Enhancing libido with Chinese medicine

Can my acupuncture treatments spice up your libido?
Here’s one testimonial stating that they do!
or you can read her blog at:
Is she my first patient that I’ve helped for sexual performance enhancement?
So if (and when) you or your partner are ready for some better action,
you can schedule your appointment on my next available
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.
The oldest person that I’ve helped strengthen his libido was age 82.
He was so happy to keep up with his 65-year old wife.
At the Samahan Community Medical Clinic in National City,
he exclaimed that he wanted to go outside of the clinic room and
shout outloud,
“No need for Viagra!  Just do acupuncture!”
God bless this darling man who treated me like his granddaughter,
blind (due to glaucoma) and with a walker…but he still got it on
(and apparently really well because his wife always blushed
whenever he talked about his new-found sexual prowess).
BTW…his wife received the same improved libido
benefits from our acupuncture treatments.
I had to literally stop them from giving me too much information.

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