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My practice is undergoing great transformation and I am very pleased to share with you new information on my website:
Also, by the time you read this, will have a page on my website.  I have archived many of my previous emails that may still prove to be very useful to many of you in regards to Chinese medicine and all of the health benefits.
Thank you for reading my emails.  Please keep up with the links that I put up, as many of them are local businesses that I support and my Dr. Tan’s Balance Method and TCM colleagues throughout the world.  Please support your local businesses!  I guarantee you that the smaller companies will always work harder for your dollar than the large corporations.  Small business owners have much more at stake than your chain retailers/service providers.  Every small business owner I know has the hardest work ethics and always goes the extra mile.  Please check some of them out:  Let me know if I missed your business’s website and I’ll be more than happy to link you on mine.
I will be posting up more case studies soon.  The work never ends, on top of my private practice.  It’s good to stay busy and focused.  If there’s a particular case study that you would like for me to post up, please do not hesitate to ask.  It will help me be specific about certain cases that more people would have interest in.
My website is meant to be informative for the benefits of Chinese medicine.  I have linked and other such websites that give more specific explanations of the mechanisms of meridians and theories of Chinese medicine.  I feel it unnecessary to repeat the same information that you could find reference to anywhere else on the web.  The intention of my website is for you to get to know me, what my philosophies are and what my results have been.  I do not have a 100% track record, though I have yet to meet any practitioner with such results.  I can say with utmost confidence that I study from the best and I strive to be just like my teachers, especially like Dr. Richard Tan (  I have done my best to explain that my success rate ranges between 80-90% in my clinic when my patients follow through with the consistency, frequency and duration of treatments and, especially, when they add herbs to the treatments.
Many testimonials have yet to be put up, but I believe that I have a good number of testimonials from dedicated patients that have been able to eloquently and concisely explain what types of results we have been able to achieve.  I encourage all patients who have not written a testimonial to please write one-not for me-but for the people surfing the web who might find the answers that you alone can give because you have 1.  experienced a similar situation 2.  found a results-driven acupuncturist/herbalist who has given you the desired results. I find that with how busy I have become, it is much easier for me to refer people to my website because many of their questions can be answered by what I have written.
As a reward to those of you who are taking the time to read this, I am offering a very special discount on my services.  Please reply if you would like to know what it is.  It entails acupuncture, massage and/or herbs.  This offer has never been presented before and it is in special celebration to what changes are happening in my practice.

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