Digestive disorders and Chinese medicine

We’re making great progress with patients who deal with digestive issues in our clinic.  Results are happening with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.  Call us at 949.305.1703 to find out how Chinese medicine can help you if you’re dealing with IBS, hemorrhoids, Chrohn’s Disease or any other type of serious digestive disorders.

A patient had recently undergone a medical procedure in the hospital after which she had to lay down for 24 hours straight.   The experience caused her to have severe hemorrhoids.  With acupuncture and Chinese herbs, we were able to resolve the painful bowel movements and stop the bleeding successfully.
Another patient excreted a half cup of blood every day for over a month in his stool.  After the first treatment specifically for this condition, the bleeding stopped.  We continued the same treatment for a few more treatments to ensure that the bleeding would not come back.  The treatments successfully resolved the blood in the stool.  To ensure that there are no other medical issues, the patient is having a colonoscopy done in July.  The patient’s medical doctor is very pleased to know that the bleeding was able to be stopped with the very first acupuncture session.  ***It is important to note that this is a patient that I have had since last year and he comes in consistently, twice a week.  I had been treating him for other health issues and he never mentioned this bleeding issue from his rectum.  He didn’t know that our treatments would be able to help that specific issue.  From the moment that I treated this particular issue, the symptoms were immediately resolved.  Until his colonoscopy next month, I am treating his digestion/elimination specifically.  We are hoping that there is not any other serious issue underlying the cause of the bleeding.
There are a couple of testimonials on my website specifically for digestive disorders:
You might want to read them to see how these patients’ lives have transformed.
If you want to know how my digestive disorders have improved with Chinese medicine, please read:
For the first 7 years of my practice, I focused on digestive and menstrual issues.  There is a school of thought in Chinese medicine that if a practitioner treats the “earth,” no matter what other issues are going on, everything else will resolve.  This means that the “earth,” which is the digestive system, is in harmony, the body, mind and spirit will also become in harmony.
You are what you eat.  Eat well and be well.  Eat consciously and live consciously.
A book that I highly recommend to almost every patient that comes into my office is HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS by Paul Pitchford.  This book is based on Chinese medicine.  It is one of my most favorite investments.  For $30 (available at Mother’s Market, Amazon or other retailers), the knowledge that you’ll gain will be priceless from this book.

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