Middle-age woman: 27 treatments in 4 months

A middle-age woman has recently accomplished 27 treatments within 4 months.  During the 19th treatment, she submitted an updated health survey, so that I can see how her health has been progressing.
This is the list of some of her improvements:
  1. irritability/anger
  2. often up between 1-3 a.m.
  3. insomnia
  4. easily startled
  5. anxiety
  6. difficult to wake up
  7. edema
  8. snacking
  9. gas/belching
  10. constipation
  11. bloating
  12. indigestion/heartburn
  13. tendency to over think/worry/become obsessive
  14. dry cough
  15. nose bleeds
  16. weakness/pain in the lower back
  17. hearing problems

There is still more work to do with this patient, but the improvements in all of these symptoms shows a very good prognosis with just acupuncture.  Chinese herbs have been recommended for developing arthritis, which we are also treating with acupuncture.  Her long work days with work, school and a healthy lifestyle have been easier to handle ever since acupuncture has been a regular part of her lifestyle.

It might interest you to know that this is one of several western medical personnel in my practice.
Chinese medicine is not about just treating a chief complaint.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is all about bringing the spirit, mind and body into absolute harmony.
My patients and I enjoy consistent and frequent treatments because of the cost-effectiveness in my practice.  I offer an In-House Insurance Program and 5 Discounts Program.   My current clinic offers a Common Room where rates as low as $25 and $40 are accessible.  When it comes to providing efficacy through frequency and consistency until the patients GRADUATE from their pain/disease, I am certain that no other acupuncturist can beat my rates.
When you meet someone suffering from pain, let them know that this is my calling in life: I help people GRADUATE from pain and diseases.  If you know of someone who can live with less or no pain, guide them to or to my beautiful clinic in Laguna Hills.

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