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Acupuncture As A Viable Weight Loss Option
People often ask me if acupuncture can help a person lose weight.
I am a walking testimonial.
I lost almost 50 pounds (4 sizes) between 1994-1996. I also lost 60 pounds after I gave birth 5 years ago. This was with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. (After I delivered Angilynn, I nursed for 2+ years, which greatly enhanced the weightloss.)
My formula as a practitioner:
  • Acupuncture and herbs to help the patient eat less portions.
  • Deal with emotional issues.
  • Regulate the digestive and elimination systems, among other systems out of balance.
  • Patients must have a more regular eating routine, which the acupuncture and the herbs promote. The body will naturally, on its own, decide when to eat and when to stop eating before one feels full.
  • Patients begin to start having a regular bowel movement daily (or more).
  • Patients naturally crave fruits and vegetables as opposed to simple carbohyrates, especially sweets. We want to eat COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES, which provide more energy and are more easily processed and eliminated from the body.

Basically, my treatments with acupuncture and the right herbal formula promote the body to eat more naturally, eat before one feels full, deal with underlying emotional issues (the reason why most of us gain the weight to begin with), eliminate the food that is processed into wastes as opposed to holding onto the incompletely processed food and FEEL BETTER.

How does one feel better with acupuncture and Chinese herbs during the process of losing weight?
1. I focus on the health of the person on every level. There is a complex, yet beautiful way that an acupuncturist works with each individual. None of us are the same, so we must all be treated with the same respect when it comes to healing our lives. There is not a “lose weight point.” I did not lose weight by my practitioners focusing on the weight. They focused on my body/mind/spirit connection or the lack thereof at the time. Two years may seem like a long time to lose 50 pounds, but I’ve kept it off since then (except when I was pregnant). To lose 60 pounds after I gave birth (I gained all 60 pounds during my pregnancy and I did not have gestational diabetes) is another testimonial that acupuncture and the Chinese herbs worked again with the same routine I did back in 1994-1996 and the routine that I now have set up for my current weight loss patients:
2. When we focus on the health, we focus on energy, happiness, self-esteem and self-control. There is just no way that I can make a person’s health improve by focusing on the working Chinese medical diagnoses and the person does not also see results in many different areas in their health.
3. After the initial 10-20 treatments, I then really hone in on WHAT the person eats. In the beginning phase (the first 10-20 treatments), I prove what I can do. I don’t make the person make many changes. We gained weight for a reason and we KEPT the weight for a reason. Typically, the reasons include emotional instability or just the inability to stop eating. I focus on WHAT the person eats and I focus on a patient’s RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD. These are serious factors for many of us. There are so many reasons why we shouldn’t eat sweets, red meat, animal products, simple carbohydrates, fried foods, etc. Many of us will defend our lifestyle. I’m not one to criticize anyone’s lifestyle. If patients want me to be on their side and give them the results that they want: to lose weight, then that’s when my experiences with myself and my patients, my personal and professional opinions and my education step in.
So those are the basics that I cover with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After those are addressed and patients start seeing changes with their health, then we start discussing exercise and truly changing one’s lifestyle. By this time, the patient will have been with me for 3+ months and they see where my goals are, if my goals are congruent and realistic for their lifestyle and, most importantly, if I believe that their goals are realistic with the type of lifestyle they are living day in and day out.
There’s no miracle pill and there’s no miracle point. The only miracle is commitment, compliance and patience. If patients want to do it my way: the Chinese medical way, patients learn really fast that the results will be long term as long as they:
1. realize that it’s going to take time
2. realize that it’s a collaborative effort on both parties
3. realize that it’s takes commitment
and the results they want will eventually include acupuncture and Chinese herbs because that is how I make results happen. Of course, they need to change their lifestyle: proper eating and sufficient exercise.
I TEACH QI GONG FOR FREE, so there are no excuses in my practice that patients don’t know how to exercise or can’t afford to.
The rates at my clinic are very competitive. I hope to be of service to you and to your friends/family who truly want to lose weight naturally with LONG-TERM results. Can you imagine your life without the weight and without the medications?
If so, CALL ME at 949.305.1703 and let’s talk about your goals. I’ll help you lose 2, 4, 6+ sizes. Just be real with your goals and be committed. That’s all I ask.
Here’s the million dollar question: how do I feel after losing 50 pounds/4 sizes? I feel freakin’ fantastic. I look better. I am much more confident. My overall health improved: my periods are regular, I have a bowel movement daily, I am no longer depressed and I have a stronger immune system. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I DON’T CARRY THE EXTRA WEIGHT. I LOVE WEARING A SIZE 2.
Here’s the ten million dollar question: would you prefer to keep your weight or spend the next 6 months to 2 years changing your life? If you’re happy with how you look/feel, great! If you think that your life can change just by improving your lifestyle, then that’s worth feeling like $10,000,000.
The hundred million dollar question is: what are you willing to do about your weight loss goals?

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