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January 11, 2011

Hello Practice Members & Friends!


I hope that 2011 is off to a great start with all of you!  I have been fortunate to have been reviewed on Yelp over 40 times.  Yelp tends to remove reviews, but I think we’re at #42.  Here’s the latest one.  I just saw that it was posted on 12/31.  I just found out that it was posted, so this review made my Tuesday just marvelous.  :)


Yelp Review #42


I been coming here off and on for a year and I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this bad!!  Anna is a great healer, but more importantly, a great person.  She makes you feel comfortable and wanting to heal you.

I have come to her with anxiety, dizziness, stress, stomach issues, etc. off and on for a year.  She has always put my ying-yang (Qi) in balance in a very short period of time.  She has given my life back when things go alittle nuts.

I love going into treatment with her as I lay there with needles in me and just meditating away.  It is my time to relax my mind and body and it feels so freakin good.  I really get an outter body experience and I know I am in heaven with her treatment.

When it is over, I always want more.  Anna is great as she listens and wants to know your progress.  If you are still feeling “blah”, she will ask you to come back.  If you are fine, she will see you when you want to see her.  She does not pressure you to see her all the time unless you want to.  This what makes her a truly great healer!!

I will always be back to Anna as acupuncture is now a part my life!!





Pregnancy Care


Here’s a letter that I just received from a pregnant patient.  I am so happy to also announce that two of my current fertility patients has just become pregnant!


This letter came from a patient who is 5 days past her due date. Boy, did she need some TLC!


Thank you Anna!

I felt amazing this morning!! I slept the WHOLE night and didn’t wake
up once.  It was awesome!  Also, I had ZERO hip pain all night and
haven’t had any since.  I feel like a different person.  I woke up
with sooo much energy and feeling like my old self again.  Thank you
so much.
If I don’t have this little girl soon I will come in again and see
you!  I would love to continue with you even after the baby is born
either way though!
I hope you have an amazing New Year, and I feel so fortunate that I’ve
met you.



It’s pretty much safe to say that the reason why I LOVE MY WORK so much is because of results like these.  I am so grateful that this kind of feedback happens on a daily basis.  I don’t even think the President of the United States has a better job than mine.  —I’m just joking.—  But on an honest note, it is so rewarding to see the POWERS of CHINESE MEDICINE take immediate and most of the time LONG-TERM action when patients commit to the recommended treatment protocol.



Herbs in Stock


Herbs in stock as of January 12, 2011


The functions next to the herbal formula are EXAMPLES of what the formula may be good for.  The formulas may also have other functions that I use for my patients’ healthcare needs.
You must be a CURRENT ACUPUNCTURE PATIENT TO RECEIVE HERBS.  A proper Chinese medical examination, diagnosis and treatment protocol are required for me to prescribe and dispense herbal formulas.

All formulas are given with quality control.  Modern formulas are dispensed with western/eastern medical explanations.

Adrenoplex – premature aging; patients who are burned out; diminished sexual and physical functions 2


Back Support Acute – acute low back pain from sports or traumatic injuries; may be with inflammation, swelling or redness


Back Support Chronic – chronic low back pain; slow recovery from back injuries; back pain due to osteoporosis

Balance Heat – perimenopausal symptoms; night sweats, hot flashes


Blossom  powder 1 (3)


Blossom 2 (3)


C/R Support - side effects from chemo/radiation


Calm ES – stress; severe emotional/psychological disorders; drug/alcohol/smoking withdrawal issues; antispasmotic formula to relieve muscle tension and cramping

Calm – PMS, stress, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness

Calm Jr – ADD/ADHD; childhood convulsions 2

Calm ZZZ - chronic and constant stress 2


Circulation (SJ) – severe blood stasis issues


Cordyceps 3


Dermatrol (HZ) – shingles (herpes zoster); shingles with skin lesions and nerve pain

Dissolve GS –  gallbladder and bile duct inflammation; gallstones; severe sharp epigastric pain

Dissolve KS – kidney stones

Equilibrium – diabetes mellitus (POWDER & capsules 2)


Flex CD – chronis arthritis/arthralgia that worsens during cold/rainy seasons

Flex GT – gout

Flex Heat - arthritis; gout; rheumatic disorders

Gastrodia Complex – hypertension; seizures/convulsions in hypertensive patients; prevention of stroke; prevention of angina/myocardial infarction in hypertensive patients

Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; colon cleanser 3

GI Care – ulcers; acid reflux 2

GI Care II – traveler’s diarrhea; gastroenteritis 2

GI Care HMR – hemorrhoids 3

GI Care UC – ulcerative colitis

GI Harmony – irritable bowel syndrome


Herbal Analgesic – pain management; pain of skeletal and smooth muscles; extra-strength formula to be combined with another formula to relieve severe pain

Herbal DRX – edema; feeling of heaviness in body


Herbal ENT


Herbalite – obesity with excess appetite; constant craving for food; weight gain  (POWDER) 2

Knee & Ankle Acute – pain

Knee  & Ankle Chronic


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan


Liver DTX – liver damage with high levels of SGPT and SGOT, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis; addiction: detoxifies liver during alcohol, drug or smoking cessation (3)

Menotrol – infertility, amenorrhea, PCOS due to blood stasis and coldness

Migatrol – migraine, cluster, tension headaches


Neck and shoulder acute

Neck and Shoulder (chronic)

Neuroplus – Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; MS; post-stroke


Peuraria Clear Sinus


Pinellia XPT -  expectorant; RTI with profuse yellow/green sputum; post-nasal drip; pneumonia with cough/dyspnea; common cold/flu with chest congestion and fullness

Polygonum 14 – hair loss; premature graying


Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang

Resolve AI – inflammation/infection with swelling

Resolve Lower – fibroids; benign tumors in uterus/ovaries

Respitrol CF

Respitrol Deficient – chronic breathing problems: asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema

Respitrol Heat – heat type cold/flu


Si Jun Zi Tang

Shine – depression

Symmetry – Bell’s Palsy; facial paralysis; TMJ

Thyrodex – Grave’s Disease; hyperthyroidism

Thyro-Forte – hypothyroidism 2

Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

Traumanex – sports injuries, broken bones/fractures, post-surgical recovery, pain


Xiao Yao San


Other Yelp Reviews posted:


#41 I just celebrated my 32nd session with Anna. We’ve been working on a host of health issues, as well as some emotional turmoil.  She has cured my hypoglycemia, reduced my anxiety to nothing, and keeps my tendonitis at bay.  I can count on her skill to clear my mind, help me sleep at night, and regulate a life-long menstrual battle.  She’s a terrific healer and I’m happy to drive 40+ miles to see her.

One thing that has resisted change has been that special spark deep within me. What twenty-something year old woman doesn’t want to feel a rush of excitement now and again?  Today, I am giddy to say, I actually had a libido.  Anna’s well-placed needles have proven, yet again, just how powerful they are.  I would say it’s a ‘miracle,’ but I would never want to dismiss Anna’s obvious expertise, nor her sincere dedication to her patients.  Anna, you rock.

(Now, where can I find someone to rock my socks off!? *wink, wink*)



#40 I have been seeking a great acupuncturist for years and have yet to find one until now. I am a big believer in acupuncture, but the results tend to depend on the caliber of the acupuncturist. I had acupuncture treatment as a child by my father’s best friend, who was a western MD that paired western medicine with acupuncture for a comprehensive approach to healing. He completely cured me of my childhood ailments, and ever since, I have been a firm believer of this practice. However, the search for a great acupuncturist spanned many years for me; it was a journey peppered with disappointments, until I found Ana through Yelp, and her raving reviews convinced me to give her a try…boy am I glad I did!

I came to Ana with back and abdominal pain, along with the nastiest flu I’ve ever had in years. After 3 sessions, my pain was reduced by 75%, and I recovered from the flu in just 3 days–a record-breaking recovery time, especially given the severity of my condition. I am over the moon with the results achieved after just 3 sessions!

Results is the #1 thing I seek in an acupuncturist, and I definitely found that with Ana. But perhaps just as important as results is the acupuncturist’s bedside manner, and Ana’s bedside manner is truly a model for other acupuncturists to follow. She is gentle, caring, personable, patient, thorough in her fact-finding, follows up consistently. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease the minute you step foot in her clinic. If you have been wanting to try acupuncture but haven’t found the right person, you will be pleased with the care you receive at Ana’s practice.

Thank you Ana from the bottom of my heart for your care. I am truly blessed to have found you.



Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.
23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 109

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


office: 949.305.1703

cell: 619.341.4341

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