Yelp Review #10

Angel Y.

Lake Forest, CA


Anna is an amazing healer! I was initially seeing her for pain in my arm that had become worse over the years. A few months after my arm treatments, I happened to break my ankle and was in a cast. Within a few days of being in the cast, I started experiencing an acute pain deep in the bone. I mentioned it to the Western doctor who was treating me and he only laughed and answered “What do you expect? You just broke a bone!” During one of my treatments with Anna, I mentioned the doctor’s reply. She immediately wanted to treat this acute pain in my leg. Obviously, she couldn’t use needles in that specific area since it was blocked off by a cast. However, she was able to make the pain subside instantly by inserting needles in another area (Dr. Tan’s Balance Method)!!  I was truly amazed. I only had 1 treatment from Anna for that pain and it has NEVER returned!

You rock, Anna! Mahalo nui loa, sistah!

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