Placenta previa and Acupuncture

This patient was treated three times within 11 days for marginal placenta previa.   This occurred during her third month of pregnancy. She came to me in the middle of her third trimester.  The birth plan by then determined by her doctor would be to schedule a C-birth around the 36th week if the placenta was still covering the cervix.  Our results are phenomenal:
Hi Anna,

I just wanted to to send you a note and let you know
that I had my last ultrasound last week. Not only did
my previa clear itself, but cleared by 4 cm! My doctor
was astounded!! I told him I had been seeing you and
he noted it in my chart. :)

Now I am completely off all restrictions and the plan
to have the baby 4 weeks early by c-section is
completely out the window.

I cannot thank you enough for all the help and
positive energy!!

With love and much gratitude,

Heather Wizikowski

Heather’s doula, Lindsey Meehlis with, was my doula.  I highly recommend Lindsey’s services.  She is a doula, a midwife in training and a prenatal yoga instructor.  I’m sure she has many more talents that I have not mentioned.  If you are pregnant, please find a doula.  I also recommend Stefanie with
Having a doula on your side is very different than having a friend or family member at your side during your delivery.  Lindsey was my advocate, support and advisor, while my husband was my personal support.   Your family and friends are not going to stand up for your absolute needs when you’re giving birth like a doula would.  Please consider having a doula in the room and for as long as possible after you give birth.  A great doctor and nurse staff will be very appreciative that you have a competent doula advocating for your birthing needs.
I love treating anyone who is:
  • trying to get pregnant
  • pregnant and dealing with nausea, aches and pains or just wants to have a safe, healthy and full-term pregnancy
  • approaching their delivery date
  • experiencing lactation difficulties

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