Children and Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine for children?
I do treat Angilynn, my three-year old, with acupuncture.
She received her first treatment before age 1.
Angilynn now has a broken wrist.
As she is in a splint (awaiting her moment of getting a cast),
she also gets acupuncture treatments and massage therapy
to speed up the healing process and lessen her pain-
almost the same treatments that I give to my adult patients.
Angilynn is treated with “natural therapies” 98% of the time.
She has never received antibiotics.
She was breastfed for over 2 years.
She has never experienced an ear infection.
Her papa and I watch her sugar intake.
Restaurant owners love the fact that she eats her veggies!
She is “totally” healthy!
Besides acupuncture treatments and daily massages,
she is on classical Chinese herbal formulas almost every day.
Sometimes she takes Juice Plus Gummies and Ageless Essentials.

This product is generally safe for toddlers to take.

It’s also very tasty!
I drink this product sometimes as a meal replacement on busy days at the office.
For those who know me,
I eat often,
so when I get hungry and there’s nothing around to eat,
this healthy “meal” holds me over for a few hours until
I can eat something solid.
Come in today and get a few samples!)
I often get inquiries from Angilynn’s childcare provider,
Nayibe at Mamy’s Daycare,
how Angilynn rarely gets sick
despite being around many children who have poor immune systems.
Nayibe also observes that if Angilynn should catch a cold
that it only lasts 1-2 days,
unlike the other kids who will be sick for weeks or months at a time
(while also being treated with antibiotics).
You can imagine how frustrating those parents are.
Taking care of sick children is also extra work for
childcare providers and teachers.
The youngest baby I had massaged before having my own was 10 days old.
The massage took away three days, non-stop, of crying due to colic pain.
I happened to drop by my friend’s house to visit her newborn
only to find her worried sick about her screaming baby.
She was absolutely amazed to see first-hand what a little bit of a massage, clock-wise on her belly,
could do to calm the anger of her baby and,
more importantly, making the baby feel better again.
It is never too early to get your children off to a natural-healing start.
The sooner you get them to eat healthily,
take care of their teeth,
get them used to seeing a natural healer of any sort
(in my case, an acupuncturist/massage therapist/herbalist),
the easier their health will be to take care of in the long run.
It’s great to find a pediatrician who agrees with your approach to wellness
for your family.
If anyone needs any referrals in the OC area,
I am more than happy to share these doctors with you.
I also recommend two doulas in the OC area:
Lindsey with OC Doulas (www.OCDoulas)
-try to find my picture with Angilynn!
Stefanie Miller (617.460.0104/
The network chiropractor that I work with,
Dr. Michael Whelan,
who is also MY chiropractor,
is absolutely awesome!
I have seen him work with infants and he also worked on Angilynn’s spine
with network chiropractic the day after she injured her elbow and wrist.
If you would like to know more about network chiropractic,
feel free to call our office and speak with Mary,
our office manager,
who has also been under the care for many years with Dr. Whelan.
Our office number is 949.581.5231.
Dawn Jackson,
our extremely talented massage therapist,
is still have a $15 discount on 60 and 90-minute massages until August 18.
You can book an appointment with her at:
Take care of your kids the natural way!

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