Lowering blood pressure with acupuncture

A 69-year old man has come in 20 times since February 10.  He was diagnosed with high blood pressure seven years ago and has been on hypertension medication since then.  Though under control with his medications, he has thought of alternative methods to lower his blood pressure because he does not want to be on medications for the rest of his life.  He eats very well, including primarily fish, vegetables and fruits in his diet.  He drinks no sodas and rarely any alcohol.  He chooses wild salmon over farm-fresh salmon and he does his best to not eat much food with a lot of sodium or preservatives.  He drinks only room-temperature water.  When my patient asked his doctor what good Chinese medicine can do for his blood pressure, the doctor informed him that Chinese medicine will not prove to be of any benefit for his condition.
Due to our conflicting schedules, I have been only able to treat the patient about once a week.  Due to his work schedules, there have been few occasions whence he had come in every other week.  I would have liked to treat him 2-5 times a week in the first 2-8 weeks, the way I treat many of my patients.  Unlike many of my other patients, I wanted him to be on herbs immediately.  He resisted and wanted to try just the acupuncture.
With the medications, this patient’s blood pressure was 140/80 consistently.  By the eighth week, the patient’s blood pressure had decreased to 130/80 .  By the thirteenth week, the patient’s blood pressure was consistently at 128/78.  During the patient’s visit today, he stated that his blood pressure has been stable at 127/76, but he noticed that after our last visit, he found his blood pressure to be under 120/78.
This Wednesday is his next visit with his primary care physician.  In April, I had given my patient information on a Chinese herbal formula called Gastrodia Complex.  It has taken him five months to consider that these herbs tailored to his Chinese medical diagnosis and for his blood pressure condition can really benefit in conjunction to the acupuncture.  It is his intention to report to his doctor that he has been seeing consistent results with the acupuncture sessions in lowering his blood pressure and he would like to be only on acupuncture and Chinese herbs.
I made it clear to the patient that he would have to be on the medications as well as the herbs for, at least 2-4 weeks until his doctor can begin to wean him off of the medications.  He would have to continue the weekly acupuncture sessions until I see that his blood pressure stays stable on its own, while the medications are lowered.   My prescription is for him to stay on his herbs at its highest dosage until I can safely lower his herbal dosage.  He may have to take as low as .1666 of his initial herbal dosage anywhere between 9 to 24 months from now, depending on how well his body can do without herbs and fewer acupuncture sessions while maintaining a healthy blood pressure.  Though I do not see him immediately being off of herbs/acupuncture, he is pleased to know that there is indeed hope for him to be off of the medications completely.  He is fine knowing that he can stabilize his blood pressure completely with Chinese medicine.
This patient had other symptoms that have diminished significantly.  He no longer suffers from depression.  He described the depression as an uncontrollable sense of sadness that he could not explain or do anything about.  His anxiety is gone.  He no longer has a lump in his throat that felt like he couldn’t swallow.  The pain in his upper and middle back is no longer an issue.  His energy is much improved.   He is less tired at work.  By his third treatment, the patient had reported that he felt more energy, happier and calmer.  His dry cough is rarely an issue now.
I still have to receive an update on his comprehensive health questionnaire from him, but these are the notes that I have charted throughout his 20 treatments.  24 weeks have passed since his initial visit.  I know for a fact that this great progress would have occurred much faster had he followed my instructions to come in, at least, twice a week, in the first month.  He followed my next best advice, which is if a patient comes in just once a week, for him to please come in for 20 weeks to start seeing desired results from just acupuncture alone.
I will give updated information after, at least, three bottles of herbs have been taken in conjunction to his acupuncture sessions.  I am hopeful that the patient will be able to reduce his medications to 50-75%, if not to 100% by the sixth bottle of herbs.
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