Dr. Tan’s Balance Method

Daily Back Pain May Have Adverse Health Effects in Elderly Women
Aloha practice members and friends of
Elements in Harmony
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs!
I hope that each of you are in excellent health.
Thank you to everyone who has sent me their condolence regarding my
patient’s and my cousin’s passings.
My patient’s funeral was especially beautiful, heart-touching and full of love.
He will always be missed and cherished.
It bears repeating that in my Chinese medical practice,
I specialize in helping patients GRADUATE from pain.
Most people come into my practice for some type of musculo-skeletal pain.
More and more people are coming in for internal conditions,
as well as emotional imbalance.
Whatever the reason for seeking guidance from me as an
acupuncturist or a Chinese herbalist,
my intention is ALWAYS to help each patient GRADUATE from their ailments-
no matter how chronic their situation may be.
I am a Dr. Tan Balance Method practitioner.
Just that statement alone tells those who are familiar with the
true art of Classical Chinese medicine that I don’t play around
when it comes to helping patients overcome EVERY obstacle in their wellbeing.
Especially when it comes to physical pain,
I have yet to see Traditional Chinese acupuncture come close to what
Balance Method does every day all over the world in every
Balance Method practitioner’s office.
I practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine
as an intern in the late 90s and as a
licensed professional from ’99-’06.
I am very well aware of what TCM is and is not capable of doing.
I urge you to research your acupuncturist’s credentials and training,
past and current,
as the study of Chinese medicine is never-ending.
Not all methods are made equal.
Before I implemented Balance Method into my practice,
I put this method to the test on COUNTLESS individuals in my personal life
to ensure its strong efficacy.
On my own website and in person,
I boast a 90% success rate in helping patients GRADUATE
from their pain when the treatments are done correctly
(i.e., the patient’s commitment to the number of treatments required per week
and for how many weeks one comes in for treatments).
Please visit the testimonials page on my website:
I implore you and anyone you know that may be suffering from
moderate to severe pain to please put my skills as a
Balance Method practitioner to the test.
I started Balance Method in March of 2006.
I began with a 75% success rate.
My goal is to become like my teacher and achieve a 99% success rate.
I intend to help as many people in this world as possible
and I am asking that you help me accomplish my dreams.
Too many people suffer from all types of physical ailments.
If you read that article on MedScape,
you would have read this as the first paragraph:
“August 23, 2007 — Daily back pain is associated with decreased quality of life, mobility, longevity, and increased risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) in elderly women, according to the results of a study reported in Spine.”
This LIFE is the LIFE that matters.
Live your life the way you want to live.
Now that you have one more tool to excel in your endeavors,
why would you continue to live with ANY limitations or discomfort?
On my website’s “Links” page,
there is a link to a prestigious and authentic
martial arts school in Lake Forest.
If you don’t already know the benefits of Tai Chi and
you may be dealing with some stress in your life,
it behooves you to study as to why Tai Chi is critical to longevity.
Longevity isn’t just living until an old age.
Longevity is living a high quality of life for as long as we are meant to live.
We live in a country where we are free to make our choices,
especially when it comes to our healthcare.
Please do not allow any politically-affiliated party determine for you and your loved ones
what path is best for you in the enhancement of your entire wellbeing.
Leaving your health to the decisions of any institution is not such a wise choice.
You need only to look within yourself to realize that your health is far more important than
anything else that you can accomplish here on earth.
because no matter what you allow to happen in your life,
sooner or later, you will reap what you sow.
The question is,
what type of health will you reap should you be blessed to reach an old age?
Take excellent care of your health.
I promise you that everything else will fall into place just the right way.
Be aligned, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Have faith and be good to yourself.
When you are able to truly love yourself,
then can you give unconditional love to others.
It does NOT work the other way around.

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