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Please share this story with all your pet loving friends.  It’s from an acquaintance in Minnesota that just lost a dog to extreme heat.  She is a very responsible dog owner who was brave enough to share the story so that other dogs would be saved from the same fate.

July 16, 2008

I have learned a very sad lesson and am passing it on so that you all
know what can kill that you never thought of!

HEAT!  Yes, we all know that we don’t keep a dog in a car (even an
open one) in the sun.  But our dogs were all outside in open paddocks
with shade and water.  Plenty of water…..I have large multi gallon
pails for them!

Maya, a four year old Wheaten, was found dead last evening.  We
rushed to the ER vet for a necropsy and the cause was apparent
immediately as her internal temperature exceeded 107 degrees, some
thing the vet said could only be external…..heat!

The weather was just 80 but, there was 100% humidity and she must have
been running the fence lines with other dogs, thus, exacerbating the

I would never have thought it possible on such a moderate day but the
vet pointed out that he and his buddy were biking yesterday and his
buddy suffered from the heat and was quite sick!  So all the elements
need to be there but they can be fatal!!!  And they don’t have to
appear serious at all to us.

When I got home I found a year old boy throwing up.  Now, it isn’t
certain this is related at all, but he was one of the dogs she was
running the fence line with.  So we worry!   Miller also has some
foreign objects readily apparent in an xray in his gut.  This is most
likely small pieces of very old duck tape that was on the legs of a
ladder in his paddock. The duck tape was to protect floors from the
legs and the ladder had been left there after I used it to reach a
decking project above that part of the dog yard.  Additionally, his
WBC is 39,000 which indicates infection.  But with one dead dog, we
can’t be sure that is totally it.

PLUS, I learned that if a dog has heat issues it may be several days
before fatal symptoms of bloody vomiting and bloody loose stools are
seen.  So, others may be fine now but not fine in the end.

Maya had other dogs that she could have been running he
fence lines with.  That would mean that they weren’t in the peril that
she was in because they each did much less running.  It wasn’t, as I
said, all that hot, but the humidity was there.  She had about a
gallon of water in her pail.  Enough I though….but the pail was
empty which means she could have consumed it or dumped it!  We won’t
know.  She is not a water pail dumper like some of the others are but
there is no way of telling what she did there.

New rules, they go out and they come back in and aren’t going to spend
the day outside.  I always thought it was the best for them.  Man, if
I could spend the day out there I would be a happy dog.  But, dogs
can’t call us and tell us they are not doing well, they don’t know to
not run in the heat or humidity and they are ours to protect BUT I did
a lousy job of it this time.  I hope you all take heed and protect
your dogs.  Safer inside than out.

Oh, and I checked on them from time to time.  It sure happens fast!

B. Peterson
Duluth, MN

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