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Many phone calls have been coming in for new appointments.  Thanks for all of the referrals and the serious consideration to commit to acupuncture therapy for your health!
Due to the dramatic growth of our business since we opened our Laguna Hills office in 2006, we no longer accept insurance payments.  Since the beginning of this year, we have worked at creating the MOST affordable rates.  We believe that these are the best rates in the country.
We offer follow-up rates as low as $25 for all types of internal organ disorders (i.e., insomnia, infertility, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) and $40 for treatment of pain.
***The $40/session is new.  This session is for follow-up patients (initial treatment at regular rate required) only.  This very low rate for treatment of pain is for treatments held in the common room.  Patients are comfortably seated for about one hour.  The only difference between a $40 session and a regular rate session is that the person is comfortably seated and there may be other people in the common room.  A regular rate session is held in a private room with the patient laying down.  A seated-treatment is very comfortable and stress-reducing.  If there are tables available in the common room, the patient is welcome to lay down; however, the expectation should be that the patient will probably be seated.
***I guarantee that if you are a patient suffering from pain, you will not care if you are laying down or sitting up.  My treatment will be just as effective and you will more than likely walk away feeling less pain.  90% of my patients feel this dramatic difference from even the very first treatment.
Remember that  acupuncture is THERAPY.  Is it effective?  Very much so:
Is it for everyone?  It depends on what the condition is.
Is acupuncture very effective for pain?  Most of my patients would say, “Yes!”
Does it take more than one treatment?
Does one treatment a week work?
HARDLY.  Whoever you try, my recommendation is to see the therapist 2-5 times a week for the first 2-8 weeks.  I’ve been in practice for 9 years AND THIS HAS BEEN MY OBSERVATION.  If you go once a week, you’re going to get poor results and it will prove to be a waste of your investment.  Here is a recommendation of what to expect in order to graduate from your pain/condition:
  • 1 time a week = 20 weeks
  • 2 times a week = 10 weeks
  • 3 times a week = 5 weeks

It can be shorter than this time period or it may take longer.  My most difficult case this year is a woman who has been suffering from neck pain for over 2 years now.  For the past 1.5 years, she has been on 50 pain pills/day.  Since our treatments began, she has been taking as low as 8 pain pills/day.  She found this dramatic result happen while taking Liver DTX, which is one of my herbal formulas for addiction.  She receives 5 treatments a week.  She has found that with 5 treatments a week and forgetting to take her herbs consistently, she ends up taking 15-25 pain pills/day.  I have been treating this patients since the end of March 2008.  Her neck pain is 80% improved and she is extremely happy with the results.

Prognosis:  Very good.  Patient expressed dramatic decrease in pain within days of her first acupuncture treatment.  She realizes now the importance of her compliance to take the herbs consistently in order to wean herself from her pain medications. I expect her pain to be completely gone with long-term results within another 3 months of treatments.
Notes:  Patient has also been working at saying, “No,” to undue stress from personal commitments.  She no longer babysits when she doesn’t have to.  She doesn’t take on the responsibilities that other people in her life should be taking care of themselves.  She comes home after work and relaxes, instead of 3-5 hours after work doing more work in her personal life.
Keep in mind that if this patient actually graduates from her pain because of my Balance Method treatments between March 31 until September 31, 2008, that’s SIX months of her life that was spent to GRADUATE her from pain that she has been experiencing since two years ago!   If I am wrong and it takes another six months to relieve her of 100% of her pain, that would take us to December 31.  She is taking well over 50% less than her pain pills than when she first started acupuncture.  She was going to different doctors and different pharmacists to obtain her pain meds. I am certain that if you ask my patient if her investment into acupuncture therapy is worthwhile, she would say, “Yes!”
Do you know of someone who would LOVE to live with 80% less pain within 3 months time?  The average cost that this patient has been paying is $40/session.  The question to ask is:
If you have never experienced pain or suffered from poor health, then you would have no real appreciation for what this woman has been doing for herself.  I am a woman who had suffered since CHILDHOOD from physical and emotional pain.  Here’s my answer to the question above:
My health is more important than money and I invest in my health before investing in anything else.
My recommendation:  Live consciously and reap the rewards.
My treatments of choice: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Massage

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