Yelp Review #11: Severe back pain

Rebecca T.

Orange, CA


I have been dealing with severe back problems for the last few years. Unfortunately doctors told me I would have to have surgery, and chiropractors just looked at me and shook their head, saying that they didn’t know if there was anything that they could do. Then I talked to Anna. From the beginning she was ready and willing to help. I have seen her 3 times in the last 2 weeks and have already had a lot of improvement. On top of my back problem I have been very depressed and have gained a lot of weight. Just in the short time I have known Anna my back started feeling better, my depression isn’t as bad, and I feel my clothes getting a little more loose. Sweet, humble Anna says it is the medicine, but, I think it is also what she brings to the table.  I would recommend Anna to ANYONE who is interested in acupuncture. She is an angel who brings hope and healing to everyone that she meets.

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