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Merry Christmas!

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Thank you for making 2009 a successful year for me!

On August 1, I signed my first 5-year lease at a location just for me.  Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs finally had a location of her own.  10 years of subletting have finally led me to a place that I can call my very own.

I would like to take this moment to thank each of you who have supported me along my journey, especially since I was a student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
God doesn’t always give us what we want, but He does give us what we need.  It took me 10 years of subletting with some tremendous doctors to help me grow up and handle the responsibilities of being a true entrepreneur.
I am so grateful for my healing center.  Each of my practice members means so much to my family and me.  When I had a dream to become a doctor of Chinese medicine at age 19, I had no clue how God was going to pave my path.  Now that I’m a licensed acupuncturist with 10.5 years of professional experience under my belt, I still can hardly believe that I have come this far.  From my logo to my website, my patients and their referrals, and my skills and intuition as a practitioner, I take nothing for granted.  I have really big dreams for Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs and I still follow God obediently for He knows best for my dreams and how they will eventually manifest.  After all, I am who I am today because of Him.
God bless all of you.  May all of your special dreams become realities.  Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for making 2009 so successful and special to my family and me.
Anna Katherine Navida Dolopo, L.Ac.
text: 619.341.4341
From our family to yours,
Happy Holidays!
Give thanks to the people in your life who has made your spirit stronger.
Here’s my family who has supported me throughout my vocation.

Kato and Jeannie, you will always be loved.
Our work together helped me become stronger, more confident, more centered, which all translated into facing my darkest fears.
Thank you for coming to work with me while you were alive for many years.
You kept me feeling safe and secure.
Though you are no longer physically with us, I will always remember the lessons that your spirits taught me and I will continue to improve my skills in order to better serve God’s people.
Pikachu, papa, Gily and I will see you one day over Rainbow Bridge.
Until then, please continue to be our guardian angels.
We keep you in our hearts this Christmas season.
We love you so much.

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