Cyst on knee

Reducing the size of a knee cyst
38-year old woman presented with cyst on right knee.  The location of this golf ball-sized cyst was located just inferior to the patella on the medial aspect of the knee.  It hurt to kneel and it hurt to the touch.  The medical doctors recommended surgery.  The patient’s primary medical doctor measured the size of the cyst.  Surgery was scheduled within a few weeks of medical examination by her physician.
The patient presented this medical issue to me on treatment #21 for therapy of weight loss.  Treatment #21 was the first time that I had added therapy for her knee cyst.  This acupuncture  treatment was administered on May 11, 2009.  On May 13 (treatment #22), the patient claimed that it seemed like the cyst had gotten smaller.  It was still painful.  On treatment #27, which was May 30, the cyst was almost 100% gone.  The patient is canceling her appointment for surgery to remove the cyst.
It should also be noted that a factial cyst had also diminished during the beginning of her acupuncture therapy.  The doctors also claimed that only surgery would remove the facial cyst.
Many other health issues have improved.  For privacy of this patient’s case, these other details are being withheld in this case study.
From treatment #21-27, the cost of acupuncture was $350.  She paid $50/session.  It took 6 treatments (treatments #21-26) to reduce the size of the cyst by almost 100% from a “golf-ball size” measured by her M.D.  Her M.D. stated that only surgery would remove the cyst.  We have also taken away a cyst somewhere else on her body in less time.  It was on treatment #27 that she stated her improvement.
This patient’s overall payments since March 2009 has been $1,550, which includes purchase of some Chinese herbs.
For a comprehensive overview of this patient’s therapy, you are welcome to call me.  If you I know that you have never seen this patient at my clinic, I will share with you details of further improvement in this patient’s health.
On a side note, this patient has lost weight also.  Very good prognosis since March 2009.  It is May 30, 2009 at the time  of this publication.

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