Pneumonia and Chinese medicine

This is a testimonial regarding pneumonia and Chinese medicine, which can also be found at

I am a 57-year old man who was diagnosed with mild emphysema approximately 5 years ago. I am an ex-smoker of 15 years, but suffered from the effects of smoking.
Here is my description of what happened in January:
At the beginning of January, my daughter and granddaughter came back from Denver, Colorado. Both were sick and I visited them since they had been gone for approximately two weeks. I immediately felt like I had caught something and it went straight to my lungs/chest. I did my usual taking of mega-dosages of vitamin C, juices and echinacea. I felt like I was starting to get better by the end of the week, but then I took a turn for the worse. I went to the ER and they said I had pneumonia without taking a chest x-ray. I had seen Anna before and started seeing her immediately.  When I first started seeing her, I was coughing my brains out to the point that my chest hurt just breathing. Within about 2 weeks, Anna’s treatments helped calm my cough along with taking her prescription of  Loquat cough herbal medication. I continued treatment for approximately two months before I was well enough to stop treatments.  -Tony

*It should be noted that the patient had been treated by me for a month a few years prior to this incidence for his emphysema.  We had seen significant progress in his condition.  This patient was able to take longer walks around his block, go up and down stairs and be more active without losing his breath as he normally would have.  It was obvious to see the improvements from the side-effects of having previously smoked for 15 years with just acupuncture.

*In January’s occurrence of pneumonia, this patient was treated until he no longer displayed any further respiratory issues.  This testimonial was just recently sent this July.  The patient has been free of the low immune system issues since he was treated in January and February.

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