Lose weight with Chinese medicine

I have been asked several times the question of,
“How many treatments will it take for me to lose weight?”
My answer is the same for each and everyone of you-
it’s not up to me…that’s all up to you.
I can only give you my story.
Even with exercise, I had gained close to 50 pounds from 1991-1994.
I basically accepted the four sizes larger than I am today until I had
commenced my acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal formulas
in 1994.  I lost the majority of my weight in the first 6 months,
receiving about 2-3 acupuncture treatments a week.
I changed my lifestyle from 1994-1996,
going from a size 8 to a steady size 2.
Even when I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with Angilynn,
I was able to lose all of the weight again with Chinese medicine.
What matters most to me is that my relationship with food has been very
healthy.  I no longer have a codependent, unhealthy relationship with my
eating habits.  My constipation diminished and I no longer suffered with my diagnosis
of IBS.  My periods became regular and very healthy.  My periods were no longer just one day, but lasted 3-4 days long with a healthy, consistency of my menses.
Many other positive things changed in my health.
Sometimes there are too many to name,
but what I want to emphasize in this email is that I had lost the weight
that I had desperately tried to take off from 1990-1994.
For the record, I prefer to treat pain.
Treating “weightloss” is not easy.  I love to treat pain.  I know what to expect when
I treat patients who suffer from pain.  I also know what to expect from my treatments
when people come in with digestive and menstrual issues.
Weightloss is totally different animal.  We each have a different reason why we have
allowed ourselves to gain weight.
Why am I advertising it this month then?
Because it’s December and many of us have allowed ourselves to overindulge
and I don’t like listening to people’s woes about their weight
without offering my story and expertise.
For some of us, we can afford to overindulge.  For many of us, our health deserves
better than for us to forget that we’re on the fringe of being diagnosed as diabetics.

When I say to you that you can’t put an emphasis of how many treatments
it will take for you to look the way you want to,
you have to take me seriously.
ONE treatment a week is the minimum requirement.
More like 2-4 treatments would be better for your results.
Exercise, discipline, conscious awareness and your will power
are necessary for your success to come into fruition.
If you plan on missing your treatments,
then you are NOT committed.
If you have 10% desire to lose weight and a commitment to see me once a week,
then I will work on your discipline and commmitment with acupuncture.
If you think you can look different in a “better” way in YOUR eyes two years from
now, then start NOW.
I EMPHASIZE I changed MY LIFE from 1994-1996.
I did NOT lose weight overnight.
If you planned on losing weight in 2007 or even in 2006 and you STILL
have yet to see your goals become realities,
then you might want to seriously consider my treatments.
I’m not just a person treating from a textbook.
I KNOW how hard it is to lose weight.
My size 8 was quickly turning into a size 10.
I’m 5’1″, so you can see 10 extra pounds on me when I have it.
It’s on my chin, neck, center and “ma derriere.”

For me, the physique is not as important as the condition of my heart and other internal organs.  The health of our organs is very, very important.
Diseases just don’t happen.
35% of our genes comes from the people we come from.
65% of our health comes from our own genes.
I don’t succumb to what I may be predestined to have just because my parents or distant family members have suffered or maybe have died from.
I lead my own path and I am determined to live according to my own
health plan.  That is the best that we can do.
So for anyone truly ready to commit to their health and see the weight shed,
then give it a year at my discounted rates.
I guarantee you that you will feel different and my intention is that you will
feel and look the way you want to look.

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