit our 22nd YouTube video by clicking on the link above and read our fertility testimonials by clicking on the picture below.






Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another type of holiday event in December or just the JOY OF LIVING, our family sends to your family wishes for love, happiness, prosperity, longevity and, especially, ABSOLUTELY GREAT HEALTH!


Photos courtesy of Bethany Tiss Photography



Because of my personal belief in God, Lord Jesus Christ and for ALL OF THE SUPPORT that San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles and Ventura counties have given me since 1999, I have achieved my own greatness so far in the field of Chinese medicine.


Thank you for believing in my work, Southern California!


With love and light,


Anna & our therapy Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pikachu



23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 114

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


clinic: 949.305.1703

text: 619.341.4341

Welcome another Precious Baby!

October 24th, 2011

October 23, 2011


Hello Friends and Patients!


In this newsletter:


Acupuncture & OM Day Dinner

Acupuncture Flu Shot



Google Reviews

Loyalty Program

Natural Pregnancy

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine



Yelp Reviews




It is with absolute great pleasure that I introduce to you “L,” a beautiful new baby to the world, born to a mother whom I had helped become pregnant with the POWERS of Chinese medicine last year.


I would like to thank all of my “mothers” who have worked so diligently with me over the course of either the recommended 6-12 cycles, 12-18 cycles or 2-3 years in order to become pregnant naturally.


Please scroll below to read her mommy’s testimonial.


Today is a very special day for me because I get to share this with you.  Healing does take time.  It takes effort.  It takes persistence. It takes perseverance.  All I ask is that when you decide to work with me that you believe in yourself and give yourself time to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I believe in this medicine and I’ve been training since 1994 to serve you with my best with the POWERS of Chinese medicine.  Just believe in yourself, show up for the recommended number of treatments and we are half way there.


Baby “L” is living proof that when Chinese medicine is applied properly, consistently and frequently, dreams do come true.


Congratulations, Mommy.  You did it!


It was hard to write this because I can’t find the words to thank Anna enough for what she did for me.  I started seeing her in the spring of 2010 for issues unrelated to fertility.  Very soon after I switched my focus to fertility because my husband and I were ready to start a family and it wasn’t happening as quickly or easily as expected.  She was very clear about the instructions for fertility treatments and the patience required to embark on this journey with acupuncture and herbs.  I was ready and willing to do it.  She asked for 6 – 12 cycles and diligence/faith throughout the process.  Understandably, my faith waivered as the months went on and she patiently provided me with kind words, hope, and support that I needed to keep going.  Many times I called her crying and she listened and encouraged me to press on.  By cycle six I decided to see my OB/GYN to confirm what I thought was low progesterone.  Sure enough my blood work revealed that my progesterone was extremely low and she indicated that I was not ovulating.  Her recommendation was that I start Clomid, which I was very much against because I didn’t want to introduce synthetic hormones into my system, especially after working with acupuncture. Also I knew in my heart of hearts that I WAS ovulating, regardless of what the blood test showed.  It was yet another hiccup in my faith in acupuncture but after supportive words from Anna, I decided to stay on the natural path.  A couple of days later I observed some strange symptoms and decided to take a pregnancy test (I thought what the heck—it can’t hurt!). To my utter surprise, it was positive!  I waited the weekend and called my doctor on Monday, went in for a pregnancy test and discovered I was three weeks pregnant!  I went from “not ovulating” to “pregnant” in a matter of days.  My doctor said stranger things have happened, but I knew what happened – acupuncture and herbs!!  My pregnancy was virtually problem free with the exception of having typical pregnancy symptoms.  In my 40th week I went to see Anna for natural induction because I was scheduled to be induced in my 41st week. As expected, it worked!  Two days before my induction my water broke and I went into natural labor.  Today I sit here with my beautiful nine-week old baby girl and I get misty-eyed just thinking about the road to get here.  I always refer to Anna as my angel because without her I would not be in this fortunate place.  Thank you Anna for making my dreams of becoming a mother come true.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture for Stroke

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture can contribute an important part of the treatment plan for a patient recovering from a stroke. Use of a range of conventional and traditional treatment provides the patient with the greatest chance for recovery of function, minimization of disability, and can also reduce pain and help the patient cope with frustration and other adverse emotional reactions to their illness. TCM approaches may also be used to lessen the side-effects of conventional medicines which may include lethargy and nausea.

Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood flow in areas of the brain immediately around lesions caused by a stroke, and so may facilitate brain repair and re-organization to compensate for areas of organic damage. Clinical trials indicate that acupuncture is a low cost treatment with few risks of side-effects. The absence in TCM of toxicity, which can result in side-effects is a quality that allows acupuncture to be safely used in conjunction with any conventional therapies.

Traditional herbal medicines such as Ginsing Zai Zao Wan and Di Huang Yin may also assist in the recovery from a stroke by thinning the blood and reducing platelet aggregation. Other treatments that may contribute to recovery include massage and electrical stimulation of acupoints. Electro-stimulation is a technique where small electrical currents are passed through acupuncture needles to add additional stimulation to acupuncture points. Electro-acupuncture has been shown to decrease pain, accelerate tissue healing, and significantly reduce inflammation.

TCM approaches are increasingly being incorporated into Western healthcare, and often the best care is a result of the full circle approach: taking into account a person’s mind and spirit as well as the body. Stress reducing massage and Asian Body Therapy can aid in recovery as well, taking the emotional stress of a person’s recovery into account.


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TCM and Acupuncture for Stroke
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October 20th, 2011

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September 13, 2011

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Here is our most recent testimonial on the treatment of depression:


Anna is, in all senses of the word, a true Healer. Not only are her treatments extremely effective for the physical problems I’ve had, emotionally I feel like a different person every time I leave as well.

I started to see Anna because I felt depressed, and I left the first treatment already feeling much better than I’d felt in a very long time. Sometimes Anna gives me a mantra to work with or something to think about on the table. Other times, it’s just her wisdom and very presence that make feel better. Anna’s positive outlook is contagious, and she always seems to know exactly what to tell me to focus on mentally and emotionally to feel good.

I felt so much better after about ten treatments, that I started only going in for physical problems every now and then.  I hadn’t gone for about two weeks, and I started to feel bad again, so I made an appointment. I literally went into her office crying, and left laughing. I could not get over the difference, and how fast it was.

Anna is such a warm person, and I also love how her daughters are sometimes at the office. They make it feel much more like a healing center, and give a community feel to the experience.

Every time anyone I know starts talking about a physical or emotional issue, I always tell them about Anna and recommend her. Her acupuncture is true medicine, and has given me health, balance and peace of mind. What more can I ask for, really?  I give her my highest recommendation and feel so lucky to have found her.

Thank you thank you thank you Anna :)

Talk to you soon,





It has been awhile since I shared with you a picture of the girls.

Angilynn is now 7 years old and is a second grader.

Anais turned 1 year old here during the summer.

As you can see, we had a very special guest with us to help Anais blow out her CANDLE.



Anna has the best herbs to treat bronchitis. I took her herbal prescription and I noticed right away that my coughing is 100% better from 1 month of coughing from bronchitis. I got sick again and took the pills and got better faster than normal the second time. I am a firm believer in her treatments! I have Grave’s Disease and my immunity is at stake here. When I get the common cold/flu, it’s 10 times worse for me. My endocrinologist didn’t give me much to go on, so I have to treat myself. Thank you, An, for guiding me on how to feel better.

- Aurora Marie Zhivago


Hey Anna,
I actually noticed a bit of a difference after taking the Magnolia Clear Sinus for only a few days so I am definitely going to continue taking them!

I am also very interested in the Immune + that you gave me as it sounds like just what I need to fend off all the sickies in my office.

I want to do whatever I can to improve my overall health and well-being so if there are any other herbs you would suggest, I would be more than happy to discuss adding them as well. It’s certainly a far cry from having to go to the doctor all the time and missing days of work due to the same illness!

Thanks for everything, I am really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!



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