Yelp Review #16: Hives (urticaria)

Anne H.

Laguna Hills, CA

Update – 6/9/2009

Since my review disappeared off YELP, I am re-posting this.
I highly recommend Anna N. Dolopo, M.T.O.M., L.Ac. as an acupuncturist.

Anna is professional and caring doctor who treats the underling causes of an illness or physical issue and not just the symptoms.

Anna recently treated me for chronic (Urticaria) hives. Chronic hives (lasting longer than six weeks) are rarely due to an allergy. Usually chronic hives have no known cause. Upward of 30-40% of people with chronic hives have an autoimmune cause.

Previous doctors prescribed antihistamines controlling the outbreaks however could not heal my body from experiencing painful hive attacks. Anna used acupuncture and natural herbs healing my body not from the hives but the underlying condition causing the hives.

For the past several weeks I experienced a 99% improvement in my condition.

(Treating any type of skin issue can be challenging for any type of medical modality. The level of commitment that Anne has exemplified towards her treatments is a dream come true for any healthcare provider. I am grateful for having stuck by me when it came to your treatments, Anne. I could not have mastered your particular ailments without you coming in as often as I needed you to. IT IS NOT EASY treating skin issues, but it is possible to completely heal someone who is severely suffering. All it takes is time, patience and a certain skill level. I could not have healed Anne’s hives (which BTW is gone 100% as of today, fingers crossed) if she didn’t come in so often. When I say that Chinese medicine is a committed investment, I speak the truth. The payoff: priceless.)

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