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(This letter was forwarded to me by a patient who has been with me for quite some time now. If you can help, please do so. Check out these kids’ GPAs! They’re outstanding citizens and they’re America’s own. We need more kids like this, so humble and hard working. Their father’s disabled and their mother’s the only one taking home money. These are geniuses in school that could really use some assistance. I came from a rough neighborhood. My GPA was consistently between a 3.5-3.91. The only way I “made it out of the hood” was with both of my parents working and emphasizing the importance of a very good education. I didn’t have the privilege of going to a private high school, but I did have great teachers in high school. If I was in these kids’ position, I would be asking for some monetary help, too. If you’d like to speak with these kids’ aunt directly, I’ll see if she can talk with you more about these kids’ characters and their ambition. Please send anything that you can.)

Ryan Flood
4021 Postgate Terrace #204
Silver Spring, MD 20906

August 22, 2008

Dear Contributor:

My name is Ryan Flood and I am writing to request your financial help or direction to any organizations or persons that would be able to assist my brothers and me. We’ve been given the opportunity to attend “The Bullis School” in Potomac, Maryland. The full tuition is about $29,000.00 per student for the 2008-2009 school year. We believe this is a life changing opportunity for all of us to prepare our future at a school known for producing high achievers. In order to be apart of this remarkable school, the three of us must raise a combined support of $13,000.00 for the 2008-2009 school year. With the help of so many caring people, we’ve raised $5,000.00 and with your help I know we can reach our goal. This cost includes the balance of the tuition, books, activity fees, transportation, etc. and it would be really helpful if you or your organization would be willing to financially assist us.

Our parents started to prepare us very early in life, working diligently with us to appreciate and understand the importance of a good education. However, life has its turns and just before entering high school, our Dad suffered a stroke. Our Mom is his personal caregiver, she takes care of us and they both support and encourage us to do our very best.

May I count on you or your organization for a donation payable to “The Bullis School”, 10601 Falls Road, Potomac, MD 20854, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible. Please mail all correspondence to Maria Thomas, Student Accounts Manager, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to call her at 301-983-5714. For IRS purposes, the memo section of your check must remain blank. The funds will be applied by the school to their general scholarship fund and then awarded to the Flood family as a scholarship. This is standard procedure to ensure your contribution meets the criteria for charitable tax-deductible giving.

Thank You

Warren Flood                           Ryan Flood                                              David Flood
The Bullis School                     The Bullis School                                     The Bullis School
18 years old                            17 years old                                            15 years old
Science Field                           Law Field                                                 Business Admin.
3.75 GPA/NHS,                       4.00 GPA,NHS                                          3.50 GPA

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