V-blog #5: Stop smoking, No more diabetes; FERTILITY testimonial

September 8th, 2012
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#5 Stop Smoking/No more Type II Diabetes
#6 PCOS & Fertility


Dear Anna,

I’m sitting here, 16 weeks pregnant, elated and still a little shocked that our 3rd child is on the way! Without your help, who knows where I’d be. I came to you in August of 2008 with a dx of PCOS which only manifested itself in the form of extremely irregular ovulation/periods and bothersome spotting. But it did interfere with my life quite a bit and I feared that should I ever want to get pregnant again, I would have a difficult time. Acupuncture and herbs proved to be  the only truly effective and natural treatment option for me! You stressed the importance of consistency AND herbs for my particular situation, and I’m glad I stuck with it.

The entire 7 months that I stayed consistent with my treatment I cycled every 35 days, which was unheard of for my body. Though life got busy and I stopped seeing you regularly, I continued on two (sometimes three) herbal formulas that yielded great results. Those herbs are powerful!!! I believe in them with every fiber of my being. Of course I would fret about the extra cost, but in the end I decided that I would rather treat my underlying hormonal imbalances that way than through some “Band-Aid” remedy thrown at me by a medical doctor (i.e. Clomid or synthetic hormones).  Anyone out there considering acupuncture for fertility, PLEASE try it and commit to it before you head to a fertility specialist who will force your body into extreme processes it’s not ready for. The beautiful thing about acupuncture is there are no side effects except increased energy, sounder sleep, improved libido AND on top of all that, you’re bringing the body into homeostasis which is , in my opinion, essential for conceiving and growing a baby.

Well…..I happened to have a completely normal cycle in July (30 days!) that ended after 5 days of healthy bleeding. Unfortunately, the bleeding resurfaced in the form of brown spotting that lasted 10 days. I finally decided to call you to see if you could clear it up. I had ONE treatment on a Saturday and not only did the spotting stop immediately, I ovulated and got CONCEIVED that Thursday!!!

So here I am… a nutshell, acupuncture and herbs regulated my hormones, brought on more frequent and stronger ovulation and gave me fertile quality cervical fluid that I’d never produced before. I do have PCOS and have conceived all three of my children NATURALLY.  I can’t say enough positive things about your ability to heal and the wonderful effect your treatments have on fertility and pregnancy :)

Thank you so much!


(Practitioner’s notes:  I treated this woman starting in August 2008.  She had her menses 75 days apart.  I requested that she give me 12-18 months to help her get pregnant due to the severe nature of her PCOS condition.  She received acupuncture and was on 2-3 herbal formulas a month consistently.  She informed me of her pregnancy in September 2009.  Please refer to Tricia’s other testimonials to get more information regarding our treatments and many of the other benefits the acupuncture and herbs did for her. )


Here is my Testimonial as promised:

Although I like to believe that I have an open mind, I have always looked very suspiciously at some forms of alternative medicine. Until a couple of years ago I would have included acupuncture in this category, but after the dramatic changes brought about by this treatment for many different ailments, I am convinced that it makes a real difference in obtaining great emotional, physical and spiritual health.

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells and this diagnosis led me to try to treat my body as a whole rather than cut out a problem. I was treated by an acupuncturist who was highly recommended by a friend, and after aggressive, comprehensive 6 months of treatments, I was free and clear (of abnormal cervical cells) and a firm believer that my body had amazing powers to heal itself.  I have since utilized acupuncture to treat allergies, hives, pain, stress, immune issues, the flu, colds, and more recently, reproductive problems.

I suffered a few miscarriages and this led to irregular monthly cycles and pelvic pain.  As I grew older I was becoming more and more impatient to become a mother; nevertheless, I had done extensive research into understanding the chemicals used for treating fertility problems –the side effects and the manipulation of my own chemistry seemed to be an unacceptable approach.  I really wanted to avoid the route of manipulating and changing my body chemistry.

The facts that I was not getting any younger, that my acupuncturist was a 45 minute drive away and  that I knew this treatment would take time made my decision to utilize acupuncture a difficult choice.  It meant that I would have to be patient, but as the treatments progressed and my hormones became more manageable, my monthly cycles became less painful, and more regular.  I knew that I was now in a better place to create a healthy and happy baby.  The effects of the acupuncture treatments yielded small results at first, but I persevered and in the eighth month I was finally charting ovulation.  11 months after I first started treatment, I was pregnant and my husband and I could hardly believe it!

I loved my acupuncturist, but his location in the City of Industry was too far. Since then I found Anna Dolopo.  She is a licensed acupuncturist closer to my home who has the same philosophy and patient care as my first acupuncturist.  She has been a pivotal part in treating the negative side effects of pregnancy including: Cramps, Low Energy, Hemorrhoids, Anxiety and Depressed Immune System.  With this flu season pandemic, I have opted to do everything possible to stay healthy for my little bundle of joy due to arrive December 09. Acupuncture works without drugs or chemicals it is the best way to obtain a healthy and harmonious life balance.  It is my first line of defense ALWAYS!   – Anonymous Mom2B

God bless you and may peace be with you.
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