Got sober?

A patient came in with a hangover today and left “100,000 times better.”
This patient has also celebrated her 22nd treatment over the course of 1 year and 4 months.  Here are some of her improvements:

  1. Depression
  2. Headaches/migraines
  3. Dry/itchy eyes
  4. Spots in front of the eyes
  5. Anxiety
  6. Heaviness everywhere in the body
  7. Difficult to wake up
  8. Gas/belching
  9. Abdominal pain
  10. Weakness/pain in the lower back
  11. Wrist pain
When my patient came in, she told me that she had a good time last night celebrating with some friends, which is why she had a hangover, I told her that I was going to give her my “drunk treatment.”  We laughed together at the idea that there is a treatment to cure a drunken state and it was awesome to see that within an hour, her mind was completely refreshed and she no longer felt hung over!!!  The Chinese really have thought of everything.
I realized that I have never publicly expressed the benefits of acupuncture and the treatments for addiction.  I had a young man come in many months ago into my clinic totally drunk.  He attends AA and at that time, had relapsed.  He left 100% sober.  I am happy to know hat his sponsor, who is my patient, told me that my patient is back on board with his AA meetings.
Acupuncture is a great type of therapy to help people who suffer from all types of addictions, including, but not limited to: alcohol, drugs, smoking and food.  The treatments are not just geared to help a person stop the addiction, but to prevent having to replace the addiction with something else just as harmful.  My treatments are tailored to bring my patients to a complete state of relaxation, which is the most important part of any acupuncture treatment with any acupuncturist.
My lowest rate for addiction treatments is just $40.  The lowest rate for acupuncture in my clinic is $25.   These treatments are held in the Common Room.
In memory of a very beautiful man who lost his life to addiction.
If you know of a man battling with addictions,
is a great place to find one’s self and change one’s life.
I fully endorse this organization.
It’s good to know that here in South Orange County, there is such a place where a person can receive acupuncture and massage treatments that range between $25-$200 and receive the best that high quality healthcare can provide from the same practitioner in the same location.
I am very proud of ALL of patients who are attending AA meetings.  Keep up the great work!!!
At Elements in Harmony Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, I am committed to providing the most effective, relaxing and affordable acupuncture experience in ALL of Orange County!
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“Christian the Lion”
Girls, you might want to keep a Kleenex handy.  It’s a great story.
In memory of my beloved Jeannie.
Special for Sunday, July 27:
Acupuncture with neck and back massage with one bottle of Chinese herbs in stock: $100
Savings of $60
60 minute massage:  $60
Savings of $20
Wishing you harmony and peace beyond understanding,

Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience in ALL of OC!

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