Erectile dysfunction and Chinese medicine

Since 1997, I have successfully treated health issues of
erectile dysfunction and low libido.
This article expresses Chinese medicine’s role in strong sexual health:
This topic is usually very sensitive for any of us to discuss with anyone,
even with our own loved ones.
I take privacy issues very seriously in my practice.
I thank everyone of my patients for their trust and confidence.
Though I do not always mention it,
when you hear me say things like,
“We are strengthening your kidneys,”
when we are doing either acupuncture, Chinese herbs or Qi Gong,
we are always enhancing your libido.
I may be verbally focusing on other health issues,
such as respiratory, gynecological or lower back issues,
but know that by strengthening your “Jing Qi/Essential Energy”,
we are ALWAYS strengthening the organs that dominate sexuality.
(Jing Qi is ruled by the kidney energy.)
I am always open to discuss this delicate topic of
sexuality and Chinese medicine.
When it comes to the health of our kidneys, there is no room for jokes.
A weak libido is a reflection of many other health issues
that may seem “unrelated” to sexual desire.
A person may be dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, hearing issues, low back pain, poor short-term memory, loss of hair/pre-mature graying of hair, anxiety, insomnia, just to name a few health complaints.
In my Qi Gong classes, “Kidney Qi” is always strengthened.

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