Red Ribbon Cutting

Thank you to everyone who was there at my Red Ribbon Cutting and to those who really wanted to make it, but wasn’t able to due to schedule constraints.

I’d like to send out thank you cards, but I do not have everyone’s addresses.  Could you please respond with your address?

Here are the pictures:

Your support means the world to me.  Thank you for all of your best intentions.

I hope to hear from you all soon!  I’m learning so much from my patients.  I am receiving more and more referrals from people who believe in what I do from people like you.  I ask that you think of me when you meet people with pain and/or want to live a lifestyle full of vitality and happiness.  Yes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can and will bring your life beyond even your wildest and greatest desires!

Our website is being worked on.  In it are many testimonials.  If you have a testimonial and I have not had a chance to ask it of you yet, please feel free to send it to me and I’ll forward it to my website designer.

More patients are having PPO plans that cover acupuncture from an out-of-network acupuncturist.  If you would like for me to check on your plan, feel free to request that I check on your particular plan.  For cash-paying patients shopping around, you’ll find that my rates are very competitive.

I work Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.

At our multi-disciplinary clinic, we offer massage by Dawn Jackson (, network chiropractic by Dr. Michael Whelan ( and yoga/meditation/massage by Carolyn Hinckley(  If you would prefer our phone numbers, just reply and you will receive.


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