Achilles Pain

September 8th, 2012

The Speedy Business Woman Slowed Down By Achilles Pain

A 47-year old woman presented with right achilles and ankle pain. Onset had been 7 months prior for no apparent reason. She was unable to walk comfortably, especially going up and down stairs. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest rate of pain), pain level was a 10 and was described as a sharp sensation. The pain was constant. She was very sad because she was unable to exercise and just to walk was causing her life to slow down. This patient is a business woman with a great deal of energy. She was too impatient to allow pain to rule her lifestyle.

After her first treatment, we began to see improvements in the quality of her pain. By her 3rd treatment, 3 weeks later, she reported 40% improvement in her achilles and ankle regions. She was able to walk up and down stairs with much more comfort. To quote her, she said that she was able to go on stairs with “zero problem” and she was “so excited!” due to her acupuncture therapy.

During her sessions, we were also treating her for groin pain that was caused by a fall a month prior. We also began seeing improvement almost immediately with her groin pain.

By her 5th treatment, the achilles and ankle pain was 40% improved.

By her 6th treatment, she was walking every day with a 70% improvement in her achilles and ankle pain since we had begun treatments. The groin pain was completely gone by the 6th treatment.

This patient has been seeing me once a week with no missed treatments. What’s great about this case is that this is a typical scenario of how well Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture proves its efficacy from the moment the needles are placed into the patient. To cover my bases, especially because people heal at different rates due to a myriad of variables, I tell patients that if they see me just once a week, to give it up to 20 treatments to see significant improvement. In my own practice, patients will see improvement 90% of the time from the first treatment, but there is still that 10% of the population that may take 6-10 treatments just to see any changes in their health take place.

Had this patient seen me 2-5 times a week for the first 2-8 weeks, we would have achieved greater success much faster. Given the alloted amount of treatments in 6 weeks, I would say that this is wonderful progress with a terrific prognosis. This patient is on her way to GRADUATING from her pain!

My prognosis is that if the patient continues at this pace, we should see a 90-100% improvement within another 6-10 treatments. I help people GRADUATE from pain. Just like the groin pain that is completely resolved, I expect to see the achilles and ankle pain complete resolve.

As a side note, this patient began taking Chinese herbs to help her relax and sleep better in the beginning of her treatments. “Calm” by Evergreen herbs, a modernized formula of a classical Chinese herbal formula worked extremely well almost immediately and she has been very happy with the results.

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