Testimonial: Labor Induction

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Hi Anna,

I don’t know if you remember me but I came in for an acupuncture treatment to induce labor.  You had asked me to text you/call you about the birth but I completely lost track of time and forgot.  I’m sorry it’s taken me sooo long to get back to you, but I thought you would enjoy seeing little Benjamin who you helped bring into the world! After I saw you, I started laboring in the middle of the night and throughout the morning.  Just like before, my labor stalled again for some reason and then it picked up again around 4 pm.  We checked into the hospital at around 12:40 am and he was born at 1:47 am. It was a pretty quick and easy delivery and [it was] such and amazing and different experience. Thanks so much for your warmth, kindness and help.  I hope to come in for some more treatments once I get my act together juggling my toddler and newborn. Haha.  Thanks again!

October 13, 2008
7 lbs.  5.5 ozs.

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