Sciatic pain


A 34-year old patient was referred to my practice by reading my reviews on Yelp.  He decided that I might be able to help him with chronic sciatic pain, muscle stiffness and foot numbness.  On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest level of pain, his pain rated at a 3 on a good day and a 7 on a bad day.  His pain was constant and dull in sensation.  He was also under the care of a chiropractor for several months by the time he came into my practice.  When the pain would become too much for him to handle, he would take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to lessen the pain. He suffered from lower back pain for 10 years intermittently and this pain had gotten more severe and constant in the past three months.  This patient practices yoga as a form of exercise and has found his stiffness of his lower back to worsen over the past 10 years.  This patient’s work requires him t o be at desk for most of the day in front of a computer. He holds a high rank in his company, so his work stress can be pretty high.
On July 18, 2009, the patient came in with pain that started at the left hip and lower back.  The patient claimed that the pain radiated down to his hamstrings, calf and ended at his ankle.  The longest he could sit is for 15 minutes before the pain became too unbearable.  The pain would only allow him to sleep 3-4 hours at night.  He would wake up in the morning with very stiff muscles.  Some of his limitations included the inability to bend down due to stiff leg muscles and the inability to do any of his stretching exercises.  He expressed irritability and a lack of being able to concentrate well due to the pain, numbness and muscle tightness.
During his first treatment, he felt an improvement by 70%.  He left his first treatment with a 30-50% improvement in pain.
The patient returned on 7/23 with an improvement of 75-80% improvement.  During the treatment, the pain/tightness in his hip/lower back/thigh was not there anymore while he laid on the table.
During the  third treatment on 7/25, there was NO PAIN left his his left gluteal/hip regions.  There was still numbness in his 2nd/3rd/4th toes/foot. The patient was now able to sit longer for about 2 hours without feeling any pain in his hip area.  The tightness in his muscles decreased by 30% during this treatment.
On treatment #4, there was an 90-95% improvement in his lower back/hip/buttocks regions.  The numbness in his toes/foot had also decreased by 30%.  The treatment was given on 7/29.
The patient returned for his 5th treatment on 8/2.  The numbness in his toes/foot decreased by 50% by this day.  The pain his lower back/hip/thigh was almost completely gone.  The tightness had improved by 70%.
8/6 was the patient’s 6th treatment.  Status of health was similar to treatment #5.
8/25 was the patient’s 7th treatment.  He stated that he can work longer with less or oftentimes no pain.  Unfortunately, this caused him to push himself to work longer hours.  The numbness in his toes/foot was improved by 90-95%.  Now he was starting to experience tightness/tingling down his right side of his hip/hamstrings/calf.  I was now having to treat both the left and right lower back/hip/thigh areas.
Treatment #8 was administered on 9/9.  The numbness in his left foot/toes was gone completely. He went 10-14 days with NO NUMBNESS.  The patient just got back from traveling and working long hours to make up for his missed time off, so we still had to treat both sides of his lower back/hips.
The patient returned for treatment #9 on 9/23.  The numbness in his left foot/toes is still gone. The pain is almost gone at the left hip.  The right hips pain is gone by 80%.
The patient is very happy with our results!  Total cost of therapy so far in helping this patient GRADUATE from pain (acute for the past 3 months, severe pain and chronic for the past 10 years of intermittent pain): $410.

I am so pleased to announce that after two months of working together, my patient with an auto-immune condition has lower parathyroid hormone levels!  Her endocrinologist postponed her parathyroid surgery two months ago and rechecked her levels this past week.  Again, my patient returned informing me that her levels have definitely gone down from 97 to 66.  The doctor has indefinitely postponed her parathyroid surgery and the patient has no doubt that it was due to our work together.
My work with this patient includes treating her fatty liver disease.  The results in that area have also improved.  My patient’s calcium levels have increased also, which is a positive outcome.  My patient is very pleased with our results in working together.  There are many other improvements going on, which I will save for a more detailed case study at another time.  In the meanwhile, these significant results in her lab work is what I mean when I say day-in-and-day-out, my focus is to TREAT THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  By treating the root of the problem, we are able to address some major diseases.  In this case, we have prevented surgery on the parathyroid.  We are also lowering her chances of liver cancer, since her endocrinologist was not happy with the fatty liver disease.  We have also seen a positive outcome in calcium levels.  I am continuing my treatment with this patient and I will keep you updated on when she no longer has a fatty liver and her calcium levels are at optimum level, not to mention lowering her parathyroid hormone levels even more.

Hi Anna, 

My anxiety have improved a great deal. I’m not worrying as much. My insatiable appetite has decreased. I lost 5 pounds. WOW!  The pain has decreased.

Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to share your personal stories!  Thank you to those of you who have reposted your reviews because Yelp randomly removes reviews.

THANK YOU for your trust, friendship and business for the past 10 years.
Please post up your reviews on Yelp and/or send in your testimonials.  I strive to earn your 5-star review.  Thank you!
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Yelp Review #31: Labor and delivery
April K. 

Huntington Beach, CA


Hi Anna,

I know for a fact that your acupuncture treatments helped me so much. I was able to see you twice the week before the birth and both of those times I was so relaxed, I wanted to stay forever! The peace and calm I felt after each treatment was beyond words. 3 days after my last treatment my water broke and I calmly started my birthing. The next day I gave birth peacefully in my home to my healthy son.

When I was getting treatments, you not only were professional, but you made me feel like an old friend, which I think helped relax me so much more. Thank you so much for everything, I will continue coming back to see you so I can be a peaceful and balanced Momma!



It is so awesome to have helped countless women during their last days of their pregnancy.  From placenta previa, breech presentation, emergency induction or just keeping the baby and mommy healthy, it is truly an honor to be a part of the baby’s entrance into the world.  THANK YOU so much, April, for offering your placenta encapsulation/doula/hypno-therapy for birthing/pregnancy concierge services in the world of pregnancy/childbirth and THANK YOU for trusting me as a colleague to help you during your pregnancy. I am so happy that you gave birth NATURALLY in your home!
Yelp Review #30: Efficacy of treatments
Mike D. 

San Diego, CA


Dr. Dolopo was my acupuncturist while she was in San Diego.  She provided me with the best treatments I’ve had, and it’s been difficult to find a local acupuncturist as skilled as her.  For anyone in the Lake Forest area, you are very fortunate to have a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner in your neighborhood.

I am so grateful for your email, Mike.  Come up to Orange County for treatments!  :)
Yelp Review #29: Enlarged lymph node, Digestive issues, Weight loss, Stress, Common cold, Knee injury
Stefanie M.Portland, OR 


I started seeing Anna in the beginning of summer for an enlarged lymph node.  What I didn’t know was that she was going to help me with so many other things in my body.  I had had minor digestion problems my whole life.  After I ate I would always have some discomfort which I just considered a normal part of digestion.  Now after I eat I feel good with no pain.  I now realize that this is normal.  Acupuncture has helped me to identify when I feel full which allows me to stop eating before I over eat.  As a result I have started to lose weight with out even trying.  She has also helped me tremendously with overstressing and worrying.  I feel so much more in control of my thoughts and emotions and have much more happiness and a sense of peace in my life.    I still see Anna regularly for my lymph node and I continue to enjoy the benefits of her acupuncture for any new ailments that come up along the way.  For instance she has helped me recover from a cold much quicker than I would have in the past.  She has also helped me to get over a knee injury I recently experienced doing yoga.  I recommend acupuncture to friends and strangers all the time.  It has improved the quality of my life tremendously.

I miss you, Stephanie!  I hope that all is great in Portland.  Orange County just is NOT the same without you.  Thank you for all of the dedication you had given to my practice, while you were here.  I benefited greatly when you were my patient because you helped me learn and grown as a practitioner.  Because of you, I am humbled by the science and art of Chinese medicine.  I learned from many of my strengths and deficiencies as a student.  You taught me so much.  THANK YOU.
Yelp Review #28: From our resident Chinese medical student
Greg M. 

Irvine, CA

5 star rating

Acupuncture is the last resort for many patients.

I am a full-time student studying acupuncture and working part-time. Like other studies, studying acupuncture is extremely time-consuming, stressful, and exciting all in one package. An acupuncturist has to know not only the Eastern Medical aspect, but also Western Medical aspects as well. The main objective of Chinese Medicine is utilizing the patients own body to rebuild and to strengthen their mind-body-soul. With this premise, the use of very specific points located throughout the body and stimulating those points which are found on the “channels” or “meridians” can move the “qi” or “energy” in order to regain harmony, or equilibrium.

There are over 400 points on the body and 300 different single herbs to help the body on its road to recovery. There are NO side effects to acupuncture, which makes acupuncture so unique.

With this being said, Anna is my doctor that I come to see when I am sick, in pain, or the need for relaxation. I am extremely fortunate to have good health. But, when the bearing weight of everyday life is beginning to take a toll, Anna has helped in relieving my stressful moments allowing me to focus more rather then being over whelmed.

Once again, I am very fortunate to know Anna as my acupuncturist, friend, and mentor. I trust her with great confidence in knowing that I am going to receive the best treatment in Orange County. Anna is fair and reasonable with her pricing for her treatments. Did I mention that she is has been a massage therapist for over 10 years? By the end of your treatment, you will be walking on water without a care in the world.

(In elementary Chinese medicine, there are 400 points in the body.  In advance Chinese medical practice, there are hundreds more that an advanced practitioner DOES use; especially in the practice of Balance Method acupuncture.  -Anna)

THANK YOU, Greg, for taking time out of your busy student life and making your way down to Lake Forest to partake in our Chinese medical sessions!  I am honored to be a part of your journey in life and I’ll always be there to learn from you, young Padawan.

Yelp Review #27: Balancing the body, mind and spirit
Wallis B. 

Mission Viejo, CA

5 star rating

Anna is an fabulous acupuncturist.  I don’t have any specific pain that I am working through, but I go see Anna whenever I feel unbalanced.  She has a talent for treating both body and mind.

I have done acupuncture before, but without results.  I felt results with Anna after just one session.  I strongly believe that this is because of Anna’s warmth and genuine love of what she does.  Anyone with proper training can stick you with needles, but Anna offers a more complete therapy.  She becomes your friend and you can’t help but be changed by her positivity.

If you are in pain, go see Anna.  Even if you just need a place to reset your mind and leave life’s issues at the door, go see Anna.  She is AMAZING!!!

I absolutely love this review.  This is a great testimonial explaining that you don’t have to have anything specifically wrong to receive acupuncture.  We call it the “tune up” treatment.  Just come in, get back into balance, recharge and go back into the world to fulfill your life’s purpose.  Sometimes life can be wacky and we get thrown off kilter.  Acupuncture is wonderful and effective therapy to come back to our center and live with confidence.

Yelp Review #26: Back pain, Common cold, Chest pain, Anxiety
Renee J. 

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

5 star rating

I discovered Elements in Harmony from Yelp. I haven’t been going to see Anna for very long, but the first time I saw her, she helped loosen my chest when I was suffering from a cold and she helped me feel less anxious and more clear.  I’ve seen her a few times now and WOW! I mean it. I have several things I’m suffering from: back pain that radiates to  my arms and legs and some other health stuff. I feel different after visiting her. I feel less pain and less anxious. My energy level feel good. I also have a more positive outlook on the world and towards my family.  This is so important for me because it was just hard to leave my home in the morning with my kids and now I’m feeling like getting out and enjoying the California sunshine.  Anna is also a very warm and pleasant person to talk to and she seems to project positivity.  The nice thing about her practice is that she offers many different specials for treatment and accepts insurance. Let her of fice check with your insurance. I’ll write an update later regarding how my treatment is going, but WOW!

I am grateful that you share with me your cares and stresses with me, Renee.  I hope to be of long-term benefit for your entire body/mind/spirit transformation.  Congratulations for taking the first step on your journey of healing!
Yelp Review # 1: IBS & Fertility
Keri L. 

Yorba Linda, CA

5 star rating

I was referred to Anna by a patient that has been with Anna for over two years. I am wanting to get pregnant and also I suffer from IBS. I have now received 9 treatments since May 23rd and my IBS symptoms have improved by 80%. I am so happy to be feeling like a “normal” person again! I am starting to see results in regard to my menstrual health that are pleasing as well.
I highly recommend Anna as a trusted professional that takes your health and well being very serious. The environment is very relaxed and Anna was really great to calm my fears as being new to acupuncture!  I live 20 miles away from her practice and it is worth the drive for me to get these kind of results!

Thank you for your commitment, driving during traffic, paying the toll road and for trusting me with your health, Keri! 

Yelp Review #2: Kidney Infection
Georgina S.

Lake Forest, CA

5 star rating

Anna was wonderful!! More than just acupuncture, a friendship, too.
I was in a lot of pain with my kidneys and with in 2 days I was on my way to recovery.  The pressure points were exact, and I was so relaxed.  The herbs and  antibiotics worked wonders and helped me recover 100% after finishing them.  I recommend Anna to anyone new or old to acupuncture.

(This patient received two formulas from me: herbs to treat the kidney infection and herbal antibiotics.)

Thank you for trusting in me during a critical time of your health, Georgina! 

Yelp Review #3: Weight, digestion, menses, stress, insomnia
Sarajane M.

Pasadena, CA

5 star rating

I neglected my health for too long.  By the time I decided to seek Anna’s help there were numerous areas that needed to be addressed.  I was a chronic insomniac that could never seem to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep at night.  I had digestive issues and an irregular menses.  I was stressed and easily irritable.

I was amazed at how quickly Anna’s balance method took affect.  The very same day I had my 1st treatment I slept for 8 hours straight for the first time in years. I drove all the way from Pasadena to see her.  You can imagine the stress and road rage that can build up in LA traffic when someone cuts you off.  After my treatment I was calm and centered.  A couple of people actually cut me off but…no road rage.

The next day I woke up full of energy.  My metabolism kicked into gear and I decided to continue to see Anna once a week to take care of other issues.  After 6 treatments she regulated my menses.  I lost 15 pounds without doing any exercise or making any changes to my diet!

Anna is worth her weight in gold and then some.  She is a true healer that sincerely wants to help others to the best of her ability.  Believe me, she IS the BEST.  If you don’t live in Lake Forest, who cares!  She is definitely worth driving the distance.

Thank you for driving the distance and your endless faith in me, Sarajane!
Yelp Review # 4: Back pain
Lorelei S. 

Laguna Beach, CA


If I could give more than five stars I would.

Anna is an exceptional and skilled acupuncturist.  I last saw Anna for back problems which I know is from the epidurial I received from my c-section.  I couldn’t lay flat without my back spasming painfully on me.  She used an intense treatment and did what she could in one treatment – I have twin infants so I don’t have much time to get away.  After the treatment my back was still a little sore as she told me would be the possibility HOWEVER that night I was able to sleep on my back which was something I could not do since the babies were born.  It was the greatest feeling to not have to be propped up.

What also makes Anna special is she truly cares for her patients.  She has always taken the extra time (when she can) to listen.  I’ve never felt rushed with her.  She is so easy to talk to she makes you feel like a friend whom you haven’t seen for years.

Anna is a master of her trade and I definitely recommend her.

Thank you for this AWESOME review, Lorelei! 

Yelp Review #5: Our practice
Kellie L.

Orange, CA

5 star rating

Anna has an amazing spirit and wealth of knowledge she shares with all.  She not only makes you feel so comfortable in her practice, you feel like a loved family member!

Thank you for your support, Kellie! 

Yelp Review #6: Fertility, Carpal tunnel
Tammi A.

San Diego, CA

5 star rating

I met  Anna in grade school and just recently reconnected with her to work on some fertility/hormonal  issues.  I started taking herbs earlier this year and in May, I started acupuncture.  The progress has been really amazing.  My periods have become regular and lighter and my pms has decreased significantly.  I mentioned to her that I was experiencing carpal tunnel in my right hand and after a couple of treatments I am no longer having any problems with my hand.  I’m looking forward to the next few months and the moment when I am able to hold my baby for the first time. Thanks Anna for your help, time and advice.

Thank you for driving the distance and believing in me, Tammi!


Yelp Review #7: OUR FIRST REVIEW
Lily P. 

Ladera Ranch, CA


First to Review

I look forward to all of my visits with Anna. She’s incredibly personable and I know that I will have instant ‘feel-good’ results after just a short time in her office. Not only is she great at what she does, but passionate as well.   She is the first acupuncturist I have ever seen and will be the last if I can control it.  I feel so well rested after every session with her and she is really knowledgeable about her craft.  *love*

Thank you for posting my first review on Yelp and for launching it all, Lily.  I waited too long to post my Yelp profile, but now it is all paying off.  I am grateful to you for going the extra mile to review me on your own when Yelp was first new to OC! 

Yelp Review #8: Scleroderma
maria a.

San Francisco, CA


I met Anna Dolopo via a referral from a friend of a friend for an acupuncturist for my mother.  My mother was diagnosed with scleroderma last year and was in very bad shape.  I was entirely grateful to meet Anna and have her treat my mother after seeing what a wonderful, positive human being she is.  She always made my mother feel better, stronger and more sure of herself.  Every visit gave my mother a sense of hope and well being.  Whenever we brought my mother to Anna’s we were also made to feel welcome and part of her family.  Her warmth, beauty and calmness comes from within as well as from without, and I believe gives her patients motivation to do better, feel stronger, and grow healthier.  The tender care and kindness she has shown my mother – who needed it very badly – along with that ever-present positive attitude – will always be appreciated by our family.  I cannot recommend Anna strongly enough!

It means so much to me, Maria, that you went out of your way to find me from the Bay Area to treat your mother here in Huntington Beach.  Thank you for flying down here just to drive her to my practice in Laguna Hills at the time.  Words cannot express how appreciative I am that you cared to not look for any other acupuncturist closer to your mother.  I am grateful to your entire family for driving your beautiful mother to my healing center.  Your sacrifices have been a great lesson to me as a healer and as a family member in my private life.

Yelp Review # 9: Allergies, Asthma, Neck pain
Stephanie S. 

Laguna Beach, CA

5 star rating

Anna is a true healer. She has helped me with my allergies and asthma with her acupuncture as well as neck pain with her massage. I trust her so much that I sent my son and Anna helped him with his respiratory difficulty.  I will recommend Anna to any and all!!

(This patient who left a review is a registered nurse.)


Thank you, Stephanie, for your trust not only for your own health, but for the treatment of your only child. 

Yelp Review #10: Arm pain, Broken ankle
Angel Y.

Lake Forest, CA


Anna is an amazing healer! I was initially seeing her for pain in my arm that had become worse over the years. A few months after my arm treatments, I happened to break my ankle and was in a cast. Within a few days of being in the cast, I started experiencing an acute pain deep in the bone. I mentioned it to the Western doctor who was treating me and he only laughed and answered “What do you expect? You just broke a bone!” During one of my treatments with Anna, I mentioned the doctor’s reply. She immediately wanted to treat this acute pain in my leg. Obviously, she couldn’t use needles in that specific area since it was blocked off by a cast. However, she was able to make the pain subside instantly by inserting needles in another area (Dr. Tan’s Balance Method)!!  I was truly amazed. I only had 1 treatment from Anna for that pain and it has NEVER returned!

You rock, Anna! Mahalo nui loa, sistah!

Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to help you along your path of healing, Angel!  I LOVE DR. TAN’S BALANCE METHOD ACUPUNCTURE.  For me, it’s the ONLY way to do acupuncture correctly in order to see immediately and long-term results. 

Yelp Review #11: Severe back pain
Rebecca T.

Orange, CA


I have been dealing with severe back problems for the last few years. Unfortunately doctors told me I would have to have surgery, and chiropractors just looked at me and shook their head, saying that they didn’t know if there was anything that they could do. Then I talked to Anna. From the beginning she was ready and willing to help. I have seen her 3 times in the last 2 weeks and have already had a lot of improvement. On top of my back problem I have been very depressed and have gained a lot of weight. Just in the short time I have known Anna my back started feeling better, my depression isn’t as bad, and I feel my clothes getting a little more loose. Sweet, humble Anna says it is the medicine, but, I think it is also what she brings to the table.  I would recommend Anna to ANYONE who is interested in acupuncture. She is an angel who brings hope and healing to everyone that she meets.

I am grateful for this compassionate review, Rebecca.  Thank you for your generosity during every treatment.  I love the gifts!

Yelp Review #12: Chronic back pain, Knee pain 


Brittany A.

Los Angeles, CA


Wow, Anna is a true healer.  I came into see her last December for some chronic back pain I had been experiencing for the last several years.  She was able to immediately help me with the pain.  I slept like a baby that night…pain was gone.  I’ve since been back for management of pain with a knee injury.  She is gentle, affirmative, encouraging, and everything you’d want in a friend, counselor, and acupuncturist.  She is very precise and does a great job at massages, too.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.
I wish I could clone her and keep an “Anna” with me at all times, able to administer accupuncture and encouragement 24/7.

I am blessed to have met you, Brittany. Thank you for trusting me to help you with your back and knee injuries. 

Yelp Review #13: The Wonders of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method
Lindsay T.

Laguna Beach, CA


Anna is the best acupuncturist that I have worked with since beginning my journey with acupuncture.  She does an excellent job in explaining how the acupuncture works as well as how your symptoms are interpreted via Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After undergoing a series of acupuncture treatments three times a week with an acupuncturist in Austin, Texas, I did not realize what I was missing until I started treatment with Anna. For the first time, I was actually able to feel better as I was undergoing the acupuncture.   It was an amazing experience and attests to Anna’s skill as an acupuncturist.

I would recommend Anna to all of my friends and family.

I am grateful for your kind words, Lindsay.  Though I practiced TCM for 7 years, I have been a devout student and practitioner of my teacher, Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.  There truly is a difference of treatment results. I have accomplished more with Dr. Tan’s Balance Method in the past 3 years than I had with Traditional Chinese Medicine in 7 years.  Whoever you choose as an acupuncturist, make sure they are in LOVE with the style that they choose to practice. 

Yelp Review #14: Achilles tendinitis, Back pain
Marleigh S.

Mission Viejo, CA


I am a dancer, so I am constantly pushing my body to its limits. Anna has significantly reduced the pain I have felt from various injuries and back problems. My Achilles tendinitis is significantly reduced, if not completely gone. I always feel well rested and relaxed after leaving a treatment. Thank you, Anna!

I have been given the honor to work with a true celebrity at heart. Marleigh is humble, talented and has strong, hard-working ethics.  This young lady inspires me to be better, do more and live with more passion.  Thank you for trusting me, Marleigh, during a time when you really need your body to perform at its best.  I know your performances were executed extremely well!


Yelp Review #15: Weightloss, Cyst on knee

Cathrina W.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Update – 5/31/2009

Anna is heaven sent to me. I have been seeing her since March 21st for other health issues and showing wonderful progress. I mentioned to her I will need to have surgery on my knee to remove a cyst its about the size of a golf ball. It was pretty ugly and painful and I have an upcoming trip in a few months and for cosmetic reasons I did not want to make the trip with my unsightly cyst. She offered to treat it to save me from having to do the surgery. I was really skeptical about it since it was huge and I have had it over 2 years. I had my treatment on a Sunday May 24th and by Wednesday May 27th my ugly painful cyst has literally vanished if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t have known I had a cyst there. It has gone down by 98%.I went to back today to get another treatment and I think this will pretty much get rid of it forever. Oh by the way, I’m calling my orthopedic surgeon first thing on Monday morning to cancel my surgery. I no longer need it and to think people used to laugh at me that I am wasting my time on acupuncture. I am living proof it works!!

1 Previous Review by C.W.

4/29/2009I am currently being treated by Anna. I have been going to her since March 21st. I have had 17 treatments with her and so far so good. At first I just wanted to lose weight and after being treated by Anna she is helping me with weight loss as well as other health issues.

I truly am impressed by your commitment to your health, Cathrina.  Thank you for investing in the time required to see the results that you have been experiencing.  I am so proud of you!  I am especially grateful that I am a part of your life.  Thank you so much for believing in my skills as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. 

Yelp Review #16: Hives (urticaria)
Anne H.

Laguna Hills, CA


Since my review disappeared off YELP, I am re-posting this.
I highly recommend Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac. as an acupuncturist.

Anna is professional and caring doctor who treats the underling causes of an illness or physical issue and not just the symptoms.

Anna recently treated me for chronic (Urticaria) hives. Chronic hives (lasting longer than six weeks) are rarely due to an allergy. Usually chronic hives have  no known cause. Upward of 30-40% of people with chronic hives have an autoimmune cause.

Previous doctors prescribed antihistamines controlling the outbreaks however could not heal my body from experiencing painful hive attacks.  Anna used acupuncture and natural herbs healing my body not from the hives but the underlying condition causing the hives.

For the past several weeks I experienced a 99% improvement in my condition.

Treating any type of skin issue can be challenging for any type of medical modality.  The level of commitment that Anne has exemplified towards her treatments is a dream come true for any healthcare provider.  I am grateful for having stuck by me when it came to your treatments, Anne.  I could not have mastered your particular ailments without you coming in as often as I needed you to.  IT IS NOT EASY treating skin issues, but it is possible to completely heal someone who is severely suffering.  All it takes is time, patience and a certain skill level.  I could not have healed Anne’s hives (which BTW is gone 100% as of today, fingers crossed) if she didn’t come in so often.  When I say that Chinese medicine is a committed investment, I speak the truth.  The payoff : priceless.

Yelp Review #17: Elbow pain

Tim W.

Mission Viejo, CA


Anna is my first and only acupuncturist.

As an Engineer I realized the needle size Anna is working with and was shocked at how it altered my pain. I had heard from my daughter Nicole about the work Anna is doing and felt in the right place to try something to relieve the pain in my elbows.

I was surprised at how much pressure can be applied at specified points of the the body utilizing such a small instrument. I had taken my daughter Nicole, as a young child, to an acupuncturist to reverse the affects of TMJ and now she has returned the favor.

The pain in one elbow was gone 100% and the other which was worse the pain had subsided over 75%.

Thank You Anna!

- Tim Westhoff, IMAGINE

Thank you, Tim and the entire Westhoff family for allowing me to be a part of your family.  It is truly an honor knowing you guys and seeing you weekly for the past few years and so many years to come.  You truly are an extension of our family, especially since we have none in OC.  Thank you for making us a part of yours.

Yelp Review #18: For the love of acupuncture therapy
DJ Larry P. 

Orange, CA


Well, I have to say Anna is delightful to work with. Her patient demeanor is 2nd to none. She not only makes you feel great physically with the acupuncture and fantastic massage but her positive spin on life completely rubs off and has helped me immensely. I would totally recommend her to anyone with any symptoms.

Thank you, DJ Larry, OC’s #1 Rockin’ Ball DJ!  You’re an inspiration to me also. 

Yelp Review #19: Pregnancy-related issues Lindsey M.

Irvine, CA


I have known Anna for the last 5 years when I helped her birth her daughter into this world. Since then Anna has become a trusted practitioner and colleague.

I can always count that my clients are in good hands with Anna when I send them for any type of pregnancy related issue. Not only do I trust Anna with my clients, she is also become a trusted member of our “family.”  Whenever anyone in my family is sick, she is the first person I call and confide in on their road to recovery.

My dad was suffering with a severe case of pneumonia and I actually feared for his life. I immediately took him to Anna and within days he was cured!

Now she is treating me in my pregnancy and she has helped ease all of my aches and pains as well as provided a sacred space to help me bond with my baby. She even guessed his sex right with Chinese Medicine!

I whole heartily recommend Anna to anyone! She is a godsend! :)

Many Blessings,
Lindsey Meehleis-Matthews

If anyone is become our first extended family in OC, it was you, Lindsey.  I wouldn’t be where I am now without your love and support.  Thank you for having followed me since I practiced in Irvine for 3.5 years, Laguna Hills for 3 years and now in Lake Forest.  Your faith in me helps me persevere and keep the doors open as a healer.  Peace and blessings.
Yelp Review #20: Back pain

San Diego, CA


Dear Ms. Dolopo,

Thank you very much for doing what you do best to heal my back! I am currently training for a marathon and about 3 weeks ago, I ended up hurting the lower part of the back after running for over an hour with sub par shoes. It was so extreme that the event kept me bed ridden all weekend.

I was skeptical at first in your abilities to heal as an acupuncturist as my grandfather was in the same profession and has always treated me up until 6 years ago when he passed away. I’ve always attributed my extraordinary health to acupuncture but stopped treatments when Grandpa Chung went to be with the Lord. Thus, the resulting skepticism in your abilities as an acupuncturist (you had huge shoes to fill!).

However, after 2 sessions for the back problem, my back has healed and I’m “back” running and training for my next run. Not to mention, I’ve achieved a level of energy not identified until 6 years ago and a weight loss of several pounds!! Furthermore, you’re one of the most professional individuals that I know and you possess a unique knowledge and care that results in life long customers!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Very Respectfully,
Charles P. Shin, President
Govie Enterprises

To receive this type of review from someone whose family is a doctor of Chinese medicine.  Thank you for putting your trust in me, Charley. 

Yelp Review #21: Neck and back pain

Bethany T.

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Anna has been a HUGE blessing in my life.  I started going to her in mid-April (2009) with severe neck and back pain.  Within the first couple of treatments, I was already feeling a major difference — so much BETTER! I totally believe in what she does, and the acupuncture and massages have made a tremendous difference in my life.  Plus, Anna is a wonderful person and has made me feel so comfortable every time I’m there.  I highly recommend her to any and everyone.  She is amazing and has worked wonders in my life!

There is nothing more I like doing than to meet a new patient walk in through my healing center’s doors and show the miracles of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method.  I only “work wonders” because of the tools that I am given.  I am so grateful to be Dr. Tan’s student.  Thank you, Bethany, for giving me the great opportunity to show off what I learn with my teacher.

Yelp Review #22: Thumb injury

Brad M.

Los Angeles, CA


Anna provided me with wonderful treatments for a nagging thumb injury, as well as helped “reset” my body overall.  I’ll continue to go see Anna for her top notch service and wonderful personality.

It’s great to see Dr. Tan’s Balance Method work on internal organ disorders, large musculo-skeletal problems and even little joint issues!  Thanks so much for making the long drive down from LA, Brad.  Your faith in me is greatly appreciated!
Yelp Review #23: Mono, Enlarged spleen, Strep throat

John S.

Laguna Beach, CA


Anna came to my rescue when I was suffering from Mono, an enlarged spleen, and Strep throat. My face was swollen and extremely painful. After one treatment my pain was noticeably less and the swelling started to go down. I believe my condition improved more rapidly because of Anna’s treatment.

This patient’s mother had been my patient for quite some time.  I am grateful that she called me on an emergency home visit to take care of her only son.  It is times like this when pressure really makes Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture shine. Thanks so much, John, for giving me a real chance to improve your health overnight.

Yelp Review #24: Back and knee pain

Munchausen B.

Irvine, CA


I’ll be back.

So my back gave out.  My primary care physician (who could be a poster child for why we need healthcare reform) prescribed some pain killers and bed rest.  But for a young, virile, active, good looking man like me, bed rest just wasn’t going to cut it.  A friend of mine recommended Anna, so I decided to check her out.  Now, I am pretty skeptical person (actually, other have called me cynical, or even -hi mom- a jerk), so I went in with pretty low expectations.  But lo and behold, within minutes of the first pin prick, my back pains subsided.  I have no explanation for this (as I do for zombies and leprechauns), but it works.  She was also able to help me with my knee problems (ok, maybe I’m not so young, virile and active), and even helped me with my concentration when I was reviewing for a big test.  She’s really my go-to person for pain management/relief.  I recommended her to my boss, and she did wonders for his various aches and pains.  Yes, I’m still waiting for that raise.

I love this funny patient of mine.  Thanks, “Manchausen,” for being so kind as to review me amongst your other reviews on Yelp!  I can’t wait to get through your other reviews.  You deserve that raise.  ;)

Yelp Review #25: Sciatica
(One of the reviews Yelp removed per their algorhythm.  5 Star review.  Please continue to post those reviews!  Please review other businesses, too.  This will likely keep your review up.  Thanks!)
Good evening Anna, 

I experienced sciatic nerve pain recently and wanted to share how acupuncture helped end the pain quickly!

“The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. It is the longest and widest single nerve in the body.  The sciatic supplies nearly the whole of the skin of the leg, the muscles of the back of the thigh, and those of the leg and foot.”  I experienced unimaginable pain from my back down my entire left leg ending in my ankle that I sprained several years ago.   To my shock and dismay sitting or laying down increased the level of pain while standing appeared barley tolerable.

Doctors rate pain on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 a minor pain and 10 the worst pain someone ever experienced.  I compared my sprained ankle with the 7 tears to tendons, ligaments and muscles as a 3 on the pain scale  (I have extremely high pain tolerance), to the pain in my back and leg which rated an 8.

I visited the chiropractor who adjusted my neck as I was out of alignment and said a massage, rest and time would eventually heal the pain.  I asked how long eventually was and received the standard answer of everyone is different and while I should start feeling better soon, the pain could take up to a couple of months to fully disappear.  This was the general consensus I received from doctors, family, friends and co-workers.  Everyone said sciatic nerve pain heals slowly and I would live in a pain for at least a couple of months.

Remembering how quickly my ankle pain disappeared after my first visit, I contacted Anna and saw her that day.  After Anna placed several needles in my right arm (not in my back or left leg) the pain level started dropping.   After the treatment my overall pain dropped by 5%.  While to many this seems minuscule to someone with sciatic nerve pain this means a great deal.  I then saw Anna almost daily, 7 visits in 10 days.  Each time the pain dropped from 10 to 50% while on the table and stayed reduced for several hours after I left.  Each treatment reduced the overall pain bit by bit.  My family, friends and co-workers were shocked at how quickly I was recovering since the first few days I could barely walk and could not sit for any length of time.  The pain literally shot down my back to may ankle increasing dramatically while sitting.  During meetings at work, I would stand for large parts since the pain decreased while stand ing (though the looks from some of my co-workers was quite comical, I could not laugh because that also increased the pain).  After 10 visits in 2 weeks my pain was over 90% decreased!!!!!    The last 10% disappeared over the next couple of weeks as I saw Anna less often.  I know that if I kept visiting Anna daily for treatments, the last 10% would disappear even faster.

Instead of the 2 months I was quoted by doctors, family and friends, my sciatic nerve pain was 90% gone in 2 weeks.

Thank you, Anna, for your help!

Go every day until your pain goes away completely AND make sure that your practitioner does Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.  Claire has since GRADUATED from her pain in record time.  Healing physical pain completely/significantly is my area of expertise.



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Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(Conveniently located off 5 Freeway,
just off the Lake Forest exit.)
Please read about our work at:
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In great health and happiness,
Anna Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

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