Here’s some valuable information regarding western medicine’s approach to the treatment of shingles:

When Your Patients and In-laws Ask Whether They Should Receive the Shingles Vaccine

Posted 08/13/2008
Paul G. Auwaerter, MD

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Please reply if you would like to know how acupuncture can help with shingles.


Great things are happening here at Elements in Harmony!  I apologize that I have not taken the time to write up some new case studies, but I hope to make the time within the next week to share some tremendously positive transformations that my patients have been experiencing.  Ranging from pain to emotional issues, serious “miracles” are happening!


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I am offering the following specials.  Treat yourself to some relaxation and healing. You deserve it!  You must mention this email and please share with your friends!

* New patient  (acupuncture only):  $60 instead of $75
* New patient (acupuncture with neck and back massage): $100 instead of $130
* Acupuncture with neck, arm and back massage for all follow-up patients $110
* Add herbs to any of these specials: $25 instead of $30

As always, the Common Room is available for all follow-up patients for only $25 or $40.  Reply if you would like to know what the difference between the two treatments are.


I’d like to thank Mr. Don Shab for giving me the great opportunity to sponsor KSBR.  Our sponsorship spot is on the air!  Check out 88.5 FM and listen to lovely, relaxing music.  Elements in Harmony is sponsoring the event KSBR Morning Breeze Schmooze that will be held at Dana Point Harbor on August 31.  You can purchase tickets at


I’m still raising funds to my sponsorship to Project Playhouse.  You can read more about the organization at    If you’d like to participate in this fundraising, please come in this weekend and receive this very special offer:

* Acupuncture with one and a half  hour massage for $200
* 100% of this service will be donated to Project Playhouse.  If your contact allows you to pay less, the proceeds will NOT go towards this fundraising project.
* You are also welcome to just write a check to help me with this fundraising.  You can make it directly to my practice and I will write a check on behalf of Elements in Harmony.  The organization has pushed back my deadline to next week.  Any help that you can provide would be absolutely appreciated.  THANK YOU!


I wish you harmony and peace beyond all understanding,
Committed to providing the most effective and relaxing acupuncture experience in ALL of OC!

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